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    What is Executive MBA?

    by BML Munjal University December 28, 2018

    Executive MBA abbreviated as EMBA is a training course specifically designed to cater to the emerging business needs of the industry by shaping young minds within a short span.

    Executive MBA

    Wondering what the contrasting attributes between a normal MBA course and EMBA are? Well, if you compare both courses in terms of efficiency and valuation, then both hold equal ranks. However, in terms of convenience and time taken EMBA will continue to score more points compared to an MBA program.

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    The course is formulated to sharpen the acquired skills of professionals gained over a few years of industrial experience. Is it important to be taken into consideration that the competition of grabbing a seat for EMBA at a premier B-school is somewhat tough as the allotted seats are quite a few? This course is best for those who want to pursue their full-time job while training to be the best managers in the world. The lectures are therefore conducted either during weekends or during the weekdays, but convenient hours.

    In this article, we would discuss the basics of an executive MBA course, eligibility for admission as well as disclose the name of a reputed B-school which accepts admission for an executive MBA.

    What is Executive MBA: An Overview

    Precisely students currently at the mid-stage of their career favor Executive MBA over the regular course for several reasons. First and foremost being that this course doesn’t demand their complete dedication for complete 2 years. And also, some colleges offer online executive MBA courses which comprise lectures and sessions that can be attained from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Needless to say, executive MBA is the flexible version of the Normal MBA and allows one to receive the formal training critical to climbing the corporate ladder without leaving their jobs.

    In case, one longs to expedite their career opportunities in diverse fields, pursuing the EMBA course will shape their careers the best way possible. Top B-schools in India consider candidates having industrial experience between the ranges of 3-7 years suitable candidates for EMBA, however, exceptions are also there. And studies show that the number of EMBA passout employed in top positions is almost 3 times their MBA counterparts.

    How should you know if Executive MBA is the best option for yourself?

    While students who are fresh graduates or have just begun their careers are partially inclined towards the full-time MBA, EMBA is the top favorite among professionals belonging from diverse sectors. For example, techies, entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives, etc. As mentioned earlier, thinking about the professional aspect of the candidates, classes are generally conducted over the weekends. But it should be noted that to cover the complete syllabus tenures of classes can lie between 6-12 hours.

    Since the course is fabricated using the crucial attributes required for molding a manager, the syllabus is quite vast. And candidates should devote their weekends to thrive towards a better and happier future. Executive MBA is all about teamwork so most B-schools make a selection of candidates coming from diverse backgrounds so that students can have a chance to exchange ideas, aims, and plans and not to forget past experiences. The duration of the course ranges from 1-2 years and a candidate owns the liberty to select the specialization from a vast number of options.

    How should you choose specializations?

    Choosing an executive MBA specialization course is a very important decision of your life and thus it should not be taken hastily. Make sure to go for the specialization which will imbibe within your insights that would benefit you throughout your career. The course which will offer you analytical skills and will develop your already acquired experience would be the best for you.

    What are the typical eligibility criteria?

    Candidates longing to change their domain or own a specialized approach towards management can consider signing up for this course. But before you think about dedicating your time and dedication to this program, check if you fit in these eligibility criteria:

    • Some premier B-schools in India may demand GMAT scores.
    • Needless to say, you should have completed your graduation from a recognized university.
    • You should have attained the minimum age of 27 years before applying for this course.
    • You must own an industrial experience of 3 to 5 years.

    Failing any of these above criteria might reject your application for an EBMA course.

    What are the advantages of pursuing an EMBA?

    If you manage to complete this course from a premier b-school you will be benefitted in more ways than you can imagine.

    • Chances of promotion in the current organization

    As surprising as it sounds, it happens many a time that whenever an employee of a renowned organization acquires the managerial skills they are hired by their current companies with a hiked salary. In that case, you will not own any burden of hunting for jobs after completing the course.

    • Flexible timings of lectures

    This is one of the most prominent perks of choosing a full-time MBA course over an executive one because a professional cannot spare time throughout the week except the weekends. And that is why; lectures are scheduled to take place during the weekends for the benefit of working individuals.

    • Interaction with professionals of diverse fields

    In this competitive world, the more you interact with professionals from your industry or other industries the more you will grasp the idea of how the world function. If your skills are lacking somewhere or you are missing out on something, they will always help you rectify it. You can ask them to share their experiences and you can share the same with them as well.

    • Acquaint yourself with a leader

    If you have been hesitant or a bit shaky to put on a robe of a leader, then here is your chance to let go of your fears. In the corporate world, you must not be scared to take a lead whenever the right time comes. And the sessions, lectures will imbibe you the leadership qualities while boosting your confidence.

    Which is the ideal college in India to pursue the course of Executive MBA?

    BML Munjal University, situated in Gurugram is one of the top institutes of this country offering admission for Executive MBA candidates. The university was founded with the sole intention of offering a world-class teaching experience to the students. The university is built over an area of 50 acres in a serene locality of Gurugram so to help the students gain focus in academics. BMU is a well-recognized university and affiliated with the Haryana State Private Universities Act, 2006.

    We are associated with the famous imperial college of London that has gained 2nd ranking in the world among 500 other universities. Not only MBA and EMBA but our infrastructure and faculties thrive to offer guidance and knowledge of other UG courses like B.Tech, BCA as well as various Ph.D. and PG courses. We are proud to host students who come from all over the world to attend our courses as well as sessions.

    Why should you be an active part of BMU?

    All our faculties are updated with the latest industry trends and guide the students to match the industrial needs. Within just a few years we have managed to earn a reputation of inculcating progressive teaching methods combined with unique research tactics. We offer admission to students who have not only scored excellent in their academics but who possess the zeal to learn more and achieve something bigger.

    We work out of our way to advent solutions of topics belonging to various issues and try to solve them by admixing knowledge and a subtle amount of education. Most of our faculties have earned their Ph.D. while some have been rewarded doctorate degrees from renowned universities of the world. Every year, we host numerous foreign faculty members from Japan and the Us who offer their valuable guidance to our students.

    What are the amenities provided to the students?

    Apart from 24X7 water and electric supply we also supply these facilities to our students:

    • On-campus hostel
    • Eating facilities
    • Sports activities
    • Photo gallery to entertain our students
    • Business programs to let them ascertain the industry standards

    What are the specializations we offer for EMBA?

    We have designed the course of the EMBA with the aid of experts to enable our students to be an active part of any business organization. Our faculties also excel in bestowing our students with much-needed intellectual information which acts as virtual steps to pinnacle. At present we offer admission to the following specializations of MBA.

    Our university is completely dedicated to imbibe in leadership and problem-solving skills within our students so that they can turn to be a valued possession of their organizations.

    What is Executive MBA
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