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    BA LLB(Hons.)

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    BMU’s School of Law is BCI Approved

    Law has traditionally been perceived as an autonomous discipline having distinctive style and methods. Unlike the traditional focus of lawyers with ‘black letter law’, the modern legal ecosystem demands a different approach. For lawyers, judges and lawmakers to truly appreciate the depth of laws, it is imperative to have an inter-disciplinary approach. The law needs to be looked at not merely as a solution to the problems of chaos and ordering in society but as a tool for enhancement of the lives of individuals. In our B.A. LL.B. course we facilitate our students to build a multi-dimensional approach to understanding law through the study of history, political science, sociology and economics.

    Existing law schools in the country are still oriented towards theory-based learning for this kind of a B.A. LL.B. course, whereas the need of the hour is the dissemination of practical and research-based legal knowledge. We have developed our curriculum in consultation with leading practitioners in the field to ensure that our students approach law not merely as an academic subject to be mastered but as budding practitioners learning the skills of the trade.

    This is BMU method of striving for excellence through a curriculum and pedagogy based on innovation, creativity, multidisciplinary approach and experiential learning. BMU’s School of Law offers a higher level of understanding of the complex nature of the problems in society and develops the capacity in its students to provide solutions to these problems in the years to come.

    The students who wish to make a career in the field of Law are offered B.A LL.B (Hons) degree at BMU. At the university, the candidates are provided comprehensive knowledge about the field. The professors guide the students in improving their analytical ability, logical reasoning, and communication skills.

    The law candidates can get an opportunity to work in various fields such as

    • Litigation
    • Law firms
    • Legal Process Outsourcing
    • Government agencies
    • Bank

    On completion of B.A. LL.B (Hons), they can apply for State as well as Central government jobs. In government sector, the candidates can work in different fields such as tax, defense, and labor department. The candidates can work as

    • Advocates
    • Civil Servants
    • Judges

    After gaining experience in their field, they can work as an advocate in the court of law, Legal Adviser in any organization, Solicitor General, Public Prosecutor, and Lawyers handling tax divisions in big firms.

    Besides working, the candidates can go for further studies also. They can pursue a specialization in labor laws, administrative laws, environment laws, co-operative law, international laws, intellectual property rights and more

    • Duration : 5 years
    • Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent
    • Admission Process

      Applicants will have to go through the following process:

      • Submission of completed application form with all relevant enclosures and application fee
      • Review of applications and short-listing of candidates
      • Personal interview
      • Admission decision taken by the selection committee

      The decision to short-list applicants for a personal interview and make a formal offer of admission thereafter will be taken by the selection committee. The committee’s decision in this regard is final and binding.

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