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    Leap Into Leadership with Top Management Courses After 12th

    by BML Munjal University June 18, 2024

    In the current era, India is experiencing a notable transformation in its economic landscape. Previously reliant on agriculture for GDP growth, the country now increasingly depends on heavy industries and service-oriented enterprises. This transition supports its financial stability and facilitates comprehensive development compared to other emerging nations globally. 

    Notably, established international corporations are expanding their footprint in the country by establishing new hubs and branches. Concurrently, local firms are also broadening their domestic and global presence. Therefore, after completing 12th grade, research the management programmes available in India to make an informed decision about your career path.

    Understanding the eligibility criteria and potential career prospects for these programmes will help you select the right option to pursue your aspirations in management.

    Management Courses After 12th in India

    In India, after passing the 12th grade, a wide variety of management courses are offered to students. Beyond those specifically focused on management studies, several traditional undergraduate programmes also offer management education. The list below outlines the various management courses available after the 12th grade.

    • BBA
    • BBM
    • BMS
    • BHM
    • B.Sc in Management
    • Dual Degrees and Integrated Programmes
    • Certificate Courses in Management

    Scope after Management Courses

    After class 12, students can choose from a plethora of management courses across various domains. The range of courses available depends on the level of specialisation and the subjects offered. Management professionals are essential in every business and organisation, as they handle human resources and effectively resolve conflicts during a business’s growth cycle.

    Career prospects in this field include roles such as:

    • General Manager, 
    • Financial Manager, 
    • Hotel Manager,
    • Sales and Marketing Manager, 
    • Information Systems Manager, 
    • PR Executive, 
    • HR Manager, 
    • Sports Analyst, etc

    The unique skill sets developed through above-mentioned management courses enable individuals to excel in the workplace, making them invaluable additions to their organisations.

    Eligibility for Management Courses after 12th

    In any stream, a minimum of 50% of the grades in class 12 are required. Candidates also need to pass entrance tests specialised to the university, including MAH HM CET, AIMA UGAT, or NCHMCT JEE. 

    Step into the World of Management after 12th with World-class Undergraduate Programmes at BML Munjal University

    The School of Management at BMU aims to transform management education in India by offering a top-tier environment for teaching and learning. The school not only focuses on developing the skills and abilities required to tackle real-world problems but also encourages students to shape the future rather than just preparing them for it. The philosophy is that the future is forged by innovators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who believe in pushing boundaries.

    Different Undergraduate Management Courses Offered at BMU:

    1. BBA & BBA (Hons)

    BMU’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme empowers you to tailor your learning outcomes. It offers students over three unique pathways to complete their degree, including:

    • Earn an Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration after completing the first year.
    • Obtain a Diploma in Business Administration after the second year.
    • Receive a BBA degree upon completing the third year.
    1. BBA-MBA Integrated

    The five-year BBA-MBA Integrated programme provides students with a robust foundation in management right after high school. With its extensive curriculum and variety of multidisciplinary specialisations, this comprehensive programme gives students the skills they need to succeed in leadership, management, and entrepreneurship.

    Developed in collaboration with Imperial College London, the BBA-MBA integrated course prepares graduates to steer future workplaces towards sustainability and growth.

    To Cut It Short

    Pursuing a management career after the 12th grade is a crucial step towards a successful future. The management courses offered by BMU provide comprehensive knowledge for aspiring individuals, preparing them for diverse roles across various industries. 

    Whether you aim to start your own business, pursue a career in consultancy, or work in government, the right course can equip you with the necessary tools and skills for success. Take the first step towards a bright future by enrolling in your preferred course at BML Munjal University.


    1. Which is the best management course after 12th?

    Some most opted management courses after intermediate are:

    2. Which management role has the highest salary?

    The following management roles offer the highest salary:

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Information Systems Manager
    • General and Operations Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Information Systems Manager
    • Financial Manager
    • Engineering Manager
    • Sales Manager

    3.  Is an MBA possible after 12th?

    No. As an MBA is a master’s degree, you cannot pursue it after intermediate. However, you can opt for an integrated or dual degree programme after 12th, which allows you to earn both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management consecutively.

    management courses after 12th
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