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Admissions for Academic Session 2023-24 are on. Apply NowAdmissions for Academic Session 2023-24 are on. Apply Now

BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts

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What is liberal studies ?

A liberal arts education trains students for future challenges by enabling them to think critically, creatively and empathetically about the world and themselves that is not narrowly rooted in a single disciplinary narrative. The COVID-19 pandemic made it amply clear the interconnected nature of our worlds, our disciplines and the subsequent production of knowledge. For instance, A scientific advancement in the making of vaccines must be accompanied by adequate knowledge and awareness of the political economy of states, the mechanics of public administration, and the organising principles of society, amongst others. This implies that we need to train young minds to appreciate and understand that developments in the natural world have social implications that require us to move beyond the theoretical boundaries of disciplines and, instead, require us to synthesise approaches and practices from other disciplines as well.

The most pressing issues of our time— artificial intelligence, climate change, cybersecurity, the shrinking of public health and education, social inequality, the challenge to democratic institutions—cannot be addressed by any single discipline alone and need a holistic approach, in terms of our thought and practice. This is precisely where a liberal studies education equips students with disciplinary training as well as a rigorous interdisciplinary foundation that spans across the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. This exchange of systems of knowledge would empower the next generation of new concepts and methods. This emphasis on depth and breadth prepares graduates to think creatively and critically about real-world problems from multiple perspectives, and learn how to adapt and communicate their ideas effectively to diverse audiences.


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Our world-class faculty from top Indian and international universities help you build a solid interdisciplinary foundation and work with our career counsellors to choose a major that enables you to achieve your professional, personal and civic goals. Faulty members and industry experts inculcate leadership skills by collectively challenging, inspiring and mentoring you to read, write, and think

Meet Our Faculty

Our three-year and four-year undergraduate curriculum equips students with intensive disciplinary training while preparing them to think and communicate effectively with diverse audiences. The table below offers an overview of our credit structure.

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Eligibility Criteria: BMU’s Admissions Committee considers academic performance and the student’s context to understand each individual’s journey and their potential to grow and contribute as a member of the diverse community at BMU.

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The admission process for the BA (Hons) Liberal Arts program is highly selective. The minimum qualification for the program is 10+2 in any discipline from a recognized board, with a minimum aggregate score of 60%


  • Applicants must complete two brief essays as part of their initial screening process for review.
  • The admissions team and faculty collectively shortlist candidates
  • Shortlisted candidates are invited for a campus interview for the final selection

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The School of Liberal Studies meets every alternate Wednesday for its Faculty Research Colloquium (FaRC). SoLS seeks to invite academic staff and doctoral researchers to offer papers to be presented in future series of the Colloquium which is intended to serve as an academic forum for friendly peer exchanges across a wide range of research themes. These meetings have the objective of catalysing the conversion of recent or ongoing research, whether select chapters from recent or nearly-complete doctoral dissertations or fresh work-in-progress, into publishable articles for professional academic journals or other appropriate academic platforms. It is hoped that the Colloquium will become a productive and enjoyable collective space for mutual learning and academic community building.


 Current Schedule for 2023-24






13 September


Chiranjib Sen

Towards a consumption

strategy for enhancing

wellbeing & sustainability:

An Indian perspective


Soumyajit Bhar


27 September



Idrees Kanth

“Farming” time:

The diaries of a Kashmiri peasant


Ashwani Saith


11 October


Suchismita Chattopadhyay

A for Appearance: Aesthetic labour and the work of image consultants in a globalised Delhi.


Anandini Dar


25 October


Anandini Dar

Re-thinking children’s rights: a proposal for children’s suffrage rights from a Southern perspective


Pritam Baruah


08 November


Manu Mathew

Student subversions and curricular changes in engineering education in Kerala


Shyam Menon


22 November


Soumyajit Bhar

Sustainability of communities in a globalized world: Is leapfrogging toward double-dividend possible in the Global South?


Arindam Banerjee


SoLS events

BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts

We offer a four-year B.A. (Hons) degree with a third-year exit option. In our programme, students are expected to take charge of their own academic path, working with the support of faculty mentors to choose a major that makes sense for their professional, personal, and civic goals. Successful applicants will be able to choose from any of the majors we offer, and students will not be required to declare their major until the middle of the second year. Currently, the majors on offer are Economics, Psychology and Sociology.

During their first three semesters, students will complete the required foundational courses while exploring their intellectual interests through electives. The second and third years will be devoted to major and minor coursework, while fourth and final year will focus on individual research, internships, and vocational training. Keeping faithful to our idea of interdisciplinarity and rigour, all SoLS students, regardless of their chosen major, will have the option of pursuing electives from BMU’s Schools of Engineering and Technology, Management, and Law.

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Campus Visit

We conduct walk-throughs on a regular basis. Keeping COVID-19 restrictions in mind, campus tours are limited to ten people at a time as of now. Please ensure you register to visit us.


2024 Admissions open

EducationWorld celebrates the launch of School of Liberal Studies

BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts program structure

  • Intensive first-year writing curriculum with one-to-one faculty coaching
  • Opportunities to explore diverse career paths through interdisciplinary foundation courses and a wide range of electives in arts and humanities, social sciences, STEM, Law, and Business
  • Single Major or Double Major in Economics, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, History, Literature or Philosophy
  • Optional Minors in all the Majors offered
  • Ability to take courses in each of BMU’s professional schools