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    What Is The Scope of BBA LLB? – Guidance For 2024

    by BML Munjal University January 6, 2021

    Qualified lawyers and legal professionals have always been in great demand across the ages. And this demand for highly skilled lawyers is still on the rise even today. As a result, many youngsters of today dream of pursuing a top-notch career in law.


    The power and prestige that come associated with the legal profession are extremely coveted, so it is not a wonder why the takers for law courses are on the rise. The law education sector has undergone a major evolution over the years. The resultant of this huge transformation led to the formulation of customized and integrated courses like BBA LLB. Aspirants pursuing this course by exploring all the nooks and the creeks of the vast law world would get opportunities of setting themselves up as an established law professionals. Opting for this course will guide you towards achieving a respectable position in the corporate sector because it is simply is not just an LLB course but a BBA LLB course.

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    There are quite a several differences between the two, and the more you will go through this post, the more your mind be doubtless. The BBA LLB Scope is not just limited to establishing yourself as a law advocate and practicing in courts. The scope is pretty vast and there are higher positions retained just for law professionals. If despite having an interest in this field you cannot gather the will of pursuing it in fear of the lack of career opportunities, as the popular myths say, then this article is only for individuals like you.

    What is BBA LLB?

    The entire term stands for Bachelor in Business Administration and Legislative Law Honors, and it is an integrated undergraduate course that specializes in the law profession. As you can make out from the course name, it is indeed a study of both business topics and law subjects. Most individuals might not know, but the management and law studies go side by side, and there exists a highly logical relationship between these two.

    So, to exhibit the interrelationship feature of the business and the law worlds, this course has been designed by experts to meet the demands of the current corporate sectors. Also to lead the students towards the fascinating world of law, without which the world ceases to function. Those who think of this course as something which would be too high for your intellectual level should imagine this subject as nothing but a list of categorized rules and regulations which would be followed by any society or county under governing power.

    The course extends for 5 years and naturally, comprises 10 semesters. As the course is informative and contains intricate details, some students could not complete the course within the stipulated duration and for them, some universities offer them an additional duration of about 3 years. If you would study BBA and LLB separately without signing up for this integrated course then you would have to invest an extra year, the course duration would be of 6 years in that case. The course is called integrated because it involves the learning of commerce and business management subjects along with the in-depth learning of the subjects of law and legislature.

    What is the eligibility of the course?

    If you are keen to pursue this course, then please look below to find whether you meet the eligibility criteria of the course:

    • The most basic eligibility is perhaps passing your higher secondary exam or the 10+2 exam scoring an aggregate of a minimum of 50%. Apart from this, you would also have to score a decent percentage on your 11th standard exam. Candidates need to secure a school leaving certificate with a grade not lower than the A level. The student should to able to produce the certificate formulated by the recognized board within India or from any institution of any foreign country. The most important thing is the institution from which the candidate has received the certificate should be recognized by the government of the country. These are some of the basic regulations which you need to maintain to ensure admission to your desired law school, but some of them might vary from institute to institute.
    • Those candidates who have not gone for regular schooling and have been homeschooled are also eligible for admission in this law program. So, if you have a certificate from a reputed and recognized institute that indicates that you have passed your 10+2 with flying colors while studying a long-distance or correspondence course, you are completely eligible for this law program.
    • To take admission in your preferred law school, you will have to prove your merit by scoring high in any of the top law entrance exams. The LLB program in some colleges might also comprise of a few rounds of interviews to strain out the candidates best suited for this 5-year course.
    • Although several law examinations exist today, the one in which most weight-age is being applied is CLAT or Common Law Admission Test. Some institutes might only agree to take up scores for this exam to analyze your merit, so make sure not to miss it.
    • Certain colleges secure a percentage of seats for their foreign students as well. So if you are based in a foreign country and are keen to explore the administrative law of India, you are most welcome and you would find every assistance you need online.
    • The maximum age crossing which a candidate would not be allowed to take admission for the BBA LLB course is 20 years and It is applicable only for general candidates. As for aspirants belonging to the reserved quota like SC, ST, and OBC, they will have an extension of extra 2 years that is they will be eligible for admission till they reach the age of 22.
    • About the above point, a certain percentage of seats are also reserved for the SC, ST, and also individuals with some form of disability.
    • As per the regulations enlisted by the Bar Council of India, to be eligible to obtain admission in any of the law colleges accepting scores of the top law entrance exams, general candidates need to score at least 45 % in their 10+2 exams. As for candidates belonging to the reservation quota, they need to score a minimum of 40% in their board exams.
    • Even if you are waiting for the results of your last examination, mostly the 10+2 examination you are allowed to appear for the law entrance examination CLAT. The colleges upon shortlisting you based on your merit in the law exam would demand your results of your board exam. If you fail to produce, you would not be allowed admission into the college, no manage how decent your rank is of your CLAT exam.

    Who can pursue a course in BBA LLB?

    If you are under a mindset which had forced you to remain utterly confused thinking whether the course is best suited for you, then see if you can relate to the following points:

    • If you have always wanted more from a one-degree course or cannot wait to get the best of both worlds of different education fields, then count yourself in.
    • Some students get excited with the idea of pursuing courses in both law and business administration as it increases their industry exposure. But opting for both the courses separately requires about 6 years in total. Whereas this course which exactly caters to the needs of such students’ demands one to invest no more than 5 years in total.
    • The BBA LLB Scope looks bright for those candidates who are willing to study a master’s course after it. Even if you want to research about hottest topics in the law field, you are encouraged to experience the hands-on approach this course will provide you.

    Who will be benefitted from this course the most?

    Let us check how many ways you would be benefitted if you decide to sign up for this course:

    • The course owes aspirants employment opportunities in not only the law sector but also in the business sector.
    • The course will broaden your mind and after its completion, you can choose to work as a specialist in the legal field or work part-time.
    • Business is always in dire need of legal services, and thus if one employee is adept in both law and business, he might be offered two posts at the same time. So double the responsibilities and not to forget, the salary as well.

    What is the future scope of BBA LLB?

    If you manage to pass the course with decent scores imbibing as many skills as the course allows you would be offered employment opportunities in the following sector:

    • Business houses
    • Banks
    • Consultancies
    • Revenue departments
    • Judiciary departments and courts
    • Sales tax and excise departments

    So, now that you have known about the sectors that would be willing to recruit you after you have obtained your course degree, here are the job roles you might be offered:

    • Human resource manager
    • District judge
    • Business consultant
    • Law reporter
    • Finance manager
    • Legal advisor
    • Sub-magistrate
    • Deputy
    • Assistant advisor
    • Management Accountant
    • Advocate
    • Law officer and management accountant
    • Notary

    After completing the masters’ course of BBA LLB, you will be eligible to apply for the post of magistrate or judge. In case you are all set to embark on this journey of establishing yourself as a reputed law professional, you should look up colleges, and below is the mention of such a renowned law school. In this world prevailed by interconnecting conflicts and continuously changing the scenario of the financial, economic, and financial environment, lies an undying demand for skilled law professionals.

    But looking closely at most of the law programs offered by the law schools of the country, you would find that those do little or no justice to the overwhelming requirement of the country. Existing law schools in the country do no more than offering theoretical education to the student, but when the need of an hour is entirely research-based legal knowledge, how beneficial would it be? This is where; BML Munjal comes as a game changer dynamically transforming the education system of the law sector.

    We have put in innumerable efforts in designing the curriculum and pedagogy of the 5 years course of BBA LLB so that it highly speaks of creativity, innovation, and experimental learning approaches. The BMU law school is particularly aimed at imparting knowledge to the students about the complex problems existing in today’s society and also the ways to erase them. Apart from this, BML Munjal also conducts campus recruitment to place the candidates in several employment sectors which demand legal professionals.

    BMU strongly believes that the young minds who graduate from the University are adept at shouldering the challenges of the future. Every candidate is also being provided with the courage and motivation so that in the future they can prove themselves to be a great leader thereby uplifting and reforming the Indian society. The students who wish to change their life by welcoming a positive change in their career, all by studying in BMU would have future scopes in sectors like:

    • Government agencies
    • Banks
    • Law firms
    • Litigation
    • Legal process outsourcing

    But you would be only able to enjoy the benefits of establishing your career in the legal field guided by the experienced faculty of the BML Munjal University only if you manage to:

    • Get a decent percentage in CLAT
    • Clear the rounds of group discussion and personal interview

    After working in this for a few years and obtaining solid work experience, you can either work as a legal advisor to any organization or even go for higher studies.

    BBA LLB Scope What is the scope of BBA LLB
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