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    Scholarships & Financial Aid

    BMU offers Merit Scholarships to recognise academic merit among the diverse pool of talent across India.

    • The prestigious Dean’s Scholarship recognizes students with excellent academic achievement in the national-level tests.
      • A maximum of two students will receive a Scholarship equivalent to 100% of the Tuition Fee in the first year.
      • A maximum of two students will receive a Scholarship equivalent to 75% of the Tuition Fee in the first year.
    • To foster a culture of diversity and inclusion that acknowledges the unique strengths of different individuals, generous Merit Scholarships are provided as a percentage of the Tuition Fee.

    Application for Scholarships
    Students who submit their application on or before March 31, 2022 are automatically eligible to be considered for Merit Scholarships.

    Terms of Scholarships

    • Scholarships are initially awarded for the first academic year at university. In the first year, in order to be eligible for a scholarship, a student should have received an Offer in terms of all academic criteria specified by the School of Management from time to time. A Scholarship once offered will be withdrawn, in case the offer is not accepted by the stipulated date for accepting the offer.
    • Scholarships may be renewed annually in the second year, based on students meeting the minimum eligibility criteria for renewal and in accordance with the rank of students in the merit-list for the year as finalised by the Admissions and Scholarship Committee.
    • Scholarships are applicable on tuition fees only. They are not applicable on the Global Leadership Programme fee, an optional immersion module at a partner university.
    • Scholarships and Financial Aid will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Admission and Scholarship Committee.
    • BMU reserves the right to change the governing policy at its discretion.

    Financial Aid

    For academically bright students from economically weaker sections of society, Financial Aid is provided in order that their university education is not held back due to a lack of financial resources. Students

    • Financial Aid grants shall be reviewed and finalized by the Admissions & Scholarship Committee after a Personal Interview. The amount of Financial Aid in the form of percentage of the tuition fee shall be decided by the Committee.

    Application for Financial Aid

    • Students are to submit the Financial Aid application form at the earliest and no later than March 31, 2022
    • Forms are to be e-mailed to aid@bmu.edu.in
    • You will be called for a counselling session.

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    Haryana Domicile Category

    The 25% of students who are admitted under Haryana Domicile category and are eligible for full or partial fee concession as per the Haryana Private Universities Act may avail of fee concession as per the rules specified.

    Students awarded any form of financial grant are required to maintain a consistently high academic record and to follow the highest standards of disciplinary standing and conduct in the community. Grants are conditional and performance-linked, where students earn these awards through their academic achievements, and are subject to meeting eligibility in the second year of the MBA programme.

    Scholarships & Financial Aid Desk

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    MBA Admissions 2022

    Admissions for Academic Session commencing July 2022 are open.

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