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    Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
    BMU Mock CLAT Based
    BMU MOCK CLAT PercentileNet Benefit
    95-99.99100% on Tuition Fee
    90-94.9975% on Tuition Fee
    85-89.9950% on Tuition Fee
    70-84.9925% on Tuition Fee*

    *The Dean Scholarship of ‘25% on Tuition Fee’ based on BMU-MOCK-CLAT Score shall be conferred only upon eligible candidates who are found suitable in a round of Personal Interaction with the Dean of the School of Law.

    BMU-SAT score based
    Score (Out of 100)Net Benefit
    91 – 100100% on tuition fee
    81 – 9075% on tuition fee
    70 – 8050% on tuition fee
    CLAT Ranking based
    Ranking in CLATNet Benefit
    Top 300100% on Tuition Fee
    300-40075% on Tuition Fee
    400-50050% on Tuition Fee
    LSAT percentile based
    LSAT PercentileNet Benefit
    95-99.99100% on Tuition Fee
    89-94.9975% on Tuition Fee
    85-88.9950% on Tuition Fee

    Scholarship Policy:
    • Scholarship will be awarded based on the above criteria at the sole discretion of the Admissions and Scholarship Committee
    • Scholarship is applicable on tuition fees of the programme only.
    • Scholarship is not applicable on the International Immersion Programme fee, and Hostel fee
    • Terms and conditions would apply for all scholarship plans.
    • Scholarships are not guaranteed to all the candidates fulfilling all the criteria.
    • There are limited number of scholarships which will be served on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be withdrawn in case the offer is not accepted by offer acceptance deadline date
    • The management reserves the right to change the scholarship policy as per their discretion
    • At any point of time during an academic year, a student can avail benefits from one scholarship plan only. In the case of a student being eligible for scholarship under multiple scholarship plans, he/she will be considered for the scholarship plan offering the highest amount of benefit
    • The merit-based scholarship will be awarded to a maximum of 40% of the registered students in the first & subsequent year(s) of the programme. The merit-based scholarship will initially be awarded for the first year only. To maintain/obtain a scholarship in the subsequent year(s):
      1. A student should be amongst the top 40% of the batch
      2. A student should have a minimum CGPA of 7 at the end of the first year
      3. A student should have maintained a minimum of 80% attendance across all course(s) in each semester in the previous year(s)
      4. There should not have been any disciplinary action instituted against the student

    Other scholarships

    • Defence Ward’s Scholarship at BML Munjal University:
      In an effort to show gratitude to and honor our valiant armed forces, 10% of all scholarships being offered by BMU are reserved for wards of serving and retired armed forces officers and other ranks, who are eligible as per admission process defined by the University. Please refer to the Defence Ward’s Scholarship Policy for further details.
    • Ishan Uday: Scholarship scheme by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for students from the North Eastern Region(http://www.ugc.ac.in/ugc_notices.aspx)
    • Scholarship by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD):
      Central sector scholarship scheme for college and university students(http://mhrd.gov.in/scholarships-education-loan)
    • Hero MotoCorp E2 Scholarships:
      As part of its CSR initiative, Hero MotoCorp will provide scholarships to academically bright students under this scheme in the second-year basis their performance in their first year at BMU
    • Hero MotoCorp Hamari Pari Scholarships:
      As part of its CSR initiative, specifically to encourage girl students to pursue engineering and management, Hero MotoCorp provides scholarships in the first year to academically bright but underprivileged girls to study at BML Munjal University
    • All Central & State Government Scheme/Scholarships:
      Students who wish to avail the scholarship under various Central & State Government Scheme, students can apply independently on their respective portals.
    • Reservation of seats for students:
      Jammu & Kashmir and North East Region: Reservation of seats for students from Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) and North East Region (NER) will be as per Notification issued by the UGC and MHRD

    Haryana Domicile Admissions & Scholarships

    • 25% seats for admissions in the university are reserved for students of the State of Haryana, out of which 10% seats are reserved for students belonging to Scheduled Castes of the State of Haryana.
    • The fee structure for the twenty-five per cent of the students who are domicile of Haryana shall be based on merit-cum-means and be as follows: –
      • (i) one-fifth of the twenty-five per cent shall be granted full tuition fee concession;
      • (ii) two-fifth of the twenty-five per cent shall be granted fifty per cent tuition fee concession
      • (iii) the balance two-fifth of the twenty-five per cent shall be granted twenty-five per cent tuition fee concession.
    • Haryana Domicile Scholarship will continue in the following year as per the act.

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