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    Creating the Learning Environment for the World of Computing at BMU
    by bml-blog June 16, 2015

    Are you a student at BML Munjal University? Are you interested in the exciting field of Computing? Would you like to be actively involved in a community that helps hone your technical, professional and social skills?

    If yes, look forward to the BMU-ACM student chapter. Over the last two semesters, BMU-ACM student chapter has organized multiple events, designed to facilitate interest and develop the skills of any student who wishes to learn regardless of their engineering stream.

    During its inaugural year, the chapter has focused on organizing many different types of events – Technical, Social, Brain storming… social events like campus wide games of the Assassin, a debate on Net Neutrality in conjunction with the Literary and Debating Club, a TechTalk on MobileFirst from IBM and a programming competition.

    Most recently, ACM organized a workshop that served two purposes: not only were students introduced to embedded systems and circuits, but they also created LED cubes, intended for use as a tool to better learn C programming concepts. The goal of the workshop was to gamify C programming for students, by allowing them to program their own patterns in C and directly visualize the concepts they learned in their computer programming classes. By abstracting the AVR assembly behind simple function calls and two- dimensional arrays, students were able to easily understand basic programming concepts like looping and function calls. The workshop was open to all students and had participation across all branches of SoET and of course SOM.

    Currently the chapter is focused on developing some more interesting activities for the upcoming first year students beginning their careers at BML Munjal University in September 2015.

    – Karmanya Aggarwal (BTech CSE – 1st Year) and Dr. Goldie Gabrani

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