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B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

International Immersion
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Amazing is now possible.

Change the world, bit by bit

Hardly any facet of the industry has not been positively impacted by Computer science engineering. From automobiles to healthcare, agriculture, education, and commerce – every field of work benefits from the innovations of computer science engineers that help them work better, faster, and smarter.

The Computer Science Engineering course at BMU helps you solve critical problems that plague the world today through a solid foundation in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computational Methods, Hardware, Software Systems, and more. Get ready to change the world!

The engineering faculty at SOET BMU are domain experts who use their experience in engineering to challenge students and help them pique their interest in problem-solving. Dedicated to providing the best for their students by challenging, training, and mentoring them throughout the course, our faculty helps to transform them into thought leaders and tech-entrepreneurs.

Meet Our Faculty

The CSE curriculum at SOET BMU helps students create a link between theory and practice. Covering a wide variety of software and hardware technologies and applications, the course curriculum is both wide and deep—helping students understand how to approach a problem in the best possible way. 

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International Immersion — SoET

Engineering students at BMU benefit from a holistic understanding of technology, innovation, design, new culture, leadership skills, and different practices conducted in different parts of the world. The international immersion is offered as an optional programme to undergraduate students (B. Tech) during their 1st/2nd/3rd-year summer breaks. Conducted at top universities in the UK and Singapore, our budding engineers benefit from a holistic understanding of the global engineering environment.

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Awards & Achievements of B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

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The Career Guidance & Development Centre (CGDC) has undertaken an extensive engagement program with the industry to support students to chart an enterprising career path. A robust holistic approach over the years has led to significant growth in overall placements of students with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Admission to the engineering programs at BMU’s School of Engineering is highly selective. 


10+2 with a minimum aggregate of 60% in English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, and JEE Mains. BMU may consider an exemption of up to 10% in JEE scores for students with 10+2 scores of over 75% on a case-to-case basis. SAT / BMU-SAT / CUET eligibility is subject to change and will be notified in due course.

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The two things all BMU students have in common are curiosity and capability. BMU’s students come from diverse backgrounds with diverse interests, making BMU one of the most exciting learning environments in the country.

We’re glad you’ve decided to apply for the CSE program at BMU. Once you check the admissions timeline and the course entry requirements, click here to start the application process.

See you at the campus soon!

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Automobile Engineering [AE]

Robotics & Automation [R&A]

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence [DS & AI]

Cyber Security [CS]

Internet of Things [IoT]

We believe in skills and not just results. Every year, BMU expands its tie-ups and the frequencies of workshops and hackathons that keep our students engaged and ready for what the world has to offer. 

The IT industry is a beast that constantly evolves, mutates and consistently demands new-age skills from job aspirants. Our industry-ready B.Tech CSE programme stays in sync with the world. We continuously diversify and expand this course to ensure every student is job-ready when they graduate! Honed by the best faculty and facilities in the region, our B.Tech CSE students find employment in the following fields:

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analytics


Cyber Security

Internet of Things


Data Science

Machine Learning


Our success through the years

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Smart India Hackathon 2020

On 31st Jan and 1st Feb 2020, the internal Smart India Hackathon 2020 was organized in the BML Munjal University. Total 18 teams were registered with six students in each team. During this hackathon, each team was attached to mentors who nurture them throughout the process before the evaluation phase. The panel of experts/judges were constituted. The panel consisted of senior faculties from BML Munjal University, Gurgaon, Haryana, two experts from HUGHES SYSTIQUE and a one from Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd.

The evaluation by the experts was carried out in two phases. In the First phase, 11 teams were selected out of 18 teams. These 11 teams then pitched in-front of a panel of 6 judges. Finally, the five software teams and two hardware teams were selected. These selected teams will now compete in National level after a further selection process based on their ideas. The students learn how interdisciplinary any problem is and how important it is to keep in mind to build a team to solve such a problem.

Hackathons and Aerial Labs

Judged by engineering experts from HUGHES Systique and Adobe System, our hackathon had 18 teams vying for the top spot in the coveted national hackathon. Hackathons such as those held at our campus help students to understand how genuinely interdisciplinary a solution is, helping them understand the importance of analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

We designed our next-gen tethered aerostat system in collaboration with the Lighter-Than-Air Systems Laboratory (LTA Lab) of IIT Bombay (IITB). This Aerial Lab helps our students test their real-world applications such as those for pollution and weather monitoring, Wi-Fi communications, aerial surveillance, and more.

Aerial Lab Workshop

Designing a prototype of a tethered aerostat system that can act as a long endurance aerial platform for a series of experiments. The aerostat can be used as an aerial laboratory for testing various applications like pollution and weather monitoring, Wi-Fi communications, aerial surveillance, along with promotion of the University. This will be done through collaborative efforts between BMU and Lighter-Than-Air systems Laboratory (LTA Lab) of IIT Bombay (IITB).

This project will permit students and faculty members to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in design and development of a practical system, which will be field deployed and tested. It will also help the students to increase their employability by acquiring various skillsets during the planning and execution of this project.


1. What is meant by the B Tech Course?

Bachelor’s of Technology (BTech) is an undergraduate degree awarded after successful completion of the study programme in the field of engineering technology. BML Munjal University offers BTech in four streams which opens various professional avenues for graduates.

2. Which streams are offered under the course of B Tech?

At BML Munjal University, BTech programme is offered with three streams

  • BTech Electronics and Computer Engineering (ECompE)
  • BTech Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • BTech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

3. What are the specialisations available with all the BTech streams?

There are five specializations offered with all the streams –

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Internet of Things

4. What is the duration of the B Tech course?

The BTech programme at the BML Munjal University is spread across 4 years and divided into 8 semesters.

5. Are there Research facilities available for BTech students?

Yes, there are various opportunities available for engineering research and development projects in the university. These research development activities are facilitated through our centres and laboratories like Thin Film Measurement Lab, Material Characterization Lab, Device Fabrication Lab, Product Design & Validation Lab, Robotics Lab, CNC Lab, Mechatronics Lab, Automation Lab, Electrical Lab, Pneumatics & Hydraulics Lab and High Performance Computing Facility

6. What are BTech subjects?

BTech subjects cover a broad range of topics related to engineering and technology. Some B Tech core subjects include Joy of Engineering, Engineering Ethics, Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Programming Languages, and Mathematics for Engineers, whereas the elective subjects vary depending on your chosen branch.

7. Is BTech a good degree?

Yes, BTech is a good degree as it equips students with technical knowledge and skills that are highly valued in today’s job market. With the rapidly evolving technological landscape, there is a high demand for skilled engineers and technologists, making B Tech graduates highly employable. If you are a student who wants to earn a degree with higher earning potential in the long run, you should consider pursuing the B Tech course.

8. What is BTech salary?

The salary for B Tech course graduates can vary greatly depending on their field of specialisation, job role, company, and location. The average salary for a BTech graduate in India is around INR 5-6 lakhs per annum, but it can go up to INR 20 lakhs per annum or more for those who are highly skilled and experienced.

9. Is BTech good for jobs?

Yes, BTech is considered a good degree for jobs as it provides students with a strong foundation in technical skills and knowledge, making them desirable candidates for a wide range of job opportunities in various industries. Some of the highest-paying jobs for B Tech course graduates include software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and mechanical engineering.

10. Which branch is best in BTech?

Choosing the best branch in BTech depends on personal interests and career goals. Each branch has its own unique opportunities and job prospects. Some of the popular branches in BTech include Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electronics & Computer Engineering.