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    • MBA First Year SyllabusAll students study common courses – the required curriculum – in the first year divided into four modules of 8 weeks duration. The first year MBA Syllabus comprises of 21 core, skill and perspective courses spanning all areas of management.
    • Core CoursesCore courses in the MBA programme will help students grasp theory and business fundamentals, building a firm bedrock of understanding in subjects such as Industry, Accounting and Finance, Organisational Behaviour, Management, Marketing, Business Analytics and Business Law.
    • Skill CoursesBesides acquiring discipline-related technical competencies, students will also acquire a range of life skills needed to be successful at the workplace: Presenting, Communicating, Critical Reasoning, Etiquette and Conversing, Problem Solving & Consulting.
    • Perspective CoursesPerspective courses will help students see the larger picture, contextualise problems correctly, and acquire a better understanding of the core. Some examples of such courses are World Civilisations, Critical Reasoning and System Thinking.
    • InternshipStudents would be required to undergo an industry internship at the end of first year. The internship enables a student to apply the knowledge they received in the first year to a real-world situation.

    MBA (Full Time) Syllabus & Subjects

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    1SkillCommunication & Presentation Skills428
    2CoreManaging & Developing People428
    3CoreBusiness Statistics428
    5PerspectivesPerspectives on World Civilizations428
    Total Credits & Hours20140

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    1CoreSynthesizing and Analyzing Data428
    2CoreMarketing and Consumer Behaviour428
    3CoreSourcing and Managing Talent428
    4CoreMacro Economics & Policy428
    5CoreFinancial Reporting and Analysis428
    6CoreOperation Research428
    Total Credits & Hours24168

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    1CoreOrganization Structure & Design428
    2CoreManaging Operations and Supply Chain428
    3CoreMarketing of Products and Services428
    4CoreCosting Products and Services428
    5CoreEtiquette and the Art of Conversations428
    6PerspectiveCritical Reasoning and Systems Thinking428
    Total Credits & Hours22154

    S.No.CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    1CoreStrategic Management428
    2CoreBringing Ideas to Market428
    3CoreManaging Financial Resources428
    4CoreManaging Stakeholders and Legal Processes428
    5CoreProject Management428
    6PerspectiveEthics and Citizenship428
    Total Credits & Hours23161

    • MBA Second Year Syllabus In the second year, students take up a broad range of core, skill and elective courses. Elective courses give students the flexibility to extend their learning to subjects beyond the core. They will have the option to study courses in Information Systems, Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Operations.

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