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  • Throughout the duration of the programme, students will gain invaluable practical experience by applying this interdisciplinary and integrated learning to real-world problems. This will be made possible by way of Practice School, an internship concept. This initiative will enable students to undergo meaningful work experience – over a period of four years, SOET students will spend around 28 weeks, or 22% of their total contact hours, interning with a cross-section of industry. Practice School internships are courses with credit units and the grade so earned will be included in the cumulative GPA.

    BML Munjal University has adapted, extended and implemented the tried and tested Practice School model. The salient features of BMU’s Practice School include:

    • Institutionalised linkage between University and Industry
    • Internships and industry visits organised by BMU, rather than by individual students
    • Applicable to all degree programs
    • The three Practice School internships are courses that have credit units and contribute to the Grade Point Average
    • Total duration of Practice School for B.Tech. students is 31-32 weeks, comprising three Practice School courses of 1 week, 8 weeks and 22 weeks respectively
    • Student involvement in real-life projects.
    • Continuous internal evaluation system.
    • Monitoring and evaluation by resident faculty member.
    • Industry gets “industry-ready” students, particularly during their 22 week Practice School-3 course in the final year.

    As a result, industry is thus assured of a regular availability of fresh, young, energetic minds, who have the technical knowledge, practical capabilities, and soft skills required to make an impact in the workplace.

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