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    MBA in Finance: One of the Most Sought After Courses in Finance

    by BML Munjal University January 28, 2022

    The finance industry is one of the central pillars of any country as it has a significant role in planning and managing money at every pace of our lives. Proper financial planning will teach you to get off your debts credit and sufficiently pay your bills. Thus, finance courses are one of the most sought after courses opening doors for a broad array of high profile lucrative career opportunities. Out of all the other finance courses, MBA in Finance is the most popular course in India. The professional MBA in finance course syllabus imparts detailed financial knowledge and business insights for aspirants to set their foot in the private and civil finance sectors.

    An MBA in Finance is particularly designed for the aspirants seeking leadership positions in Finance. A Master of Business Administration in Finance management is a two-year professional postgraduate programme that deals with the study of Finance, budgeting and analytics. An MBA Finance course syllabus is structured to equip the aspirants with an understanding of analyzing and forecasting economic trends and financial reports, balancing risk and profitability, managing and maximizing investment portfolio, and making stock profitable.

    MBA in Finance subjects incorporate essential topics related to finance, including financial management, financial planning, cost of capital, portfolio management, corporate budgeting, etc. These subjects help you learn how to manage wealth and acquire it. Additionally, the postgraduate programme is open to aspirants from various professional backgrounds and offers them enhanced technical skills and subject proficiency for financial expertise.

    Let’s move further to some more insights into the course.

    MBA In Finance course insights

    Masters in Finance course syllabus

    MBA in Finance programme amalgams traditional business knowledge with finance-specific studies. Thus the course allows you to study core MBA in Finance subjects like strategy, operations, accounting and marketing, along with a set of financial electives that you will choose.

    A generic list of subjects offered by the Master of Business and Administration is given below.

    • Management Theory and Practices
    • Marketing Management
    • Organizational Behaviour
    • Research Methods for Business
    • Statistics for Managers
    • Operations Management
    • Financial Management

    Most MBA programmes also extend hands-on experience in Finance through study trips, internship opportunities, or the chance to work on real-world projects. 

    Skills you must have to be the best finance professional.

    To be a supreme Finance professional, you must possess some vital skills to survive in the industry. A good finance worker should own communication skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, analytical skills, etc. The fusion of all these skills in an individual enhance their confidence and help them to excel in their career.

    Career after MBA in Finance

    The MBA in finance course syllabus trains the aspirants with an in-depth understanding of Finance issues, such as investments, portfolio management, derivative securities, corporate finance, capital markets, international finance, and financial institutions. Thus, a postgraduate in Finance has immense job opportunities in the private and government sector. Moreover, they fit well to work in any Finance related organization or the stock market. Besides this, a professional with a master’s degree in Finance can also start independently.

    In addition, finance professionals can carry out their operations in investment banking, tax planning, taxation, financial statement reporting and analysis, hedge fund management, asset finance, international finance, and insurance management.

    Moreover, some of the top job profiles in MBA graduates in Finance management are listed below.

    • Accounting Manager
    • Financial Analyst
    • Finance Officers & Treasurers
    • Chief Financial Officers
    • Cash Managers
    • Insurance & Risk Managers

    A Master of Business Administration in Finance programme is highly in demand due to the tremendous opportunities and rewarding careers in the domain. Individuals who desire to work overseas have an outstanding opportunity in the finance management area as it incorporates several high-business banks. Working for such institutions will help you raise long-term capital market securities, collaborate with other countries, and arrange long-term Finance from lending institutions.

    Furthermore, to head towards a rewarding career, you must practice the skills of finance professionals along with primary studies. Therefore, pursuing the course from an esteemed university like BML Munjal University is essential for your secured career. Therefore, aspirants who opt to pursue an MBA in Finance from BML Munjal University stand to acquire skills in finance and business that are essential for a gainful career.

    MBA in Finance MBA in finance course syllabus MBA in finance subjects
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