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    Multiple Benefits of Pursuing an LLB Degree
    by BML Munjal University November 24, 2021

    To maintain a healthy relationship between the law and citizens of a society, a law regulating body and lawyers is essential. However, the need for lawyers is not just to maintain these laws but also to enhance people’s lives. Traditionally the profession of lawyers had been perceived as an autonomous discipline having distinctive style and methods. However, with changing times, the modern legal system works with a modern approach. Hence, this requires today’s lawyers to be more advanced and skilled in theoretical, technological, and practical skills.

    For lawyers, judges and lawmakers to truly appreciate the depth of laws, it is imperative to have an inter-disciplinary approach.

    A course in B.A. LL.B. helps the students build a multi-dimensional approach in understanding law through the study of history, political science, sociology and economics. There are various law colleges in India today that help students attain world-class knowledge in law. The traditional law universities have always been oriented towards theory-based learning, which doesn’t help the students to gain the modern-day education approach. However, today dissemination of practical and research-based legal knowledge is a must for students to succeed in their field.

    What is BA LLB or LLB course?

    Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Legislative Law is a five-year integrated LLB course. The candidates who have passed their class 12 exams from recognised boards can pursue this course. A typical LLB course combines humanities and law streams that offer students the opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge of history, sociology, administrative law, criminology, family law, and so on.

    What are the benefits of studying LLB?

    In-depth knowledge of the law: During an LLB course, the candidates get to learn in and out about the law. They gather knowledge about their course in detail and gain the confidence to speak and act like a lawyer during this course.

    Transferable skills: A lawyer has to attain a lot of knowledge from all spheres of their lives. Therefore, a law degree helps candidates in multiple careers. After completing the LLB course, if a candidate wants to pursue a different career, they can do so as their skills and knowledge can be easily transferred to a diverse career.

    Develop research skills: These candidates get trained with research skills. During the course, they get to be equipped with skills such as research via analysis of case studies, critical analysis via primary sources, and simplifying complicated terms and presentation via mooting. All of these helps the candidates to become skilled in researching, which helps them in any career they choose.

    Improved soft skills: Various other skills help these candidates stand apart from the crowd. These skills combine problem-solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning, communication, attention to detail and diplomacy. These are life skills that help them to succeed in various types of careers.

    International appeal: The lawyers get to work for different clients, be it international organisations or foreign clients. They sometimes get to travel abroad to serve their clients as well.

    Pro-Bono work: Law students often get the chance to take part in pro-bono work. A pro-bono work means to do good for the community and society. This work offers a chance to students to volunteer and provides free legal advice and assistance to needy people. This also helps the students to develop their skills professionally.  

    An LLB degree helps the students become smart and confident, apart from gaining knowledge in law. These students have a variety of career options to choose from after the completion of this course. They can work with multiple organisations, like law clinics, to help those who need legal aid, services, research and training. They can use their skills and knowledge to go into different kinds of careers as well.

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