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Admissions for Academic Session 2023-24 are on. Apply NowAdmissions for Academic Session 2023-24 are on. Apply Now

Dining Facilities

Food is Our Common Ground. A Universal Experience.
First we EAT, then we do everything else!

That’s why BMU has a zone that everyone loves – our very own food court. Eat, work, relax or just
chill – this is a space where you can unwind however you chose.
BMU offers a range of options to keep students food palate satisfied.

Student Mess

We have two of them on our Campus and with the feedback so far- we can safely pat our backs. From refreshments to eatables, we cater it all to our students. We’ve kept both the messes spacious and comfortable. So that the whole ambience can be as inviting as possible.


We try to keep our food as varied as our scholars with choices between South and North Indian cuisines during all breakfasts and dinners. We have students covered with four meals a day – breakfast, lunch, evening tea & snacks & dinner. It’s safe to say BMU students don’t go hungry.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Good food is enjoyed best when you are sure it’s clean. That’s why cleanliness and hygiene are our top priority and we have a whole squad that sees things through in that area. The Mess Committee, Administration Team Medical Resident Officer, our chefs, and cooks — all ensure that the students get a healthy and hygienic diet.

The more, the merrier

Variety is always a good idea when it comes to food. That’s why we have some really good line up of eateries and food joints. Our Cafeterias are named ‘Delicious’ because that’s what they are- Delish! We have food chains like Zambar Street Food by Punjab Grill & Baker’s Street. Kolkata Lazeez Rolls, US Pizza, Cruncheez, Zomato and also our very own archetypal Dhaba to cater to the cravings of the foodie in BMU students…

Feedback is always welcome

The team is prompt on actioning any changes, introducing more dishes, etc., based on the feedback we receive from students & faculty.

Students are encouraged to bring up their woes and suggestions to the team and the team ensures that changes are made.