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    by bml-blog September 1, 2015

    Every month, the performance arts club of BMU organises an on-campus Spic-Macay cultural activity. Spic-Macay is a voluntary movement that organises events (over 5000 annually) of classical music and dance, folk arts, crafts etc. in educational institutions throughout the world.

    In the past few months, the award winning classical flautist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, traditional Odishi dancer Padma Shri Geeta Mahalik, and Indian classical musicians Padma Bhushans Rajan Mishra & Sajan Mishra visited our campus and performed for our students.

    They mesmerised the crowd with their melodious sounds and powerful dance, and spent time answering questions and sharing their stories of struggle on their route to success. It was an honour to welcome such renowned artists to our campus, and a pleasure to watch them perform.
    A number of other cultural activities were put up by various clubs at BMU. There was a play performance — the Royal BMU Theatre — where students wrote, directed and performed plays conveying relevant social messages — including one about the story of an Indian martyr and a play about the cruel act of female foeticide.

    Students organised a Christmas Carnival, where talented students danced, sang, and performed for a capacity audience. Concurrently, the Culinary Club organised a Christmas Cafe, where delicious traditional Christmas delights were served to students and faculty.

    These events are a great opportunity for students to expand their horizons and appreciate arts, dance, classical music, and Indian heritage, and experience other cultures. These activities fit into our unique curriculum, which has a focus on perspective courses such as living arts, living literature, and world civilisations — courses that are designed to broaden the thought process of students and expose them to new ideas.

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