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    Unlock the Secrets of Business Optimisation with MBA in Operations Management

    by BML Munjal University May 3, 2023

    In the present world, Operational Management takes charge of the overall production process. It ensures that every step is efficaciously and efficiently carried out to provide maximum gain in favour of the organisation. No denying; this process will undoubtedly result in a high-quality service which will enhance the demand of the consumers leading to immense profit. No matter how big or tiny the size of the organisation is, there will be a need for operation management to ensure the firm meets its goal, which in the future elevates the company’s profitability. 

    Operation is the key to a successful organisation, as it covers vivid functions depending upon the type and nature of the business. Hence, Operations Management has excellent career opportunities, and candidates pursuing an MBA in Operations Management get eligible to work in every sector worldwide. 

    According to a recent report of BSL, it is projected that the employment growth for business operations managers will skyrocket between 2021-2031 by 6.7% and create around 209800 jobs for MBA Operations Management  professionals.

    So if you are planning to take your career to the zenith in this Business-centric world, pursuing MBA Operations Management is the key. But, prior to we move on, let’s quickly comprehend what Operations Management is.

    What is Operations Management?

    The term “Operation Management” precisely describes the coordination & methodical approach that firms or companies utilise to tackle all of their resources, including human beings, products, and as well as tools. The sole goal is always to double the efficiency and minimise expenses/expenditures.

    Scope of MBA in Operations Management 

    MBA in Operations is contemplated as one of the highly demanded courses if not equivalent specialisations such as-

    • Human Resources
    • Finance
    • Marketing

    Organisations have realised that a rigorous operations management strategy plays an instrumental role in lessening glitches in supply chain management, achieving the scale of economies, and expanding the business in this highly competitive world. Due to this, companies are recruiting well-versed MBA Operations professionals to make a practical impact to add more value to the business.

    Mentioned underneath are some profiles that are worth considering:

    • Product Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • Supplier Risk Manager
    • Supply Chain Functional Analyst
    • Enterprise service manager

    Operations Management professionals are the jack of all trades, responsible for making a firm’s operations efficacious by slashing down costs without degrading the quality of the product or the customer experience. This is one of the sole reasons why firms are always looking to hire MBA graduates specialised in Operations Management.

    The Benefits of Pursuing MBA Operations Management

    • Massive and Lucrative Employment Opportunities: With an MBA in Operations, an individual gets many job opportunities as operations management comprises the top part of a business, making it one of the perks of pursuing MBA Operations Management.
    • Golden Opportunity to Get Into Managerial Roles: Post-completion of an MBA in Operations, aspirants will be well-versed and packed up with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to step into managerial positions for the growth and success of their careers.
    • Stay Up-to-date with the Latest Industry Trends: The MBA Operations Management curriculum is precisely revised and created to help people stay updated with the most recent ongoing industry trends. 
    • Gain Deepened Knowledge of Industry Operations: The course offers in-depth knowledge and experience related to many different industrial operations so that MBA Operations Management postgraduates get well aware of the working procedures incorporated into a business.
    • Skills Gained Can Be Implemented To Diverse Sectors: The knowledge and skills that individuals will master from MBA Operations Management can be utilised to vivid industries, hence, offering individuals the option of opting for their preferred career path.
    • Chance to Work with the Latest or High–end Technologies: For candidates from different backgrounds, the Master’s in Operations Management can allow them to work with advanced technologies, assisting them in up-scaling themselves and ready to face the daunting job market.

    Undenyingly, MBA in Operations is among the sought-after courses in the market, not just by multinational corporations and consultancies but also by international biggies like World Trade Organisation, World Bank, and many other firms. Therefore, it is essential to pursue an MBA Operations Management course from a reputable institution or university. Let’s cut to the chase; one of the best universities to pursue the degree is BML Munjal University, aka BMU.

    Ameliorate Your Operations Management Skills with BML Munjal University (BMU)

    A world-recognized university known explicitly for creating innovative teaching, learning and research environments, BMU is named after the Hero Group’s Chairman & Founder, Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal. It is mentored by 108 years old university known as Imperial College of London, which closely indulge in a broad spectrum of activities like-

      • Designing Curriculum
      • Content Creation
      • Summer Study Programmes 
      • Joint Research Activities
      • Student Exchanges
      • Digital Learning Platforms
      • PhD Programmes
      • Faculty Training

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    And much more!

    This will ensure that BMU candidates are industry-ready individuals fully equipped to take on leadership responsibilities. In short, the university aims to develop a talented community of candidates and faculty excelling in teaching, learning and research in an innovative and stimulating environment.

    Dropping to MBA in Operations, the candidate’s learning experience at BML Munjal University is further improvised by collaborating with elite universities and organisations such as-

    • Singapore Management University, 
    • Carleton University, 
    • Kent State University, 
    • The University of California, 
    • Berkeley, Aston University, 
    • North South University, 
    • Loughborough University, etc.

    Moreover, Centres of Excellence and highly-advanced laboratories are constructed on the BMU campus by Siemens, Shell, Intel, and IBM.

    MBA in Operations Management Syllabus at BMU

    The Syllabus for MBA in Operations at BMU consists of core and electives subjects, which are mentioned below:

    • Finance for Non-Finance
    • Personal Journey for Excellence
    • Micro-Economics
    • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
    • Organisational Behaviour
    • Business Research Methodology
    • Managing Operations and Supply Chain
    • Marketing of Products and Services
    • Global Supply Chain Management
    • Operational Leadership

    MBA in Operations Management Fees at BMU

    The Fee Structure for the two-year MBA in Operations Management programme at BML Munjal University is highly feasible, which is INR 12,35,000 lakhs only.

    Build a Strong Foundation with an MBA in Operations Management

    While operations managers usually have no defined job descriptors, their roles and responsibilities are essential for business growth. Without this operation management position that needs organisational skills, communication abilities, initiatives, and the enthusiasm to follow up on actions, numerous businesses may not meet their customers’ quality expectations. Simply put, if you want your career to see a boom, enrol now for an MBA in Operations at BML Munjal University.

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