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Admissions for Academic Session 2023-24 are on. Apply NowAdmissions for Academic Session 2023-24 are on. Apply Now

BBA & BBA (Hons)

A unique academic approach
Majors offered
International Immersion
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Innovation for three years and a fourth for honours.

A unique Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree program that helps you decide your learning outcomes. 

BMU’s BBA program allows students to choose from not one or two but more than three unique programme completion options that include:

Option 1: Undergraduate certificate in business administration on exiting at the end of year 1

Option 2: Diploma in business administration on exiting at the end of year 2

Option 3: A B.B.A. degree on exiting at the end of year 3

Option 4: A BBA (Hons.) degree after completing 4 years of study

Option 5: A BBA (Hons.) with Research on completing four years of study and 12 credits for research and dissertation in the chosen major

The faculty at BMU Business School use their experience to impart leadership lessons and challenge students to help them pique their interest in business problem-solving. Dedicated to providing the best for their students by challenging, training, and mentoring them throughout the course, our faculty helps to transform them into thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

Meet Our Faculty

Designed with our founding principles of a unique, immersive, multidisciplinary experiential learning approach in mind, we’ve empowered our BBA and BBA Hons programs with an expansive choice-based fractional curriculum and flexible electives.

Features of BBA

  • Gamified Education
  • Mentored by Imperial College London
  • Practice School (Internships)
  • Faculty with exceptional credentials
  • Start-Up Incubation on Campus
  • 45% Experiential Learning
  • Personalised Mentoring
  • Futuristic Pedagogy

Interdisciplinary courses available from Technology, Economics, Commerce & Law
International Immersion at London School of Economics (Optional)

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The BBA course syllabus at BMU entails an immersive approach towards subjects like accounts, economics, management, behaviour, business laws. Here, we aim to teach them nuances of the interplay between various factors in the business sphere. The students are taught to analyse the impact of the economy, laws and technology on business.
In the latter half of the programme, BBA subjects are extremely varied in nature. From writing skills, negotiation and dispute resolution, human resource management, business laws, marketing management, social media and digital marketing – all are imbibed in the students with theoretical study and practical application.

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  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • General Studies

Each of these specializations helps to build a foundation for our students that is truly global in nature. BBA and BBA Hons Students from BMU business school graduate with a wealth of knowledge and an understanding of how to make difficult decisions as a global leader. 

BMUs Global Leadership Program (GLP) helps BBA students experience the global marketplace first-hand. 

This unique immersion program utilizes time available during summer vacations to give our students a holistic understanding of how economic, social, political, and cultural forces impact businesses in different parts of the world. 

Conducted at top universities in the UK and Singapore, our budding business leaders benefit from a holistic understanding of a global business environment.

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Application Process

  • Submission of completed application form with all relevant enclosures and application fee
  • Review of applications and short-listing of candidates
  • Personal interview and group discussion
  • Admission decision taken by the selection committee
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The two things all BMU students have in common are curiosity and capability. BMU’s students come from diverse backgrounds with diverse interests, making BMU one of the most exciting learning environments in the country.
We’re glad you’ve decided to apply for the  MBA at BMU. Once you check the admissions timeline and the course entry requirements, click here to start the application process.
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Internship opportunities

Majors Offered Under BBA/BBA Hons



Business Analytics

General Studies

Digital Marketing


Human Resources

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NIRF Ranking 2023

School of Management is ranked 74th All India by NIRF By Ministry of Education Government of India



BBA at a glance

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BBA/BBA Hons to Nurture Your Managerial Skills

Steeped in lateral thinking and a multi-disciplinary approach, this BBA program is poised to help nurture budding thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who understand the complexities of the industry and its link with the corporate world. In perfect alignment with the New Education Policy of the UGC, this unique BBA program helps you to think big—and achieve greater success in the business world.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) programme at BMU, the top BBA college in Delhi NCR, aims to transform students into Innovators, Thought-Leaders & Entrepreneurs through a powerful understanding of the corporate world and deep industry linkages. The B.B.A. programme is structured in 3-year and 4-year formats. The 3-year programme is a B.B.A. degree programme, whereas the newly incorporated 4-year B.B.A. (Honours) programme has two variants–

  • BBA Hons Degree
  • BBA Hons Degree with Research

The variants of 4-year BBA Hons programmes are aimed at making the education more conducive for flexible and effective learning of our students. The programme is in perfect alignment with the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 guidelines laid down by UGC. As per the guidelines, B.B.A. programme offers multiple exit windows to students.

Three Course Completion Options for B.B.A.
  • Option 1: An Undergraduate certificate will be awarded when a student exits at the end of year 1. A student must complete 44 credits during the first year of the UG programme to qualify for an undergraduate certificate.
  • Option 2: A diploma shall be awarded if a student exits the course at the end of the second year. A diploma requires 84 credits.
  • Option 3: B.B.A. degree shall be awarded if the student completes the 3-year program

Our success through the years

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NIRF Ranking
  • When Learning and Development, Career and Growth needs to be quantified, BMU it is! BMU as a University in collaboration with the International Business School uses a well-defined pedagogy which constantly focuses on the integrated learning and gives an industry rich exposure which is of crucial importance as per the…

    Pranittrisha Chaplot
    MBA, Class of 2020
  • BMU has assisted me to transform myself for the corporate world. The faculty here holds a rich industry experience and uses an innovative yet practical pedagogy. The entire curriculum is designed in such a way so as to leave no gaps in the learning and to ensure that students come…

    Nikita Singh
    MBA, Class of 2020
  • An MBA institute is made stronger, not just by its placements, but through the facilitators, practical pedagogy and collaborations with international business schools. BMU, as a B-school, provides all these opportunities in the process of mentorship and guidance for its students, transforming them into the leaders of tomorrow. In my…

    Kritagaya Jain
    MBA, Class of 2020
  • BMU bridges the gap between the students and the outside world. It acquaints you with the industry through it’s hands on pdedaogy and also with various cultures of the country as it has a diversified student population and takes cares of the emotions of everyone. Students never feel out of…

    Raghav Khunteta
    MBA, Class of 2020


1. What is BBA?

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate management degree programme. It is a combination of fun, learning, gaming, outbound experiences and at the same time exposure to faculty and industry. Here, at BMU we let students work in a fun atmosphere and learn at the same time through experiential learning. The programme emphasizes on developing skills required in the real world, which would help one grow in career faster as compared to peers.

2. What is SoM?

The School of Management (SoM), which is considered the best BBA college in Delhi NCR, is a part of BML Munjal University, offering a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate management programmes for students. It also ensures that the students are transformed into well-rounded, industry-ready individuals by providing them with various types of training and opportunities for co-curricular activities along with their study programme.

3. What is the difference between BML Munjal University and the School of Management (SoM)?

BML Munjal University offers various degree programmes. These programmes and other training modules, along with various co-curricular activities, are provided by the School of Management. SoM, which is the top BBA college in Delhi NCR, is a part of BML Munjal University.

4. Which programmes come under the purview of SoM?

Currently, Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) & Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) programmes are provided to students in School of Management (SoM) at the BML Munjal University.

5. What are specializations available with all the BBA Programme?

At BML Munjal University, BBA programme is offered with four specializations

  • BBA (Regular)
  • BBA with specialization in Family Business & Entrepreneurship
  • BBA with specialization in Digital Marketing
  • BBA with specialization in Business Analytics

6. What is the eligibility criteria for the BBA Programme?

  • CBSE / ISCE / ISC and candidates of other boards applying for the BBA Programme must secure a minimum aggregate score of 60% in Std. XII board examinations.
  • Andhra Pradesh / Telangana / Kerala / Tamil Nadu State Board candidates applying for the BBA Programme must secure a minimum aggregate score of 70% in Std. XII board examinations.
  • SAT or ACT scores are also accepted for the BBA Programme.
  • Class 12th board examination score accepted for admission and scholarship

7. What is the duration of the BBA Programme?

The BBA programme at the BML Munjal University is spread across 3 years and divided into 6 semesters.

8. What is International Immersion?

BMU offers 100% International Exposure to all students across all programmes. For this, the University has partnered with Top Ranked Universities from across the world including Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Warwick, UC, Berkeley and many more.
The immersion programme would be part of the academic studies at BMU – this would be graded, and part of the overall credits offered for that particular programme.
Students should have valid passport to be a part of the programme.

9. Is there Industry Exposure within the course curriculum?

Throughout the duration of the programme, students will gain invaluable practical experience by applying this interdisciplinary and integrated learning to real-world problems. This will be made possible by way of Practice School, an internship concept. This initiative enable students to undergo meaningful work experience – over a period of three years. Practice School internships are courses with credit units and the grade so earned will be included in the cumulative GPA.

10. Does the University provide placement opportunities to graduates?

Yes, the final placement is provided to all eligible students.

11. How can I apply to BMU - the best BBA college in Delhi NCR?

Candidates can apply online to BML Munjal University by logging on to