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  • Prof. Hemant Kumar Gupta Professor of Practice
    • School Schools of Engineering and Technology
    • Department/Programme Electronics and Communication Engineering
    • Email hemant.gupta@bmu.edu.in

    Worked in various areas of defence technology. Pioneered the nuclear defence technologies. Responsible for development of various type of antennas for different defence platforms.Carried out the EMI evaluation and EMC design of many systems and subsystems which formed part of various platforms like Tanks, Aeroplanes etc. Established a ground reflection Antenna Test range for evaluating the EMI characteristics of an antenna. Developed state of the art offset antennas for satellite communication. Co-ordinated the satellite imaging and dissemination program. Responsible for initiating a scheme to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Initiated programs for promoting startups in aero and defence technologies. Important member of the team which pioneered implementation of ISO 9001 in a R&D laboratory.

    • Graduation In: Science
    • Graduation From: Kurukshetra University
    • Graduation Year: 1979
    • Post Graduation In: Physics with specialisation Electronics
    • Post Graduation From: Kurukshetra University
    • Post Graduation Year: 1981
    1983 - 2020Scientist G & Director - DRDOCommunication : Theory & PracticeManagement of R&D

    Fellow IETE, Life Member SEMCEI & IARP

    • Instrumentation
    • Communication, etc.
    • System analysis
    • Advance level Management
    • Restricted Publications
    • Pioneering work in MMW imaging
    • Satellite surveillance
    • MMW imaging, Satcom, EMI/EMC, Antenna Development, etc

    In various areas of DefenceTechnology development and management

    In-house publication of the Laboratory

    Awards and Honors

    Type of award : Number of departmental awards

    Detail of award : PMMW imaging, nuclear detector, etc.

    Year of the award : 1996, 2000

    Research Projects :

    Satellite Imaging Techniques, etc

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