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Research @ SOET


Research Projects, Patents & Publications

The BML Munjal University (BMU) aims to be a leading research university with an aim to foster quality, impactful and applicable research. BMU founding charter clearly expresses the commitment not only to be recognised as an institution of excellence in teaching but in research as well.

BMU faculties have attracted multiple research grants through various external funded projects, Internal funded projects through seed grant and consultancy to various Industry partners.

BMU encourages its faculty members and students to publish research in high-quality journals and file patents. There is a policy in place to award and reward each faculty for publishing in top peer-reviewed and high impact factor journals.

As much for their ability to inspire students in the classrooms, the faculty members at BMU are expected to take the rigour and relevance of their research from laboratories to the classroom. BMU recruits only those faculty members who possess a Ph.D. degree from well-established and recognised institutions and universities, both from India and aboard. A postdoctoral experience from top ranking universities in India and abroad is given due preference.

BMU seeks to be amongst the best and be known for excellence in teaching, promoting learning, research, and pursuit of innovation. All research enthusiasts who are willing to excel in their chosen field of interest are welcome to join and take advantage of the state-of-the-art laboratories and research excellence centres on the campus, ably supported by experienced and enthusiastic faculty members. The university boasts of a multitude of well-established centres and laboratories for undertaking research and advanced areas in the field of both sciences and engineering.

SOET Faculty Publications



Title & Scope of the Project Proposed Faculty Name Total Amount (Rs.) Agency
Investigations of structure and properties of H bonded unsymmetrical n-type Organic semiconductors: towards efficient organic field effect transistors. Dr. Amarnath Bheemaraju 2060000 DST (Young Scientist Project)
Conforming Least-Squares spectral element methods for three dimensional elliptic problems on non-smooth domains using parallel computers Dr Akhlakh Hussain 1362000 DST (Young Scientist Project)
Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, Project for developing a course on Thin Films, Surface Engineering and Vacuum Technology for Higher Education Partnership Prof. B.S. Satyanarayana, Prof. O. S Panwar, Dr A. S. Rana 4500000 Royal Academy of Engineering, UK
Improving the Effectiveness of Jan Aushdhi Stores, Prof. B.S. Satyanarayana, Vishal Talwar, Dr. Ritu Chikara, Dr.Ruchi Garg 2500000 NITI AAYOG
Design and Installation of Solar Panels, Prof B. S. Satyanarayana 500000 Indian Electronics and Semiconductor Association & DIETY, Govt of India


Title & Scope of the Project Proposed Faculty Name Total Amount (Rs.) Status
“Efficient Organic Solar Cells using Coaxial Self- Assembly of n-and p-type Semiconductors”. Dr. Amarnath Bheemaraju, Dr. Tabish Rasheed, Dr.Babu, Dr. B.S.Satyanarayana 1200000 Completed
Development of Metal Laser Sintering technology by integrating Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping Dr.Vinayak Kalluri, Dr.Maheshwer Diwedy& Dr.B.S.Satyanarayana 1900000 Completed
Application of Optical spectroscopic techniques and development of low-cost paper based potentiometer for environmental monitoring and clinical diagnosis. Dr.Tapas Goswami, Dr.Nagendra, Dr.B.S.Satyanarayana 1270000 Completed
Some studies on diamond-like carbon thin film coating for bio medical applications Dr.Tabish Rasheed, Dr.Eshwar Krishna, Dr.O.S.Panwar, Dr.Amarnath Bheemaraju, Dr.B.S.Satyanarayana 1200000 Completed
Experimental and finite analysis of fracture and wear bearing of particulate filled metal alloy composites for bearing applications Dr.Maheshwar.Diwedy, Dr.Kalluri Vinayak 1250000 Completed
Fabrication and micro channel and electric propulsion system for satellites Dr.Eshwar Krishna, Dr.Nagendra, Dr.Ranbir Singh, Dr.B.S. Satyanaryana, Dr. 1550000 Completed
Vacuum Nano-electronics device simulations, growth and design and installation of an indigenous characterization facility. Dr.Menaka Yadav, Dr.Nagendra, Dr. Suvabrata Bandhopadhaya, Dr.Nirupama M P, Prof.Ashok Bhatacharyya, Dr.O S Panwar, Dr.B.S. Satyanarayana 2500000 Completed
Study of cathodic arc growth, characterization of electronics, structural and mechanical properties of Nano-carbon, tetrahedral carbon, and properties of graphene, graphene oxide for flexible electronics, Dr.Swati Jha, Prof.Mohit Sinha, Dr. Nirupama M P, Prof.O.S.Panwar, Dr.B.S.Satyanarayana 1250000 Completed