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    Student Council Executive Committee (SCEC)

    The Student Council Executive Committee comprises student representatives elected by the student community of the university. The seven positions (earlier six) in the committee form the bridge between the students and the management of the university holding the responsibility of handling the concerns and queries of the students and making every student’s life better than the previous year. The first Student Council of the University was given power in the academic year 2018-19 and formed a major part in the daily lives of the students on campus.

    The position holders during the ongoing tenure of SCEC are as follows:

    President - Papakannu Ajitesh Reddy
    Email - president.scec@bmu.edu.in

    Club Affairs Secretary -Sampath Paduchuri
    Email - clubaffairs.secretary@bmu.edu.in

    Events Secretary - Anmol Srivastav
    Email - events.secretary@bmu.edu.in

    Hostel Affairs Secretary - Sanchi Arora
    Email - hostelaffairs.secretary@bmu.edu.in

    Sports Secretary - Sirpy Reddy Ramprasad Reddy
    Email - sports.secretary@bmu.edu.in

    Treasurer - Swstik Gupta
    Email - treasurer.scec@bmu.edu.in

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