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B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering

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  • B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering

    The innovation-oriented Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) syllabus lays emphasis on the study of communication equipment and circuits and networks so that the students can learn about developing various technologies and building equipment that are used for transmission and reception of data. The focus throughout the course lies on the applications of these technologies.

    Through the ECE course, students gain knowledge about topics such as digital logic, signal processing, digital communication and various other principles of communication technology along with an understanding of their integration with modern day devices.

    The electronics and communication engineering syllabus is designed to equip students with proficiency in specialized topics such as the internet of things, robotics, signal processing and computer organization to develop sustainable communication infrastructure that is in harmony with fast paced digitization taking place across industries and devices

    The comprehensive course structure provides a chance for ECE students to gain practical learning experience by working under the supervision of industry professionals during the period of Practice School, which will help them to apply their classroom training to the professional domain. Students get the experience of working on different team-driven and self-directed projects to understand the value of leadership and team spirit along with the development of professional conduct and networking skills.

    In addition to the study of core subjects, and being well-versed in the industry-specific understanding of physics and mathematics, students also develop hands-on expertise in working with the latest communication technology and equipment during their industry internship, which results in their developing into qualified professionals with global proficiency.


    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    1PerspectiveSchoolJoy of Engineering2
    1SkillSchoolCommunication Skills1
    1SchoolTechnical Report Writing2
    1FoundationSchoolCalculus for Engineers2
    1SchoolOrdinary Differential Equations2
    1SchoolEngineering Chemistry1
    1SchoolPhysics for Engineers2
    1SchoolBasic Electrical Engineering2
    1SchoolComputer Programming2
    1SchoolFundamentals of Data Science2
    1SchoolProgramming Lab1
    1SchoolData Science Lab1
    Semester Total21

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    2PerspectiveSchoolEngineering Ethics2
    2SchoolEnvironmental Studies2
    2SkillSchoolCoding Skills2
    2FoundationSchoolEngineering Graphics2
    2SchoolIntroduction to Sensors and IoT2
    2SchoolElectrochemistry and Energy Storage1
    2SchoolAutomation and Industry 4.01
    2FoundationDepartment SpecificLinear Algebra2
    2Department SpecificComplex Variable Analysis2
    2Department SpecificElectro-Mechanical Energy Conversion2
    2CoreLabAdvanced Programming Lab1
    2LabElectrical Circuits Lab1
    Semester Total21
    ST1Practice SchoolPractice School –IAudit

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    3SkillSchoolEtiquettes and Conversational Skills2
    3PerspectiveSchoolCritical Reasoning and Design Thinking2
    3FoundationDepartment SpecificEmerging Material Science and Applications1.5
    3Department SpecificSemiconductor Physics1.5
    3Department SpecificMathematics for Communication System3
    3CoreClassroomElectronic Devices and Circuits2
    3ClassroomDigital Electronics2
    3ClassroomCircuit Analyses and Synthesis2
    3ClassroomSignal and Systems3
    3CoreLabDigital Design Lab2
    Semester Total22

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    4PerspectiveSchoolGlobal Energy: Politics, Markets and Policy1
    4SchoolInnovation and Entrepreneurship1
    4SkillStudent Specific2
    4FoundationDepartment SpecificOOPS with C++2
    4Department SpecificIntroduction to Python1
    4CoreClassroomLinear Integrated Circuits2
    4ClassroomComputer Organization and Architecture2
    4ClassroomElectro Magnetic Field Theory2
    4ClassroomAnalog Communication Systems2
    4ClassroomDigital Signal Processing2
    4CoreLabMicroprocessor Lab1
    4LabElectronics Lab1
    Semester Total22
    ST2Practice SchoolPractice School –II Lab4

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    5PerspectiveStudent Specific2
    5CoreClassroomDigital Communication Systems3
    5ClassroomControl Systems2
    5ClassroomPrinciples of VLSI Design3
    5ClassroomAntenna and Microwave Engineering2
    5ClassroomEmbedded Systems and Robotics2
    5ClassroomWireless Mobile Communication2
    5CoreLabEmbedded Systems Lab1
    5LabCommunication Lab1
    5CoreSeminar / Case Studies2
    Semester Total21

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    6Practice SchoolPractice School-III14
    Semester Total14

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    7PerspectiveStudent Specific(To be elected by student)1
    7Core ElectiveClassroom(To be elected by student)3
    7Classroom(To be elected by student)3
    7Classroom(To be elected by student)3
    7Core ElectiveMajor Project(To be elected by student)2
    7Open ElectiveClassroom / Lab(To be elected by student)3
    Semester Total15

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    8Core ElectiveClassroom (To be elected by student)3
    8Classroom (To be elected by student)3
    8Core ElectiveMajor Project (To be elected by student)3
    8Open ElectiveClassroom / Lab (To be elected by student)3
    8Classroom / Lab (To be elected by student)3
    Semester Total15
    Program Total155

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    Optical fiber communication
    Probability and Stochastic Processes
    Measurement Instrumentation & Automation
    Advance Signal Processing
    Antennas and Propagation
    Bio-Medical Electronics
    Mobile Communication and Networks
    Wireless Networks
    Wireless Communication
    Digital Image Processing
    Mobile Computing
    Radar and Satellite Communication
    Internet of Everything
    Mixed Signal Design
    Image and Video Processing
    Design for Testability
    Advance Computer Architecture
    Analog VLSI Design
    Advanced VLSI Design
    IC Technology
    RF Microelectronics
    Introduction to MEMS
    Optoelectronic Devices, Circuit & Systems
    Advanced Digital Signal Processing
    IC Technology
    RF Microelectronics
    Optoelectronic Devices, Circuit & Systems
    Advanced Digital Signal Processing
    Hardware Software Co-Design
    Signal Processing and VLSI
    Fundamentals of CAD
    High-Power Semiconductor Devices
    Sensors and Actuators
    Internet of things
    Power Electronics & Drives
    Embedded System and Robotics

    Please Note: The course curriculum is subject to revision.

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