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    Women in Leadership

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    A highly specialized online Executive Education program for women to boost inclusivity in leadership. This program provides women in the workplace with the functional, behavioral and leadership skills needed at C-level positions.

    Preparing women leaders for organizational change and development, this program is conducted in a gender-specific format that allows for greater openness in a supportive environment.

    Programme Objectives

    Get hands-on training and a deep understanding of various organizational functions like Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and Human Resources.
    Develop a keen understanding of individual leadership styles
    Understand gender-specific workplace issues women face that are most critical for career growth.

    Programme Highlights

    • Focused: BMU’s leadership program for women leaders focuses on enhancing their managerial skillsets to help them transform their organizations.
    • Specialized: Our 100-hour comprehensive online learning program is built with working professionals in mind. Study and work to drive career or organizational growth.
    • Empowered: Program graduates find new avenues for professional growth within their organization or other companies through our alumni network.
    Programme Benefits
    For Individuals For Organisations
    Enhance self-aware and unlock leadership potential Prepare women leaders for organizational change and development
    Enhance Team work by learning team leadership Create and foster a culture of gender inclusion
    Master one’s ability to use networks, mentors, and sponsors to push the career ahead Help organizations to develop in-house future leaders
    Access a community of successful women leaders across industries Driving change within your organization
    Enhance your knowledge by industry best teachers and mentors  


    The Women in Leadership program at BMU provides integrated leadership education that builds soft skills for women and gives them the exposure they need to climb the professional ladder to success.

    • Analytical Thinking
    • Creativity
    • Communication Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Negotiation
    • Stress Management
    • Technology

    Each of these skills helps to build a foundation for our students that is truly transformative in nature.

    Why Choose BMU?


    Global Industry experts that shape your future

    Our hand-picked faculty consists of scientists, authors, journalists, artists, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals that offer our students an unparalleled diversity of relevant experiences. BMU’s faculty members encourage students to think critically and freely, helping them understand the world better.

    With a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, we give our students a unique opportunity to learn and conduct cutting-edge research with the best minds in the country.


    Ready for your innovative ideas

    Safe, secure, and cordial, our campus helps students be at ease, so they can focus on their careers to build a better future for themselves—and the world. Equipped with the best audio-visual aids and research facilities, our campus is ready to bring your innovative ideas to fruition. Fostered by our roots in innovation and entrepreneurship, our incubation centre helps students utilize skills learnt in the classroom today to build cutting-edge, future-centric products


    Global careers, now Made in India

    We’ve collaborated with the best global universities to bring world-class education to you. We design our world-ready curriculum to ensure global relevance in further studies or professional life. From our guest faculty members who bring a fresh perspective to on-campus academics to research opportunities and immersion programmes at partner universities, BML Munjal University leaves no stone unturned to ensure that you get a world-class education.


    Our brand ambassadors

    Benefit from our vast alumni network that brings industry experience and a wealth of knowledge that you can use to supercharge your career. Placed at some of the best organizations in the world, BML Munjal University alums are our pride and joy—as they continue to guide, mentor, and inspire our students for years to come.

    Executive Education

    Take charge of your career with an Executive MBA from BML Munjal University. BMU’s transformative and career-growth focussed two-year MBA (Executive) programme helps you think strategically and adopt a global perspective, which is crucial for career growth in today’s fast-paced world.


    Find creative solutions to tomorrow’s problems today. BMU’s Institute of Inclusive Innovation (I3) is set to transform society by pursuing research-led, innovative, and practical solutions for high-impact inclusive growth and development at the grassroots level. Additionally, BMU’s upcoming Centres of Excellence will strengthen on-campus research infrastructure and become a driving force for conducting joint research activities with industries.

    Faculty of Women in Leadership

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