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School of Law

School of Law

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    School of Law

    The BML Munjal School of Law currently offers undergraduate integrated degree programs of B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) and B.B.A., LL.B. (Hons.). By design, these programs aim to develop a sense of curiosity amongst students to understand the finer nuances of law and to use this understanding in engaging with complex legal problems. The curriculum is designed in consultation with leading practitioners of law to ensure that our students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills required to be job ready.

    The two programs offered at School of Law are in adherence with the latest Bar Council of India Rules and University Grants Commission Regulations. In addition, the varied electives available to the students also ensure that we create professionals who are not mere black letter lawyers but innovative practitioners capable of approaching law from a multi-disciplinary perspective of commerce, humanities and technology. With a pedagogy rich in interdisciplinarity, avenues for learning foreign languages, choosing electives from other Schools in the University, living in the same campus with future engineers, scientists, mangers and business leaders, various extra-curricular activities and access to state of the art library, sports and recreational facilities, we aim to assist our students in developing a capacity to achieve the highest professional standards and develop a holistic personality.

    Dean's Message

    Dear students,

    Welcome to the School of Law! In 2014, BML Munjal University started with the motto of cultivating ethical leaders for the future: leaders in society, politics, and industry, equipped to shape responses to rapid socio-economic, technological, and environmental change. Lawyers are integral to that vision. They interpret and shape the very rules setting out the grammar of our social existence. At the School of Law, we foster conditions for young minds to grow into scientifically minded and constitutionally rooted lawyers with a forward-looking and ethical approach.

    Situated in a truly multi-disciplinary context, pedagogy at the School of Law is authentically interdisciplinary. Our curriculum is designed in ways where law courses speak to each other, as well as to courses across the university. They explore connections and unravel patterns between disciplines. Given our firm belief that emerging challenges to humanity require increasing collaboration between the natural sciences, law, and other disciplines, we offer introductory and advanced courses that equip our students on several fronts: with scientific knowledge relevant for legal policy, technological competence essential to practice law, entrepreneurial skills to create better futures, and constitutional orientation to entrench our common humanity.

    None of this is possible unless, in the words of our founding Dean, we temper them in the crucible of practice. Our courses are delivered both by academics and practitioners. With the best legal minds of the country as advisors, and excellent faculty members collaborating with practitioners, we make experiential learning genuine. Students at the School of Law work with real cases and materials in their path to becoming lawyers with high professional competence. Our exams are open-book, and our internship programme is of unprecedented rigor. We live up to the belief that spending time in working conditions does not guarantee experience, doing tasks with a reflective approach does.

    The heart of the School of Law undoubtedly is its students. Despite our faculty and Ph.D. scholars engaging in fundamental as well as contemporary research, we realize that legal education in India is primarily undergraduate. Our priority, therefore, is a ‘personalized’ education with effective mentoring. With our emphasis on quality over numbers, we provide individualized attention to each undergraduate student.

    We look forward to welcoming you as a member of this exceptional journey.

    Prof. (Dr.) Pritam Baruah
    Dean, School of Law
    BML Munjal University

    Prof. Pritam Baruah

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