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Career Guidance and Development Centre (CGDC) Team

The Career Guidance and Development Centre (CGDC) welcomes the ‘best in class’ Future Employers to hand pick BMU’s industry-ready students and get maximum returns on their investment.

Our Student Community

Origin: Pan India
Rich Amalgam: Cultural, Ethnic, Educational
Fit for: A Dynamic Global, Environment

Our Endeavor

To steer students towards Academic excellence and continuous innovation

Our Focus

Holistic development of all our students

What we do

Active engagement with industry

  • Organise industry visits | facilitate internships
  • Make industry ready professionals

Organise in-house technical and soft-skill trainings

  • Personalised training

Mobilise industry support across course streams

  • Facilitate Practice School (internship) opportunities pan India

Analyse éach student’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Personalised career-counselling
How we do it

  • Ensure employability of all students in Premier Companies

Student-CGDC Team

  • Ongoing engagement and dialogue throughout the year

The students are encouraged to discuss their goals

  • Preparing personal development plans accordingly
  • Generated Periodically
  • Assessment Tests
  • Examined by Best External Industry Vendors
  • Helps identify Student Training and Skill Development Needs In-House Activities
  • Students subjected to well-designed soft-skills training sessions
  • Best in class consultants and consulting firms engaged by the Corporate Engagement Team
  • Students to prepare technically and strategically for various selection rounds in the companies.
  • Regular invites to Industry leaders for interactions with our students
  • Identify efective companies that can provide the best industry experience to our students through Practice Schools



Corporates visited

Avg. Package of

INR 8.93 Lakhs


Avg. Package of

INR 5.49 Lakhs


Be in Good Company

The university has established itself as a hotbed for well-prepared, talented graduates. We have built strong relationships with recruiters from some of the best companies in the world, including

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