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    BMU’s vision of experiential learning doesn’t only happen inside the boundaries of its classrooms. Students here experience a diverse and vibrant life on campus with a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which create a platform for the students to grow as individuals. BMU’s Student Life comprises joy and prosperity where extra-curricular and co-curricular activities create a platform for the students to grow as individuals. With 21 diverse clubs ranging from Culinary to Science-Mathematics to Performing Arts Club, Celebrations of Festivals, Nationalistic Events, Fest Events, and world-class Sporting facilities, students have diverse number of options in which learning can be celebrated. The student life at BMU aims at fostering joy and creating a much exhilarating atmosphere for all the students!

    Events @ BMU

    Every year, students at BMU organize various events on the campus. All such events are a delight for everyone. They help in overcoming the tedious study & exam schedules. It gives them the right platform to showcase their talent and add entertainment to their campus lives. Events take place throughout the year. There is something fun for everyone in them.

    Our events & fests are the most remarkable aspects of campus life. Take a look!

    67th Milestone

    The 67th Milestone is the fourth edition of BML Munjal’s Techno-Cultural- Management fest that takes place annually. It is a multi-faceted event that hosts a broad spectrum of activities. Throughout the three days it offers a platform for artists to perform, techies to prove their brilliance, speed enthusiasts to get behind the wheels, and fashion freaks to walk the ramp.

    Some of the key attractions were the performances by reputed artists such as Ritviz, one of the most popular DJs of the country, Manindar Butter, a growing phenomenon in the Punjabi Industry, and flagship events such as Battle of the Bands, Beat the Street, Fashion Crave, Robo Wars, Business Conference etc.

    With the talent sparkling in the cultural domain, hard-work pumping the adrenaline in the sports domain, battle of the minds in the Technical and Management domains, the 67th Milestone, 2020 was one of the most diverse and vibrant fests which not only provided fun and joy, but became a place where learning was enjoyed across universities under one roof. BMU’s philosophy of collaboration has always been about ensuring satisfaction to its providers.

    Extravaganza 2K19

    Extravaganza, an annual cultural event, is one of the most ecstatic, euphoric and crowd amassed events organized by the Performing Arts Club. The audience have the delight to observe a bunch of amazing talents throughout the event. Extravaganza provides an opportunity for all those students who wish to showcase their talents. We have groups of performers for this event which consists of various dance teams and music bands. Dances included Tollywood, Bollywood and Hip-Hop performances by Hooligans, PB67, and Ruhaniyat, When Tripping meets Straight Edge Singing bands require special mention for their spectacular performances.


    TEDxBMU is the annual TEDx event that happens in BMU under the licensed name of TEDxBMU. TEDx events, under the global TED umbrella, are independently organized events that help in sharing ideas in communities around the world. TED is a non-profit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short powerful talks.

    Theme for last year’s edition of TEDxBMU was “React”. Life puts everybody in diverse situations, tosses challenges and presents opportunities to all, once in a while. Everyone tackles these opportunities/challenges in their unique ways but there would be very few people who react to them in a way different from all the others and emerge as winners and outliers.

    Studio Night

    This event is conducted on the occasion of World Photography Day. The members set up a studio and click indoor portraits with the use of strobes. It is a very popular event where in a lot of students bring out their photography skills.

    Krystal 2K19

    Krystal 2K19 is a fundraiser organized every year by Savera (a University NGO) in collaboration with Culinary Club BMU. It is a two-day event which includes a cultural night and food carnival followed by a DJ night on the same day.

    The participation by the student community is unexpectedly high. The sole purpose of this event is to raise funds for some under-privileged students who are taken care by the members of SAVERA.

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