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    A visit to Krishna Maruti Pvt. Ltd., Manesar by MBA 1st yr students

    The MBA 1st year students went for an Industrial visit to Krishna Maruti Pvt Ltd headquarters in Gurugram which manufactures & supplies various automotive components to Indian and Global OEMs across the world. Krishna Group has diversified business interests in automotive component manufacturing, real estate, media and travel services.

    The students went to the factory office of SKH, a metal works and forming division for Krishna Maruti group. They learnt about their customers and associated companies. After this, they went to the factory floor, for which the MBA batch was divided into 3 teams consisting of 10-11 members each. Mr. Shekhar, one of the Plant Managers led the team of 10 students for a trip inside the factory. Initially the students were taken through ‘Dojo’, the training area for employees, where the main focus was placed on health and safety guidelines. Students also saw the model manufacturing processes of SKH Metals involving the use of optimisation techniques like Kaizen, JIT, 5S, Six Sigma and TQM.

    On the factory floor, students went through the metal cutting and moulding area, which was mainly manual, and included machines like metal press and cutters. This initialised the process of manufacturing, providing the raw material for welding process. On the welding floor, the company maintained a policy of using robotics in the process, minimizing human interaction, thus reducing hazard risk, as well as improving/standardizing the quality of output. The robots were assigned controllers, and safety measures like photo-sensors, which induced a systematic cut-off procedure as soon as any interference is detected. In the paint shop, all work is fully mechanised, since the health hazard from aerosol is very high for the employees.

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