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    Master the Art of Managing People with an MBA in HR Management

    by BML Munjal University April 29, 2023

    Organisations run smoothly when their goals are met. Goals are essential for businesses to grow and achieve accordance and also establish all their financial objectives. Setting up specific goals help organisations measure their progress and regulate the tasks to be improved. 

    To meet their goals, organisations need personnel who can perform the tasks through planning, coordination, training, organisation, and recruiting the right employees who can be assets to the firms and support them to achieve their short-term as well as long-term goals. The HR of a firm is the workforce which manages all the company’s human resources and directs their efforts to the company’s best interest. Now the question is how to become an HR in a firm.

    An aspirant has to pursue an MBA in HR Management in order to become an HR in a company. But what is an MBA HR? An MBA in Human Resource (HR) management is a postgraduate degree course that teaches students how to manage an organisation by recruiting suitable aspirants for the company and managing the entire workforce of an enterprise.

    An MBA in HR duration is two years, in which students are guided with the business fundamentals besides human resources essentials like employee management, recruitment, salaries etc. and become the heart of the organisation. Often students wonder if an MBA HR is a reliable, promising career. Let’s find out!


    MBA in HR Career Options

    MBA in HR Management is a good opportunity for those who aspire to make human resources management in enterprises a profession. Through this course, the scholars get the knowledge of how organisations operate. Their interpersonal, intrapersonal, and communication skills are enhanced, and they become proficient in handling staff members, office pressure, resolving issues, developing trust among colleagues and forming a human-centred work environment.

    The skilful HR professionals take the organisation to a higher level, bring a good talent pool, and eventually exceed the business growth. The dexterous HR exceptional talent in the organisation leads it to a higher level; therefore, the MBA HR professionals demand in the market is really high. Thus, the programme has immensely diverse career options, such as:

    • Compensation Manager
    • Organisational development and change consultant
    • Employment or Placement Manager
    • HR Generalist
    • Payroll Specialist
    • Public Relations Manager
    • Staffing Director
    • HR Training and Development Director

    Often college management has the same criteria for enrolling the candidates into their colleges. So now, to enrol yourselves into the programme, knowing the eligibility criteria for admission is imperative. Let’s find out.


    MBA in HR Eligibility Criteria

    Students who are potentially willing to go for an MBA HR Management course must be a graduate of any recognised university. Students must also have standardised test scores. After enrolling in MBA colleges, the students study a detailed human resource management syllabus to become proficient and industry-ready. Aspirants aspiring to pursue an MBA HR must get acquainted with the course syllabus.


    MBA in HR Syllabus

    The MBA HR syllabus is designed so that the students get the absolute idea of training, managing employees, and handling different difficult situations simultaneously and crucial scenarios efficiently to become an asset to an organisation and help it run smoothly. The syllabus of the programme is designed to impart adequate knowledge and industry-necessary skills to students. Some significant subjects taught during the course are:

    • Business Statistics
    • Written Analysis and Communication
    • Operations Research
    • Organisational Behaviour
    • Business Communication
    • Presentation Skills
    • Human Resource Management 
    • Marketing of Products and Services
    • Talent Management
    • Employer Branding

    An MBA degree is a door to new opportunities as it enhances intellectual and social growth. Also, the students get social security if they opt for any reputed University since it helps them secure skilled jobs or even higher studies. Thus, enrolling in a renowned university’s putative course is of utmost significance. One such university is BML Munjal University!


    Boost Your Career with MBA in HR Management at BML Munjal University

    BML Munjal University is a leading university known for its top-notch quality, research-oriented education. The prime focus of the university is to look for creative solutions to various problems by applying the knowledge that students gain during various courses.

    The MBA in Human Resources Management programme at BMU, co-designed by Imperial College London, focuses on developing multidimensional management skills among students by teaching about finance, banking, data science, industrial relations, managerial effectiveness, international markets etc.

    The course curriculum is designed to develop decision-making and interpersonal skills among students to prepare them for modern-day business organisations. In addition, students are provided with real-life working opportunities through internships to get valuable working knowledge from industry leaders.

    Students also get exposure to global business trends via the Global Leadership Programme conducted by the Imperial College of Business Studies, London. The innovative curriculum of BMU makes management aspirants industry-ready achievers with global competency.

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    MBA in HR Admission Process

    Applicants must follow the following process to get admission to MBA in Human Resource (HR) course at BMU:

    • Submit the completed application form with the application fee and all relevant enclosures.
    • BMU will review applications and shortlist eligible candidates.
    • Personal interview.
    • The selection committee will decide on admission.


    Unlock the Potential of Human Capital with MBA in HR Management

    An MBA in Human Resources is a golden opportunity for those interested in an organisation’s operational strategies and having a good command of communication skills. The MBA HR professionals’ demand in the market is really high; thus, the programme has various and diverse career options.

    Since HR also plays an inevitable part in organisations, especially when employees from diverse backgrounds come together and work under the same roof. BML Munjal University offers an integrated curriculum for MBA in Human Resources to prepare students for the industry. Therefore, pursuing this programme from BMU is a foolproof way to a successful management career.

    Management MBA MBA in HR management
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