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  • Dr. Omvir Singh Panwar Adjunct Professor
    • School Schools of Engineering and Technology
    • Department/Programme Physics
    • Position (additional roles) Incharge of Semiconductors, Large Area and Flexible Electronics Laboratory ( Clean room Lab)
    • Email os.panwar@bmu.edu.in

    Dr. O. S. Panwar superannuated as Chief Scientist from CSIR- NPL, New Delhi and joined BMU as Professor of Physics and In-charge of Semiconductors, Large Area and Flexible Electronics Lab in April 2016. He has been throughout first class first and holder of numerous scholarships and fellowships and awards. He is having about 107 publications and another 150 papers in national and International conferences and workshops and a patent and practices yoga

    • Emerging Materials Science and Applications (EMSA)
    • Graduation In: B.Sc. (Hons) ( Physics, Mathematics, Statistics)
    • Graduation From: Meerut University
    • Graduation Year: 1973
    • Post Graduation In: Physics (Specialization in Solid State Physics)
    • Post Graduation From: Meerut University
    • Post Graduation Year: 1975
    • Doctorate In: Physics ( Amorphous Semiconductors: Title of thesis: Electrical Properties of Pure and Doped Glasses of As-Ge-Te)
    • Doctorate From: Panjab University, Chandigarh
    • Doctorate Year: 1980
    • Amorphous/ micro-nano Silicon based materials for solar cells and panels, thin film transistors (TFTs) , photo detections, sensors etc and systems
    • Carbon based materials and devices which include diamond like carbon, tetrahedral amorphous carbon, amorphous carbon with embedded nanocrystallites, graphene, graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes, CNT-graphene hybrid films and their applications in field emission, tribological and surface engineering, sensors and systems etc
    • Optical coatings, Transparent oxides for strategic applications
    • Organic semiconductors for solar cells and TFTs, Large Area Flexible Electronics, Lithography, Plasmonics
    • Pure and doped Chalcogenide glasses, Amorphous Semiconductors

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