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Admission Procedure

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    Admission Procedure (For all schools)

    Admission to the Ph.D. programme shall be made based on the minimum eligibility criteria of candidate as mentioned above. Admissions will be carried out twice, in July and December in an Academic Year. However, the candidates who are GATE (within last two years) / NET and satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria may be called for interview at any time during the year. In case of selection, these candidates will be offered provisional admission, and will be formally registered during the start of the immediate next semester. Typical admission procedure to be followed is:

    On-line submission of completed application form with all relevant enclosures and application fee

    • Review of applications and short-listing of candidates by the screening committee
    • Written Test
    • Interview by the selection committee

    Candidates recommended by the selection committee will be notified and a formal offer of admission will be given. The committee’s decision in this regard is final and binding.

    For admissions in the School of Law (In addition to the above stated procedure)

    Candidates must submit a research proposal of about 2000 words.

    The research proposal should contain:

    • Title
    • Statement of the problem and the background information on the subject
    • How will you go about your research?
    • Why do you think the project is worth doing?
    • Whether you see any links with your previous work?
    • Sources to be consulted.

    The interview will be based on research proposal and Candidates will be judged on following criteria:

    1. Clarity in research plan (including the title, subject matter and research methodology)
    2. Depth of knowledge of the subject discussed in the research plan
    3. The quality of research and analysis in the research plan
    4. Practical relevance of the research plan.
    5. Potential to undertake high quality research

    Types of Candidates for Research:

    (a) Full-Time Research Scholars who will carry out their research full time on the campus. GATE/NET/BMU Test qualified full-time research scholars will be called as University Fellows. Each University Fellow will receive a fellowship to cover his living expenses and expenditure on his/her research work, as per university policy. All University Fellows will be engaged in 8-10 hours/week of teaching assistantship and act as Teaching Assistants (TAs), as recommended by the Dean of the respective School.

    (b) Part-Time Research Scholars

    1. Internal: Faculty and staff of BML Munjal University
    2. External: Other organisations

    (c) Sponsored (Full-time/ Part-time): Candidates sponsored by an industry/ organization. The candidate (full-time/ part-time) will be exempted from the written entrance examination (BMU Test) and will directly be considered for a personal interview, if his/ her Ph.D. programme is fully sponsored by an organization/ Industry. The candidate must submit an endorsement letter from the sponsoring organization confirming the sponsorship.

    (d) International Students: Students of foreign nationality/ or Non-Resident-Indians (NRI). They are not entitled for University Fellowship/ Scholarship.

    (e) Details for Industry Sponsored Candidates: Click Here

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