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    We at BMU, offer specialisations in following career trending areas, which a student is free to select as per his/ her own interest, skills and expertise with guidance and supervision of highly experienced faculty of our university:

    • Automobile Engineering [AE]
    • Robotics and Automation [R&A]
    • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence [DS & AI]
    • Cyber Security [CS]
    • Internet of Things [IoT]

    Apart from major specialisations we also offer additional minor expertise through our minor program in interdisciplinary areas such as:

    • Computational Linguistics
    • Cyber-Physical Systems
    • Computational Mathematics
    • Energy Harvesting and Storage
    • Functional English
    • Liberal Arts
    • Material Science
    • Nanotechnology
    • VLSI Design

    B.Tech Admissions Open 2024

    Avail up to 100% scholarship

    Why BMU?

    As it costs money and time for the business to train engineers, companies are now looking for professionals who are already qualified to work. Our USP at BMU is that we prepare engineering graduates for the workforce as required by entrepreneurs and service providers. At BMU, we offer the following:

    • Future-oriented Programmes
    • Regularly update the content and structure of our courses in response to market demands.
    • Outstanding facilities and labs to support the programmes
    • In addition to the standard course-related laboratories, we also have several Centers of Excellence with cutting-edge labs for design and validation, advanced manufacturing, industrial hydraulics and pneumatics, mechatronics, robots, automation with PLC, electrical machines & drives, CNC controllers, sensors technology, process instrumentation, Shell Lab, IoT, cloud computing, high-performance computing, ML, AI, and data analytics.
    2. Among the largest employers in the world is the automobile industry. An automobile engineer develops concepts, prototypes, proof-of-concept models, designs, research & development projects, reverse engineering, engineering analysis, production, quality, sales, marketing, finance, and maintenance for two, three, four, or multi-wheel vehicles. The options for a career as an entrepreneur and a service provider are numerous in this industry.

      A Mechanical Engineer with specialisation in AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING has the following career opportunities

      • Improve fuel efficiency of an engine
      • Control quality in the manufacturing of automotive engine and systems
      • Design hybrid and electric cars
      • Design different automotive components like brakes, clutches, body structure etc., their sub-assemblies and assemblies.
      • Develop electrical and electronics components
      • Design, manufacture, modify, re-engineer different system of an automobile vehicle viz. Transmission system, Cooling system, Lubrication system, electrical system, security etc.

      Prospective Companies

      All automobile manufacturers namely Hero MotoCorp, Volvo Group, Rolls Royce, CRPL India, Maruti along with their tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.

    4. Today’s society depends heavily on robotics and automation. The vast majority of industrial tasks are computerised. Robots now have a place and a position in everything from space to industrial work to the kitchen to services. The four pillars of automation are PLC, HMI, SCADA, and Drives. Automation that is controlled by a PLC has replaced hardwired automation. Two key responsibilities for an automated system are safety and security. Robotics and automation deal with creating and applying robot systems for control, sensory feedback, and physical assistance to lessen the need for human effort or work.

      A Mechanical Engineer with specialisation in ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION has following career opportunities:

      • Automate any process of manufacturing, assembly, testing, painting, storage etc. for any type of industry, from process to product type (discrete production) of industry producing any product in any quantity and quality
      • Develop Robotic automated production lines [manufacturing (casting, welding, powder metallurgy, machining etc.)/ assembly/ testing/ painting/ storage etc.]
      • Manufacture electronic parts in a completely automated process
      • Automate different types of welding process with robots
      • Complete factory automation
      • Integrated manufacturing
      • Automate maintenance processes

      Prospective Companies

      Zycus Infotech, IBM, JP Morgan, Black Turtle, Hero MotoCorp, Volvo Group, Rolls Royce, CRPL India, Maruti

    6. In order to derive practical insights from data, data scientists use various scientific techniques, procedures, algorithms, and systems. Artificial intelligence focuses on creating computer systems that can carry out activities that need human intelligence, such as speech recognition, decision-making, and translation. With the aid of offered data and insights, data science enables artificially intelligent systems to operate better.

      Microsoft and international institutions power the specialisation in data science and artificial intelligence. With the help of labs and a curriculum created in conjunction with them, students will work on cutting-edge tools and technologies to embrace new trends. Real-world applications result from the campus’s high-performance computing system’s accessibility. It will be possible to create data sets and practical applications in additional IoT laboratories, which can then be used to test algorithms and create fresh approaches.

      A wide range of applications are rapidly utilising Data Science and AI. Typical examples include:

      • Your phone uses fingerprint data and pattern recognition to unlock with a single touch.
      • Smart assistants that respond to voice commands, such as Siri and Google Assistant
      • Finding the shortest path on Maps

      A Mechanical Engineer with specialisation in DATA SCIENCE & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has the following career opportunities:

      • Data Analysts
      • Data Scientists
      • Software Developers / Engineers
      • Data consultants/ AI consultants
      • Media Analysts
      • Digital Marketing

      Prospective Companies

      Core companies: Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Fractal Analytics, TCS, IBM, Wipro etc. Consulting companies like – ZS Associates, KPMG, E&Y, Prolitus, PwC etc.

    8. The term “cybersecurity” refers to a group of techniques, procedures, and procedures used to safeguard networks, devices, programmes, and data from attack, deterioration, and unauthorised access.

      Government, military, corporate, financial, and medical organisations gather, process, and store massive amounts of data on computers and other devices, making cybersecurity crucial. Sensitive data can make up a sizable amount of the data, including intellectual property, financial information, personal information, and other sorts of data for which unauthorised access or exposure could have unfavourable effects.

      In conducting business, organisations transfer sensitive data through networks and to other devices; cybersecurity is the field that focuses on securing both the technologies used to process or store the data and the information itself. Companies and organisations must take precautions to defend their sensitive business and employee information as the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks increase, especially for those responsible for protecting data related to national security, health, or financial records.

      Students at BMU have access to a cutting-edge, specialised area where they may safely carry out cyber-related tasks, including virus analysis, penetration testing, and cyber forensics, in a controlled setting without risking disruption to other university networks. The course allows students to study cybersecurity at the bachelor’s level and use those skills in real-life attacks and defences. The labs use the most efficient set of tools and are furnished with the most recent configurations of computers to train students in the most complex cyber-attacks. And students are constantly urged to create projects focused on the industry.

      A Mechanical Engineer with specialisation in CYBERSECURITY has the following Career Opportunities:

      • Security Analyst
      • Security Engineer
      • Security Architect
      • Security Administrator
      • Security Software Developer
      • Cryptographer/Cryptologist
      • Cryptanalyst
      • Chief Information Security Officer
      • Security Consultant/Specialist

      Prospective Companies

      • Service providers like Google, Facebook etc.
      • E-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
      • Payment gateways like Paytm etc.
      • Companies like McAfee, Norton, Cisco etc.
      • All banks like Citi Bank, ICICI, etc.
      • All major government departments and labs like DRDO, ISRO
    10. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected gadgets that transmits data over the Internet. This opens up a wide range of potential in industries such as rural and urban healthcare, automobiles, energy, traffic management, manufacturing, smart housing, buildings, and cities.

      IoT specialisation aims to close the knowledge gap between Big Data/Analytics, Cloud, and Pervasive Computing and conventionally taught disciplines like “Embedded Systems, Networking, Signal Processing, elements of VLSI/SoC.” At BMU, we want to develop a skill set that can meet the demands of new trends in the Internet of Things, which will be supported by cutting-edge labs from companies like Microsoft, Intel, Zenatix, and many more.

      Examples of applications based on IoT and transdisciplinary approaches include:

      • Automation, including smart home automation (controlling the temperature, entertainment systems, and electronic devices from a single panel or unit), smart city, and smart metres, among other things.
      • Wearable technology, including smartwatches and health monitoring devices.
      • Robotics: voice-activated robots, prosthetic limbs powered by the Internet of Things, autonomous autos, etc.

      Typically, a Mechanical Engineer with specialisation in IoT has Career Opportunities as:

      • Professionals in Sensors and Actuators
      • Networking engineers
      • Embedded Programmers
      • IoT Developer
      • IoT Architect
      • IoT Consultant

      Prospective Companies

      Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Intel, IBM, ARM, Wipro, Qualcomm, Accenture, Zanatix, GE Appliances, CISCO, HCL, TCS, Nokia, L&T InfoTech, AWS, Untrodden Labs etc.

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