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    About Deep Delve

    BMU Deep Delve courses are designed and delivered by academics and scholar-practitioners of repute from all over the world. Deep Delve is a catalog of selected online short courses that allow the learner to choose their unique bouquet of learning. The courses offer insights into cutting-edge, topical themes, and aim to nurture critical thinking and discourse using a variety of interactive learning methods.

    While Deep Delve courses are principally designed for the needs of executives with the idea of career advancement in mind, these are open to anyone who wishes to learn, irrespective of experience or industry. Therefore, there are no formal pre-requisites to register for Deep Delve courses except perhaps curiosity, the desire to expand one’s knowledge, and actively participate in the sessions. Each course will follow a blended learning model of synchronous and asynchronous teaching and will typically consist of one to two classes per week, for a total of 15 to 20 hours.


    The themes can be wide-ranging and creative: from navigating or implementing digital landscapes, environmental science, investigating leadership styles, communicating with different cultures, perfecting legal writing, the intersection of law and ethics, or even assessing the spiritual quotient in the workplace. Deep Delve online courses are designed for users to gain knowledge from leading international experts in an interactive learning format. These short courses are individually designed and differ from MOOCs in that there is a richly interactive, e-classroom experience with live engagement from experts, including class discussions, class polls, and tutorials (through chat rooms). To ensure that learners gain the maximum advantage of the course, the batch size will not be more than 25. Deep Delve courses also aim to open the door to peer-to-peer learning too through class discussions and a robust exchange of ideas for practical implementation based on shared experiences. In this sense, the teaching is largely facilitated and experiential and inspires the learner, in contrast with the traditional stand-up lecture mode.


    Learners who attend 85% of the course will receive a certificate of attendance, while those who complete the course, including the passing of e.g. assignments/quizzes as per course description, will receive a certificate of completion from BML Munjal University. The latter will also be awarded access to the BMU library for three months as a special benefit for their achievement.


    BMU Deep Delve courses are short courses that have been designed and will be taught by international faculty. Classes will be live and completely interactive. There will be online lectures, class discussions and tutorials similar to a traditional class.

    These courses differ from MOOCs and webinars because they offer rich e-classroom experience with real-time engagement with the faculty teaching the course as well as the co-participants in the form of lectures, class discussions and tutorials.

    There are no pre-requisites required for these courses – either of age or educational/professional background. All you need is a thirst for learning.

    The fees for all courses is INR 40,000. An introductory offer of 50% discount is applicable for first-time learners.

    Classes will be held online via google classroom.

    You need to have a gmail account and log into this on your device (mobile/laptop/tablet), and a stable internet connection.

    English is the medium of instruction for these courses, so a certain amount of knowledge is essential. However, there is help available in the form of tutorials which are geared at helping participants understand the course content.

    There is no limit to the number of courses you can apply for, as long as there is no clash in course schedules.

    Please write to the Senior Manager- Executive Education, Mr Amit Raj at amit.raj@bmu.edu.in or call him on 9584120999.

    You need to attend 85% of classes in order to obtain a certificate of attendance.

    Yes. There are two levels of certification.
    Certificate of attendance: At least 85% class attendance (without assessments)
    Certificate of completion: At least 85% of class attendance and successful completion of all assessment.

    Most facilitators will provide a small amount of pre-reading material.

    BMU library access for six months will be provided to those who complete courses (with assessments) as a special benefit.

    To download the brochure, click here

    For any queries please contact Senior Manager- Centre For Continuing Education, Ms. Shubhangi Juneja at shubhangi.juneja@bmu.edu.in or reach on +(91) 9765996383

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