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    Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) Programme

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    Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) @ BMU

    Our Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) programme is in collaboration with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) UK. The programme is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills, which are relevant in the field of international accounting and finance.

    BCom (Hons) offers a unique combination of theoretical and practical learning experiences, enabling students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts of accounting and develop practical skills in areas such as financial reporting, taxation, auditing, financial modelling and the latest technologies used by banks under the umbrella of fintech.

    Students are provided with foundations in the fields of international accounting, fintech, business valuation and auditing, which also prepares them for professional certifications such as the ACCA, CA, and CFA. Students will have the opportunity to take ACCA professional-level courses as part of their degree, providing them with a head start in their professional careers. Students qualifying for the ACCA course may get an exemption for up to 9 out of 13 examinations. This will leave only 4 ACCA certifications to be cleared by the students required for the certification post-completion of the course.

    Our distinguished faculty members are committed to providing our students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the global marketplace. Our BCom programme, in collaboration with ACCA (UK), is no exception, which is aimed at helping students achieve their professional goals in the field of international accounting and finance.

    To apply for the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) programme, click here

    Majors Offered Under Bachelor of Commerce @ BMU

    • Block Chain and Financial Technologies
    • Forensic Accounting and Fraud
    • Banking and Insurance
    • Derivative and Risk Management
    • International Accounting and Finance
    • Financial Markets

    Future-oriented B.Com (Hons)

    B.Com (Hons) degree is a foundation that opens up -

    • • Chartered Accountancy
    • • Industry relevant diplomas
    • • Higher education in Law or Management

    NIRF Ranking 2022

    School of Management is ranked 54th All India by NIRF By Ministry of Education | Government of India

    B.Com (Hons) at a glance

    For more information about the BCom programme

    BCom (Hons) Programme

    Career Prospects After Bachelor of Commerce

    Students who wish to make a career in the field of commerce are offered a B.Com (Hons) degree at BMU. At the university, students are provided with comprehensive knowledge about the field. The faculty members guide students in improving their analytical ability, logical reasoning, and communication skills.

    Bachelor of Commerce students can get an opportunity to work in various fields, such as:

    The Economics candidates can get an opportunity to work in various fields such as

    • Accounting
    • Taxation and Auditing
    • Forensic Accounting
    • Actuarial Science
    • Banking, Financial Services
    • Financial Risk Management

    Academic Approach for BCom Programme @ BMU

    Our undergraduate commerce programmes are designed on the principle of Multidisciplinary Immersive Experiential Learning with an emphasis on Systems approach and a provision for choice-based fractional curriculum and flexible electives.

    • 45% Experiential Learning
    • Practice School (Internships)
    • Interdisciplinary Approach
    • Mentor-Mentee Programme


    Bachelor of Commerce – B.Com (Hons.) is an undergraduate commerce degree programme. The Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree at BML Munjal University is designed to provide students with a multi-disciplinary perspective towards trade, commerce, finance, and technological integration of businesses because of digitalization.

    School of Economics & Commerce (SoEC) is the department which facilitates completion of B.Com (Hons.) programme for all students. It also ensures that the students are transformed into well-rounded, industry-ready individuals by providing them various types of training and opportunities for co-curricular activities along with their study programme.

    BML Munjal University offers various degree programmes. These programmes and other training modules along with various co-curricular activities are provided by the School of Economics & Commerce (SoEC). SoEC is a part of BML Munjal University.

    Currently, Bachelor’s of Commerce – B.Com (Hons.) & BA (Hons.) Economics programmes are provided to students in School of Economics & Commerce (SoEC) at the BML Munjal University.

    Both the programmes are similar in most aspects. However the difference is that in B.Com students just get an overview of all the subjects of the programme. And B.Com (Hons) programme students can chose to an area of specialization. BML Munjal University offers B.Com (Hons.) programme with 4 new age specializations.

    Yes, the syllabus for both the programmes are different from each other. In B.Com (Hons) programme students can chose to an area of specialization and syllabus is modified with those specializations. BML Munjal University offers B.Com (Hons.) course with 4 new age specializations.

    At BML Munjal University, B.Com (Hons.) programme is offered with four specializations

    • B.Com (Hons.) with specialization in Block Chain & Financial Technologies
    • B.Com (Hons.) with specialization in Forensic Accounting & Corporate Fraud
    • B.Com (Hons.) with specialization in Banking & Insurance
    • B.Com (Hons.) with specialization in Derivatives & Risk Management

    • CBSE / ISCE / ISC and candidates of other boards applying for the B.Com (Hons.) Programme must secure a minimum aggregate score of 60% (in Core 3 subjects) in Std. XII board examinations.
    • Andhra Pradesh / Telangana / Kerala / Tamil Nadu State Board candidates applying for the BBA Programme must secure a minimum aggregate score of 70% (in Core 3 subjects) in Std. XII board examinations.
    • SAT or ACT scores are also accepted for the B.Com (Hons.) Programme.
    • Class 12th board examination score accepted for admission and scholarship.

    The B.Com (Hons.) programme at the BML Munjal University is spread across 3 years and divided into 6 semesters.

    BMU offers 100% International Exposure to all students across all programmes. For this, the University has partnered with Top Ranked Universities from across the world including Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Warwick, UC, Berkeley and many more.
    The immersion programme would be part of the academic studies at BMU – this would be graded, and part of the overall credits offered for that particular programme.
    Students should have valid passport to be a part of the programme.

    Throughout the duration of the programme, students will gain invaluable practical experience by applying this interdisciplinary and integrated learning to real-world problems. This will be made possible by way of Practice School, an internship concept. This initiative enable students to undergo meaningful work experience – over a period of three years. Practice School internships are courses with credit units and the grade so earned will be included in the cumulative GPA.

    Yes, the final placement is provided to all eligible students.

    Candidates can apply online to BML Munjal University by logging on to https://admissions.bmu.edu.in/

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