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    Consultancy and Research projects

    Research and Consultancy Project with Niti Aayog:

    BMU, in partnership with BEN consultancy, Singapore, received a research and consultancy project from Niti Aayog on ‘Improving the effectiveness of the Jan Aushadi Stores’ of INR 25 Lakhs. BMU research team of Dr. Ruchi Garg, Dr. Ritu Chhikara, and Dr. Vishal Talwar completed this project successfully.

    Consultancy Project with Lakshya Food India Limited:

    Dr. Ritu Chhikara and Dr. Ruchi Garg received a consultancy project of INR 7.5 Lakhs from Lakshya Food India Limited. Mixed-method research was employed, where in the first phase, interviews and focus groups were conducted with different stakeholders, and three hundred data points were collected in the second phase. The detailed marketing strategies were presented to the Top management of the company.

    School of Management faculty wins research grant

    Dr. Ritu Chhikara, Dr. Ruchi Garg and Dr. Vishal Talwar received a research grant of BDT 2.5 Lakhs from North South University, Dhaka, based on their study proposal titled "Enhancing Customer Value Perception of Public Hospitals by eliciting multi-sensory experiences: A Study of Bangladesh and India" on 3rd September 2019. NSU's research grant committee has approved BDT 2.5 Lakhs (~INR 2,09,000) to research evaluating the strength of the project.

    Consultancy Project from Haryana Government University:

    Dr. Ritu Chikkara and Dr. Ruchi Garg received a consultancy project from Haryana Government University on ‘Digital Initiatives for technology Enabled Teaching Learning’. The team is responsible for developing capacity for digital-enabled teaching and learning.

    2nd Global AI Conclave 2021

    BMU unveiled a report at its 2nd AI industry conclave on “Embracing the shift in healthcare”, that was organized virtually February 10, 2021.AI is the new normal and is embracing the shift in healthcare confirms the report. It cites the various use cases of AI that are accelerating its adoption. The development and application of AI techniques in healthcare are helping to improve the diagnostic process. AI technology is assisting pathologists in making more accurate diagnoses and developing methods for individualised medical treatment.

    The report also explores the challenges and risks involved, namely those around privacy of customer data, the bias in training algorithms that may corrupt outcomes, data availability and ethical challenges. It concludes with a survey with C-suite executives in healthcare to ascertain the on-ground sentiment towards AI, adoption trends and real-world challenges.


    To download the report, click here

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