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    Traditionally, the study of law is considered an independent field with unique approaches. However, the contemporary legal environment requires a different strategy, unlike the traditional focus of lawyers on "black letter law." Therefore, it is crucial to have an interdisciplinary approach for lawyers, judges and lawmakers to understand the fundamentals of laws truly.

    The law should be viewed as a tool for improving people's lives, not just as a way to bring order and stability to a chaotic society. At BMU, we assist our students in developing a multi-dimensional understanding of law through studying history, political science, sociology, and economics in our BA LLB (Hons) programme.

    For the BA LLB (Hons) programme, most existing law schools in the nation are still focused on theory-based learning, although the time has come for the transmission of research- and practice-based legal knowledge. To ensure that our students treat law not just as an academic subject to be mastered but as aspiring practitioners learning the craft, we at BMU designed our curriculum in consultation with top practitioners in the area.

    The curriculum and pedagogy at BMU are built on innovation, creativity, a multidisciplinary approach, and experiential learning to achieve excellence. The School of Law at BMU gives a deeper comprehension of the complexity of societal issues and nurtures in its students the ability to address these issues in the future. To apply for the BA LLB (Hons) programme click here

    BMU’s School of Law is approved by Bar Council of India

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    BA LLB (Hons) at a glance

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    BA LLB (Hons) Programme

    Academic Approach

    Integrated courses are interdisciplinary in nature and combine social sciences or management degrees with a law degree in a meaningful way. The BA LLB (Hons) programme explores law through the prism of history, political science, sociology, with Economics as a Major.

    The first two years of the programme combine core courses in law with social science subjects; the subsequent three years are law focused.

    • 50% Experiential Learning
    • Practice School (Internships)
    • Interdisciplinary Approach
    • Peer Review Exercises

    Career Prospects

    The students who wish to make a career in the field of Law are offered BA LLB (Hons) degree at BMU. At the university, the candidates are provided comprehensive knowledge about the field. The professors guide the students in improving their analytical ability, logical reasoning, and communication skills.

    The law candidates can get an opportunity to work in various fields such as

    • Litigation
    • Law Firms
    • Legal Process Outsourcing
    • Government Agencies
    • Banking
    • Insurance



    BA LLB (Hons) programme enables students to complete a Bachelor's degree in Economics and the Bachelor's of Legislative Law (Hons) programme through an integrated five year programme. On graduating, you receive the equivalent qualification and knowledge over five years rather than six years and emerge with a consolidated degree. LLB (Hons) is a must-have degree to become a lawyer and the primary law degree for those who wish to pursue the legal profession.

    BA LLB (Hons) programme is interdisciplinary in nature and combines social sciences with a law degree in a meaningful way. The programme explores law through the prism of history, political science, and sociology, with Economics as a Major.

    The BA LLB (Hons) programme is an integrated five-year programme. If a student were to complete a BA and then proceed for the LLB degree it would usually take three years and then a further three years.Through the integrated programme, you can compress this process to five years. The integrated programme is widely accepted in the legal industry and has now become the norm.

    To apply for the BA LLB (Hons) you are required to complete any one entrance examinations from CLAT/LSAT/BMU SAT/SAT and Class 12 from one of the Boards accepted by BMU. Under Early Admissions you can apply even if your test scores or class 12 results are awaited. In such cases, the final offer is subject to verification of class 12 results and test Scores by BMU. Know more

    Practice-oriented clinics and internships are an integral part of these programmes. Our students approach law not merely as an academic subject to be mastered but as future practitioners who must learn the skills of the profession.

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