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    Best Government Jobs After B.Tech In India

    by BML Munjal University May 27, 2019

    After studies, the main objective is to get a good and decent job where you will get a good salary and can apply the skills and knowledge that you have gained during the time of your studies.

    It also helps you to improve and grow both in your personal and professional life. These jobs are offered in both the private and public sectors. In this article, we are going to discuss government jobs.

    Government jobs at good posts offer a stable and secure life. To bag a lucrative job in the government sector, you will have to sit in exams that are conducted by the various government bodies. Here’s a look into the best government jobs that you can get after the completion of your B.Tech Course.

    Best Government Jobs After B.Tech

    1. Indian Railways:

      India is an immensely populated country. So for transportation of the masses, the government has connected the country through a wide network of trains. Indian Railways have the second largest railway network in the world.This requires huge maintenance and includes high budget spending on the same. There are a number of posts and thousands of vacancies for some of them throughout the country.The posts include junior engineer, technician, inspectors, trainers, senior manager, group general manager, group C, and group D, loco pilots, assistant loco pilots and so on goes the list.The various posts in railways are divided into four categories: Group A, B, C, and D. Group D includes posts for clerical jobs but they do offer lucrative salaries. Group C are the posts for assistant loco pilot and other maintenances. For groups A and B, the examinations are conducted every year by Union Public Service Commission.The examination is known as the Civil Service Examination and Combined Engineering Services examination. People who work for the Indian Railways get many benefits and allowances from the government for their services.

      Official Website- www.indianrail.gov.in

    2. SSC examinations:

      SSC stands for Staff Service Commission. It is an organization that works under the Government of India for the recruitment of peoples in various subordinate offices in India.SSC conducts a number of competitive exams for various departments- SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Organisation, Junior Engineer, Central Police Organisation, Scientific Assistant and so on. SSC is present for conduction of various organisations in the state level as well.For the examinations conducted at the national level, there are certain fields involving the physical ability of applicants as well. But first of all, one must qualify in the written test.Normally, in the exams conducted by SSC, the subjects included are General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, English Comprehension, English Language, Statistics, descriptive exam, data entry speed test, and computer proficiency test.These tests are divided into tiers and are applicable as per the posts for which the candidates are applying. Application forms are released online on the website of SSC. The candidates can first check out the eligibility criteria and then apply for the post.

      Official Website- https://ssc.nic.in/

    3. ONGC:

      ONGC is the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation in India. This corporation offers one of the highest paying government jobs in the country. ONGC supplies crude oil, natural gas and other such products that are related to oil and gas refining countries throughout the country. For this, it requires a good strength of manpower.Plus ONGC has many subsidiaries and joint ventures that recruit new peoples through competitive exams as soon as a post is vacated.The various posts that involve recruitment are Chemist, Biologist, Geologist, Geophysicist, Materials Management Officer, Programming Officer, Transport Officer, Public relations officer, Electrician, Draughtsman, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter and Instrument Mechanics, Information and Communication Technology Maintenance, Machinist and for computer operations.These posts are divided along different Indian zones. For recruitment at ONGC, whenever the vacancies are announced, candidates have to register and fill up the necessary forms online. The terms and conditions are mentioned in the advertised posts, which you need to check before applying.The organization offers exciting career opportunities for graduate students who want to build a career and apply the skill and knowledge in a collaborative, dynamic and modern environment. ONGC can transfer their employees or executives to any of its assets in India, or even abroad. This would be mentioned in the terms and conditions.

      Official Website- www.ongcindia.com

    4. BHEL:

      BHEL is the largest engineering enterprise in India and it stands for Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. It serves the country in the core sectors, such as Power, Transmission, Industry, Transportation, Defence, Renewable Energy, Petrochemicals, Steel, Cement, Fertilisers, etc. Engineering students are recruited at various posts in these fields.It is present in mass operations throughout the country and also internationally. It provides people to use their skills and talents to acquire a job and then improve gradually. Exciting career opportunities are offered here where a person will be accustomed to the latest perks of technology that is related to different fields of engineering.BHEL is well known for its learning culture and environmentally friendly ideas. Once you join BHEL, you will get the opportunity to learn, grow and excel in the areas where you will be operating.Teamwork and creativity will be the skills implemented on you for a further push of success at your career. The career opportunities for various posts are posted as notices online and candidates have to apply online for the post where they are eligible to do so.

      Official Website- www.bhel.in

    5. Indian Army:

      Indian Army has the second largest strength in the world. For maintenance of such a large facility and system, the Indian army recruits peoples in various posts. And there a number of posts for graduates in engineering as well.The Engineering Streams that get a number of posts in the army are Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Aeronautical, Electronics and Communication, and Computer Science and Technology.The selection is done by shortlisting of applications, followed by an interview and then stage I and II selections which include physical fitness test as well.Candidates who are eligible to apply need to apply online through Indian Army Website. The jobs offered here are associated with a good salary structure and includes various allowances. The posting may be given at any part of the country depending upon requirements.

      Official Website- www.joinindianarmy.nic.in

    6. ISRO:

      ISRO is the Indian Space Research Organisation. It is the pioneering organization that conducts space research with its headquarters located in Bengaluru. ISRO has been successful in achieving major results for its various space projects.This organization recruits talented students from all over the country. The various posts offered by ISRO after B.Tech are Junior Personal Assistants and Stenographers, Engineer in disciplines of Civil, Electrical, controller of semiconductors, experts in mechanical and computer sciences, rocket engineering and so on.Recruited professionals are trained before they become full-time employees. After the eligible candidates submit their application forms, they have to sit for a written skill test. This is followed by another written test and upon qualifying which, candidates are called up for interviews.ISRO has recently come up with more exciting future projects that require more manpower. For this, they are looking for individuals with graduation certificate in engineering.

      Official Website- www.isro.gov.in

    7. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre:

      Bhava Atomic Research Centre offers creative and rewarding career opportunities to young and qualified talents from all across the country. Ample prospects are available here for innovative researches in Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Geophysics, and Engineering at various units.The various posts in which this organisation offers job for B.Tech graduates are technical assistants, Draughtsman (Civil) and technicians. Career opportunities are also available at the centre in wide-ranging Research and Development areas of Nuclear Sciences and Technology.For individuals who apply as TSO, they are trained by training programs to ensure that the trainees are provided with the necessary facilities and opportunities to acquire knowledge and development skills in certain fields. A TSO who scores a minimum of fifty percent aggregate marks on completion of the program is declared to have passed the course.After this, they are posted as Scientific Officer in one of the DAE units. Recruitment in the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board or AERB is also done through this process.Engineering graduates who have excelled in the selection interviews are sent to the training school programs. And selection to the interview takes place through a written test whose form is available online from the organisation’s website.

      Official Website- www.barc.gov.in


    8. Indian Navy:

      Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces. The supreme commander of the Indian Navy is the President of India. People who have studied marine engineering can apply for a job in the Indian Navy and they will be sponsored through training.Marine Engineers and Naval architects have to carry out most of their works in the offices. They are given access to various computer software and other tools necessary for analyzing projects and designing solutions.Sometimes they need to go see for implementation of their designs. There are posts for mechanical engineers for designing the machinery on ships that include hoists, cranes and anchoring systems.Moreover, graduates in electronics and communication engineering can also go for a job in the Navy. They can apply for posts such as radio and communications officers.Sometimes, they too need to go on board as well for communication while at sea. Good salaries are offered in the Indian Navy. Indian Navy releases application forms every year to recruit students in various posts.Candidates need to pass in the written exams first, then there are various other procedures through which selection is processed.

      Official Website- www.joinindiannavy.gov.in

    9. DRDO:

      DRDO stands for Defense Research and Development Organisation. It works for enhancing self-reliance in defense systems and undertakes to design and research to increase the production of world class weapon systems and equipment.The various areas of military technology in which DRDO works are aeronautics, armaments, electronics for communication, instrumentation engineering systems, advanced computing, etc.It is associated with the function of the development of infrastructure and creates quality manpower with a strong technology base. It has a dynamic training and development policy that is executed through various programs.The newly recruited individuals undergo training programs and only after passing in these programs, they are recruited as full-time employees. The research boards are set up separately for conducting studies in various fields.The individuals who are going to work for DRDO are trained in such a way that they will lead the technological innovations useful for combat multiplier both for near and future use.They will also be able to cross-connect ideas and experience between defense and other related fields ideas for a boosting contribution to armaments technology.

      Official Website- www.drdo.gov.in

    10. BEL:

      BEL or Bharat Electronics Limited is a state-owned aerospace and defense company in India. It manufactures advanced electronic products for the Indian armed forces.It invites applications for software engineers and senior engineers in a number of posts. The vacancies are announced through the careers section of their official websites.They also do conduct direct walk-in interviews to select the candidates who possess the talent to work here and are qualified. Selection is done through a written test followed by an interview for the candidates who will qualify in the written tests. Electrician, Fitter, Welder.Electronic Mechanic is the other posts for which it offers posts. BEL trains the selected persons and makes them accustomed to the latest technologies. This moulds the candidates into eligible individuals who can help in the advancement of various equipment.Recently BEL CMD sector has won the title of distinguished engineer award. This shows how efficient are the persons working for these organizations. It offers a handsome salary to the appointed engineers.

      Official Website- www.bel-india.in


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    Getting a government job is not easy in India after B.Tech if you don’t prepare exclusively for it. You have to work really hard and sharpen your technical skills before you can apply. This is because you won’t be able to apply repeatedly for year after year since the upper age limit is twenty-seven years for government jobs in India.

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