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School of Law

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    School of Law

    The BML Munjal School of Law currently offers undergraduate integrated degree programs of B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) and B.B.A., LL.B. (Hons.). By design, these programs aim to develop a sense of curiosity amongst students to understand the finer nuances of law and to use this understanding in engaging with complex legal problems. The curriculum is designed in consultation with leading practitioners of law to ensure that our students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills required to be job ready.

    The two programs offered at School of Law are in adherence with the latest Bar Council of India Rules and University Grants Commission Regulations. In addition, the varied electives available to the students also ensure that we create professionals who are not mere black letter lawyers but innovative practitioners capable of approaching law from a multi-disciplinary perspective of commerce, humanities and technology. With a pedagogy rich in interdisciplinarity, avenues for learning foreign languages, choosing electives from other Schools in the University, living in the same campus with future engineers, scientists, mangers and business leaders, various extra-curricular activities and access to state of the art library, sports and recreational facilities, we aim to assist our students in developing a capacity to achieve the highest professional standards and develop a holistic personality.

    Dean's Message

    Dear students,

    Welcome to BML Munjal School of Law! You are joining a place that is at the vanguard of Indian legal education today. We want to reshape legal education in fundamental terms, in terms of teaching, research and scholarship. We believe in two mantras. The first mantra is that we are looking to nurture and sustain people, faculty and students, who dare to be different, because we believe that the future leaders in the law will be iconoclasts, who will not be afraid to challenge the orthodoxy, who are eager to approach new situations with novel solutions and who have the wherewithal to deliver the solutions they devise. This idea is built into the DNA of our law school right from admission through curriculum design to internships and placements. This is the reason we look for students with an inquisitive and imaginative spark during our admissions, this is the reason our curriculum is varied and our assessments are open book, and this is the reason why we lay great emphasis on internships that bring out the best in our students.

    The second mantra is intimately related to the first: we believe that iconoclastic faculty and students are made in the crucible of practice. Once again, this idea informs every aspect of our teaching and research. A significant part of our classes have practical and experiential elements of the law built into the course. This can take various forms. All our courses are dependent on case laws and case studies, not prescribed textbooks. We plan to have leading lawyers and scholars, from India and abroad, instruct our students, not as an add on or a supplement to our teaching, but as an integral part of our course offerings. We aim to plan our internships as another extended form of learning for our students, such that our students learn to perceive practice as coterminous with and not opposed to theory.

    I am sure you will find your next five years tremendously exciting and rewarding. I wish you the best on your journey!

    Dr. Nigam Nuggehalli
    Dean, School of Law
    BML Munjal University

    Prof. Nigam Nuggehalli

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