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MBA in Human Resources

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  • MBA in Human Resources

    The MBA in Human Resources Management programme at BMU focuses on imparting multidimensional management skills to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-time strategic application. The course has a core emphasis on learning the various facets of human resource management.

    Students imbibe management skills by studying the fundamentals of finance, marketing, economics, banking, international markets, and data science as well as the other essentials of the emerging global economy.

    The course offers a diverse and in-depth study of the dynamics of human resource management by teaching about industrial relations, emotional intelligence, managerial effectiveness, compensation management, grievances management, etc. The syllabus aims to develop interpersonal and decision-making skills among students to help them excel in the dynamic working culture of modern-day business organizations.

    Students receive real-life working opportunities through internships and Practice School to gain valuable practical working knowledge from the top industry leaders.

    Students also gain significant exposure to global business practices and trends via the Global Leadership Programme conducted in London by the Imperial College of Business Studies.

    The comprehensive and innovative curriculum offered at BMU transforms management aspirants into industry-ready professionals with global competency.

    MBA in HR – Syllabus & Subjects

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Foundation Finance for Non-Finance 0 20
    Foundation Personal Journey for Excellence
    (Strength Finder and Training Need Identification Workshop)
    0 10
    Core Joy of Management 4 32
    Core Micro-Economics 4 32
    Core Business Statistics 4 32
    Core Marketing and Consumer Behaviour 4 32
    Skill Excel Spreadsheet Modelling 3 24
    Skill Written Analysis and Communication 3 24
    Project Sankalp – Social Entreprenurship Project
    22 206

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Core Organizational Behaviour 4 32
    Core Marketing of Products and Services 4 32
    Core Financial Reporting and Analysis 4 32
    Core Business Research Methodology 4 32
    Core Operation Research 4 32
    Core Macro Economics & Policy 4 32
    Skill Business Communication & Presentation Skills (plus Lab hours 20/30 hours) 3 24
    27 216

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Core Costing Products and Services 4 32
    Core Synthesizing and Analyzing Data using R 4 32
    Core Managing Operations and Supply Chain 4 32
    Core Human Resource Management 4 32
    Core Indian Banking and Financial Markets 4 32
    Perspective Indian Economy in the Global Context 3 24
    Perspective Critical Reasoning and Systems Thinking 3 24
    26 208

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Core Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes 4 32
    Core Managing Financial Resources 4 32
    Core Bringing Ideas to Market 4 32
    Core Strategic Management 4 32
    Core Project Management 4 32
    Core Data Science Using R and Python 4 32
    Skill Selling, Negotiation and Persuading Skills 3 24
    27 216

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Core Summer Internship – 08 Weeks 8

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Foundation Personal Journey for Excellence (Strength Finder and Training Need Identification Workshop) 0 10
    Core Management of Design 3 24
    Core Business Model and Intellectual Property 3 24
    Core Leveraging IT for Business 3 24
    Elective Elective-1 4 32
    Elective Elective-2 4 32
    Elective Elective-3 4 32
    SEEP 0 40
    Global Module Track -International Business @ Summer School Abroad
    21 208

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Core Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility 3 24
    Core Analyzing and Mitigating Risk 3 24
    Elective Elective-4 4 32
    Elective Elective-5 4 32
    Elective Elective-6 4 32
    Skill Problem Solving and Consulting Skills 3 24
    Project Applied Business Research (To be continued over Module 8)
    21 168

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Core Capstone Simulation 3 24
    Elective Elective-7 4 32
    Elective Elective-8 4 32
    Perspective Ethics and Indian Ethos 3 24
    14 112

    Category Course Title Credit Hours
    Core Integrated Decisions Making 4
    Skill Leadership Development 3 24
    Project Applied Business Research Project 8
    Project Sankalp- Social Entreprenurship Project 8
    23 24

    Elective Subjects (in association with KPMG)

    BMU offers a set of electives in Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud (in association with KPMG).

    • The entire set of electives should be taken by students for being considered for placement with Forensic Practices at the BIG 4 companies (KPMG, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, E&Y)
    • Students upon successful completion of the set of electives shall earn a certificate from KPMG

    Please Note: The course curriculum is subject to revision.

    • MBA First Year Syllabus : All students study common courses – the required curriculum – in the first year divided into four modules of 8 weeks duration. The first year MBA Syllabus comprises of 21 core, skill and perspective courses spanning all areas of management.
    • MBA Second Year Syllabus : In the second year, students take up a broad range of core, skill and elective courses. Elective courses give students the flexibility to extend their learning to subjects beyond the core. They will have the option to study courses in Information Systems, Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Operations.

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