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  • Cyber Security

    Cyber security is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. With cyber security, engineers aim to stop illegal accessing, changing, or destruction of sensitive information; extortion of money from users; or interruption of normal business processes.

    Why BMU

    BMU has initiated a CoE (Centre of Excellence) for Cyber Security with special emphasis on Cyber forensics and ethical hacking along with concepts on computer networks. The CoE is powered by Carleton University (Canada) with inputs from HackerU (Israel) and Microsoft. The CoE will have sandboxed labs that will allow the students to perform extensive experiments to hone their skills.


    -Ethical hacking and penetration testing for safeguarding all servers and services
    -Development of anti-virus programs and software like QuickHeal, Prevention of data leak for Banks
    -Security of transactions on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart and every other e-commerce site
    -Prevention of hacking of social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram

    Career Opportunities

    • Cyber security analyst
    • Network security engineer
    • Network security consultant

    Prospective Companies
    Service providers like Google, Facebook etc.
    E-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
    Payment gateways like Paytm etc.
    Companies like McAfee, Norton, Cisco etc.
    All banks like Citi Bank, ICICI, etc.
    All major government departments and labs like DRDO, ISRO

    Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

    Data science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to generate actionable insights from data. Artificial intelligence deals with development of computer systems able to perform tasks requiring human intelligence such as speech recognition, decision-making, and translation. Data science enables artificial intelligent systems to perform better with the help of provided data and insights.

    Why BMU

    Data Science and AI specialization is powered by Microsoft and foreign universities. With labs and curriculum designed in association with them, students will work on cutting-edge tools and technologies to embrace the new trends. Availability of High Performance computing system on the campus leads to real-world applications. Additional IoT labs will allow creation of data sets and real-world applications that can be used for testing the algorithms and developing new techniques.


    Data Science and AI is being increasingly used in a variety of applications. Some everyday examples are:
    – Unlocking your phone with your finger print – your phone uses finger print data and pattern recognition
    – Voice activated smart assistants like Siri and Google Assistant
    – Shortest route planning

    Career Opportunities

    • Data Analysts
    • Data Scientists
    • Software Developers / Engineers
    • Data consultants/ AI consultants
    • Media Analysts
    • Digital Marketing experts

    Prospective Companies
    Core companies like – Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Fractal Analytics, TCS, IBM, Wipro etc.
    Consulting companies like – ZS Associates, KPMG, E&Y, Prolitus, PwC etc.

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