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    BML Munjal University (BMU) was started with an aspiration to transform Indian higher education and to prepare future ethical leaders who would become change makers in India and the world.

    It is a not-for-profit university that aims to provide quality higher education to brilliant young minds irrespective of their socio-economic background. Many of our students are first-generation university students who not only need financial help to pursue their higher studies, but also need emotional support for their overall development.

    Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal believed, “[w]e must give back to the society from whose resources we generate wealth.” University as an educational institution develops its own ecosystem that requires support from all the sections of industries. By supporting BMU, you will support the next generation of changemakers and leaders, the innovative research, and sustainable learning environment.

    We are seeking support of like-minded value centric organizations like yours to build the university which is envisioned for the community at large and will help in nation building for the future.

    Stories of Support

    Some Heartwarming Stories of Students Receiving Financial Aid under BMU CAREs:

    AS is from a small village Munger in Bihar. He lost his father in an accident in 2010, who was also the sole earning member of the family. Due to the sudden demise of his father, his grandfather had to look after the family, but he also passed away after a couple of years. His mother didn’t have the required educational degrees to look for a job. She started giving private tuition while also managing to study and look after her son. Currently, she teaches in a school and gives private tuition, barely managing the household expenses.

    AS had not even bothered to look for a good university for admission, even though he wanted to become an engineer, as he was aware that his mother wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for the education. His uncle informed him about BMU scholarship and encouraged him to apply. Scholarship and admission into BMU have given hopes to him and his mother. He is a bright student maintaining an excellent CGPA, who can now look forward to a bright future for him and his family.

    SG belongs to a humble family in Hyderabad. She was a brilliant student in school who wanted to pursue higher education in a good university. However, her family’s financial situation wasn’t conducive for her dreams. Her father works as a plumber and is a sole earning member in the family of five. Swarna has two siblings who are also studying and family barely able to manage their monthly expenses. Her father wanted SG to get into nearby local college for higher studies, even if it meant compromising on her career dreams. Scholarship from BMU helped Swarna to pursue her wish to study B.Com with access to world-class facilities and faculty.

    Her elder brother supported her decision to move to Gurugram for studies and even convinced her parents. Without the financial aid, she would never have been able to get into a university. She calls it a ‘dream come true’. Her family is proud of her and want her to work hard. Swarna feels that admission into BMU has given her confidence to dream bigger.

    AY hails from Ranchi, Jharkhand where he was living with his mother and brother. His father was living and working in Delhi before Pandemic hit the country. During the chaos of lockdown and pandemic, his father lost his job and had to move back to Ranchi. His mother suffered a stroke during the same time and family had to sell their house after using all the savings for the treatment of his mother. Amidst all this, AY didn’t want to give up on his dream of studying engineering, no matter how difficult it seemed to achieve it. BMU scholarship gave him and his family hope about his future. He is pursuing B.Tech from the university and even actively participating in techie clubs. He finds the faculty at BMU very helpful and overall atmosphere encouraging and vibrant. AY even wants his younger brother to study at BMU once he completes his school.

    In his words, ‘I couldn’t think of getting admission into a university like BMU, if I had not gotten financial aid. I am going to work hard and make my teachers and parents proud of me.

    4. RK is studying Law at BML Munjal University. She is a first-generation university student in her family. Her family is from Agra, UP, where her father used to do his ancestral work of creating fluorescent posters for the circus groups before Covid-19 and Lockdowns hit the country. Father lost his source of income and family had to sell the land to make ends meet, due to loss of employment during the pandemic. Mother had to sell her jewellery to keep RK in school. Her family had made it clear to her that they won’t be able to afford her higher education and she might have to take a gap year. However, RK was determined to study further.

    Getting admission in BMU with scholarship and that too in her favourite course has been like ‘a Dua answered’ for her. She finds the Law faculty to be very helpful and warm, and seniors on campus very supportive. RK wants to become lawyer and spokesperson for the people who lack representation in the legal system due to their economic status.

    Note: Names of the students kept confidential to protect their identities.

    Micro-Entrepreneurship Training

    BMU aspires to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem and help the community to nurture entrepreneurship. Keeping with the same entrepreneurial spirit, we have launched a programme ‘Mera Business’. The purpose of this programme is to train 1,000 rural women entrepreneurs in 1,000 days, to help them start or expand their businesses.

    We would like to invite you to become part of their journey and support them. A successful woman entrepreneur will uplift the community along with her. So, you would be supporting not only one business but an entire commune, by funding ‘Mera Business’ cohorts.

    Ways to Give

    BMU is a not-for-profit initiative of Hero Group and has all its mandatory certifications like 80G, 12AA, and CSR One Form in place. It also has an FCRA certificate.

    Democracy, more than any other form of governance, depends on an educated and enlightened citizenry.

    About 40% of our students have been on some form of scholarship since the inception of the University. The goal is to bring world-class education to all capable students irrespective of their socioeconomic background. We continuously run projects to reach students who need financial help to pursue their studies. Over 1,400 students have benefited from over 50 crores in scholarships awarded by BMU since its foundation.

    Through the CAREs campaign, BMU is creating a corpus for funding the education of 100 female students from weaker socio-economic backgrounds to enable their academic journey. To fulfil this mission, BMU’s admissions outreach team is working with many diverse schools such as Udbhav School, Hyderabad and VidyaGyaan Schools, etc.

    If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).” — African Proverb

    Your support can make this possible. You can sponsor a named scholarship as a company or an individual. You will given a chance to track the interact with the students and know the impact you have made in their lives.

    You may institute a chair professorship in a specific field by sponsoring it. Such encouragement help us to attract academicians from eminent institutes with diverse domain knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise.

    BMU is expanding for the needs of growing faculty and students. You may support the upcoming hostel buildings and other infrastructure needs of the campus.

    We are aiming to make BMU campus self-sustainable by installing solar panels and doing our own waste management and water management. We welcome your support to build a greener campus.

    BMU has Centres of Excellence on campus so that an empowering teaching-learning environment is created for students and faculty alike. The critical components of this eco system will be the latest technology platforms, real-life projects, collaborative learning, teamwork, hands-on learning and leadership development. You can sponsor and establish such Centre under the aegis of your name and help us train future entrepreneurs.

    BMU has specialised research centres, labs, and incubation centre names Propel to promote world class and high-quality research. We are proud to say we have (information about patents).

    We welcome contributions to help fund our research efforts.


    To support BMU or to know more, please write to development@bmu.edu.in

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