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Leadership Summit 2020: Navigating Workplace Turbulence

Leadership Summit 2020:‘Navigating Workplace Turbulence’

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is upon us, with disruptive technology rapidly changing our personal and professional lives.

This puts a big question mark on organizational structure and on human resource allocation in organisations that are strongly leveraging new technologies.

Furthermore, with the pandemic leading to work-from-home as the new normal, monumental changes are envisaged in the work landscape.

The Leadership Summit 2020, is an attempt by BML Munjal University to bring experts from the industry – CXOs and CHROs – to discuss the evolutionary & revolutionary changes in the work landscape during turbulent times.

While we were already moving towards Industry: 4.0, we want to uncover, debate, and understand how the advent of COVID has propelled this evolution.

The platform will help us explore the associated risks and opportunities in the future. Also, unveiling at the summit are key insights on how the work landscape has pivoted and recalibrated during these unprecedented times.

Date: 21st-22nd Aug’20
Time: 11 AM onwards

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