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    Dr. Arijit Maitra Assistant Professor
    • School School of Engineering and Technology
    • Department/Programme Chemistry
    • Email arijit.maitra@bmu.edu.in

    Dr. Arijit Maitra has received Ph.D. from Westfälische Wilhelms Universität, Münster, Germany and carried out postdoctoral research at University of California-San Diego and SUNY-Stony Brook, USA. His focus of research is theoretical and computational modelling of microscopic dynamics in soft matter systems such as polymers and biological cells involving quantitative techniques such as molecular simulations (MD, Monte Carlo, ab-initio), and statistical physics. He is interested in problems that have relevance to materials and biomedical sciences, and his publications have appeared in Physical Review Letters, PNAS, Biophysical Journal, and Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

    • Chemistry (I Year)
    • Emerging Materials Science and Applications (II Year)
    • Statistical Learning (IV Year)
    • Emerging Life Science (Epigenetics and Microbiome) [II Year]
    • Doctorate In: Ph.D. - Physical Chemistry
    • Doctorate From: Wesfälische Wilhelms Universität, Münster, Germany
    • Doctorate Year: 2007
    Designation & Organization
    Assistant Professor, BML Munjal University
    Postdoctoral Researcher, SUNY Stony Brook, USA.
    Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, San Diego, USA
    • Theoretical and Computational Chemistry - Classical and Quantum Chemical Simulations of materials for energy storage and harvesting.
    • (Bio) Polymers.
    • Bacterial Systems Biology, Biophysics
    • Maitra and A. Heuer, Cation Transport in Polymer Electrolytes: A Microscopic Approach, Physical Review Letters 2007, 98, 227802.
    • Maitra and A. Heuer, Understanding Segmental Dynamics in Polymer Electrolytes, Macromolecular Chemistry & Physics 2007, 208, 2215.
    • Maitra and A. Heuer, Understanding Correlation Effects for Ion Conduction in Polymer Electrolytes, J. Physical Chemistry B., 2008, 112, 9641.
    • A. Maitra and G. Arya, Model Accounting for the Effects of Pulling-Device Stiffness in the analyses of Single-Molecule Force Measurements, Physical Review Letters 2010, 104, 108301.
    • Maitra and KA. Dill, Bacterial growth laws reflect the evolutionary importance of energy efficiency, Proceedings of National Academy Science USA 2015, 112(2).
    • Maitra and KA. Dill, Modeling overproduction of ribosomes when antibacterial drugs act on cells, Biophysical Journal 2016, 110(3).
    • Fellowship, Graduate School of Chemistry, "Molecular Functional Structures", Westfälische Wilhelms Unversität, Münster, Germany
    • General Electric Scholarship for academic excellence, IISc Bangalore
    • Merit award, R. E. College (Now: NIT Durgapur)
    • Peptide and drug molecule interactions using theory and molecular simulations.
    • Computer aided design of drug like molecules.
    • Polymer based ionic systems

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