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    MBA vs. M.Tech – Which is better?

    by BML Munjal University January 11, 2019

    If you are on the verge of completing your B.Tech course then you must have set some important goals in your mind. In simpler words, you would notice two diversified paths unfolding before your eyes.


    One of them is taking up a job and the other is undoubtedly signing up for higher studies. It is high time for you to be calculative and determining the consequences after a few decades.

    While studying for another course might seem to interfere with money making, it will surely reap you great benefits in the future.

    You must have heard your peers, parents and virtually everybody nowadays saying that an MBA or M.Tech after computer engineering will get your career sorted. Since it is practically illogical and impractical to sign up for two courses, you have to make the hardest choice yourself, why because it is your career.

    If you are experiencing a dilemma here, then keep reading this post to help you decide smoothly.

    MBA or M.Tech?

    Firstly, you should understand that there is no point in comparing MBA vs M.Tech because they are simply the best in their own genres.

    Both of these course structures are highly appraised and are known to owe excellent career opportunities. In course of time, not only M.Tech but also MBA has turned out to be highly lucrative amongst Indian engineers.

    Technically speaking, there are not many industries which can survive stealthily without the presence of MBA and M.Tech professionals.

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    Let us consider the scenario of a typical IT firm; here the M.Techs would be recruited as subject matter experts or SME whereas the MBA graduates would be chosen to handle departments like marketing and sales, human resources etc.

    While pursuing M.Tech in a particular stream would magnify your importance to a company specializing in your stream, on the other hand, opting for MBA will open up broader business scopes in front of you.

    • Know your interest and then take the next step

      Not only in this case, but career choices should not be based only upon your goals, interests,and capabilities.

      If after studying a B.Tech you have grown a fondness for the technical stuff, then maybe what you should study is M.Tech. After pursuing MBA you will earn career options such as to switch to the teaching profession or grow by conducting research in your genre.

      Whereas if your instincts are sharp and you believe a leadership role would suit you well, then MBA is the way for you. After completing the course you would have a ton of diverse career choices to choose from, like operational management, retail management,and even IT management.

      In other words, opting for M.Tech sounds very meaningful for aspirants desiring to flaunt and implement their technical skills. However, if you want to work and grow in an industry where customer service is the main forte, then you might not want to consider anything apart from MBA.

    • Job prospects

      Since both these courses are designed to generate skilled professionals one would get ample job prospects, though the figure of pay and the frequency of recruitment could vary.

      The most sought-after MBA streams for B.Tech graduates are operational management followed by finance and sales and marketing.

      An MBA course can also fetch you multiple jobs if you have a work experience in the industry. If not, then also studying from the crème institutes can reward you with multiple excellent opportunities.

      According to studies, these days most analytics based companies hunt for MBA graduates with a B.Tech degree in their resume, and this is the sole reason behind B.Tech graduates preferring MBA over M.Tech.

      Another reason for finalizing MBA could be the mba vs mtech salary as well as the on-site opportunities.

      Although a deserving candidate can bag off the similaropportunities even after pursuing M.Tech, it has been observed that the chances are somewhat lesser. Due to this shrunken frequency of recruitments compared to MBA, the hype of M.Tech in India is somewhat faded.

      In M.Tech, one can spot diversified fields such as robotics and embedded technology, and if given a chance you would acquire endless skills and knowledge from the course.

      However, the only drawback is, apart from conducting research or associating with the teaching profession, the options of bagging well-payed jobs are quite lacking.

    When is M.Tech the best option?

    If after completing B.Tech you long to know more about your specialization, then M.Tech will satiate your hunger for knowledge.

    M.Tech will give you an opportunity to sharpen your already derived skills from B.Tech and hence you will be a favorite of core IT companies. Also if you love the art of teaching and want to be associated with academics life-long then M.Tech will make your dreams come true.

    Although equally beneficial, M.Tech is often the less popular Course compared to its counterpart MBA.  According to Mr. ShekharSanyal, Director of one of the top business schools in India, because MBA is more famed, a dearth of M.Techs can be noticed in the current market.

    When is MBA the best option?

    The programs of MBA if done from a premium status will prepare you for leadership roles and will aid you in handling real-life complex scenarios with sheer perfection.

    The best perk for an engineering graduate to sign up for an MBA program is to complement technical skills along with managerial thereby thriving to be well suited for various companies. It also prepares you to be well suited for multiple companies across various sectors.

    Typically MBA recruits are hired for managerial roles or as you say for the mid-managerial level which helps one climb up the corporate ladder real fast

    Also, MBA, when done from a reputed institute, offers pay scale way better than what you get after completing other post-graduation courses.

    A better look at the statistics will reveal the scenario much better. According to a study, 45% of the world’s CEOs are engineering graduates. Out of these, 75 % opted for post graduation course courses, among them 64% are MBA degree holders.

    MBA from a Premier Business Institute

    Admit it, not every deserved one land up in IIMs because of lack of seats. However, pursuing a management course in business administration from an A-Grade college with top graded faculties and excellent amenities will fetch you a bright career.

    A typical example of the aforementioned B-school is BML Munjal University, the best in Gurgaon. The fact that it is partnered with the Imperial College of London, the 2nd best B-school in the world, gives it thumbs up.

    The main forte of this university is into shaping career of students of both the B.Tech as well as the MBA courses. This university is, in fact, a foundation brought to life by the most famous organization, the Hero Group.

    The university has efficiently managed to mark its name amidst hundreds of B-schools in India owing to itsteaching techniques and high-number of tie-ups. Right from the day, one attends the first class until the end of the course, the administrator and the faculties thrive to make your lives and career way better.

    Although an MBA is a rage today, thanks to the opportunities it beholds, you should only take up a course if your interest lies in it.  While pondering on whether you should go for mba or mtech after mechanical engineering always be careful to not take the plunge just because everybody else is doing it!

    MBA vs. M.Tech
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