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    Why is a B. Tech degree the most sought-after course in today’s technological world?

    by BML Munjal University April 13, 2022

    Science and technology have unquestionably contributed to global development. Because of them, humanity will keep witnessing modernisation and development. Railways, canals, computers, hydropower plants, electric cars, and even the “world wide web” are products of ‘engineering’.

    This is precisely why B.Tech is one of the most pursued courses of all time. B.Tech is a four-year full-time undergraduate programme that is divided into eight semesters. The course is offered in various disciplines such as computer science, electronics and communication, IT, electrical, civil, mechanical, etc. There are innumerable advantages of getting into B.Tech. As a professional degree, students have multiple career opportunities right after completing the course. This could be in technical and managerial fields, and one can apply for employment in both the public and private sectors in India or overseas.

    B.Tech degree offers lucrative career options

    1. The demand for data science experts has been steadily growing. According to a report by Indeed.com, the demand for data scientists has risen by 29 per cent year-on-year. So there is a good chance for B.Tech graduates to opt for data science and machine learning as their career after completing the four-year course.
    1. For those who want to build their career in academics or research, students can either pursue higher studies or apply for a famous exam GATE. However, M.Tech is a natural course option for students after completing the B.Tech programme.
    1. B.Tech graduates can also apply in digital marketing that comprises domains such as search engine optimisation and social media marketing that impact a business’ revenue growth, especially in today’s world of evolving digitisation.
    1. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are the most advanced technologies that offer operations beyond human imagination. Therefore, this sector has many job opportunities for B.Tech graduates.
    1. Among the top positions offered after pursuing B.Tech is a Power plant operator who manages the machinery used to produce electricity buy online https://www.sunjournal.com/xanax-online/ and distribute power among generators. They also work on voltage and flows to meet today’s changing consumer demands.
    1. Other job profiles for B.Tech graduates are transportation, storage and distribution associates/managers who maintain the allocation and shipping of merchandise in a limited time. They also plan, execute and handle the transportation of goods/services to assure customers adequate distribution.
    1. A B.Tech degree opens many doors for young engineers to build a web designing and development career. Among them would be Web developers. These professionals use code, problem-solving skills, consumer behaviour patterns to build and design a webpage.
    1. Today’s technological-driven world runs on applications, web pages and data collectives. This task is done by Machine Learning Engineers who transform, convert data and manage the statistical analysis of any given organisation. This post is apt for today’s students who contribute excessively to 21st digitisation.
    1. Another common career choice for B.Tech would be Mechanical Engineer. This job profile would benefit those who have a major in mechanical engineering. The roles of a Mechanical Engineer includes designing, analysing, manufacturing and maintaining anything that has moveable elements.
    1. The course also opens career choices for developing software. The role of software is to write, edit and test programmes. They mainly specialise in networks, development, databases and applications.

    Be innovative. Be future-ready with BML Munjal University

    BML Munjal University (BMU) is a modern hub of learning that offers B.Tech in:

    Besides, it offers specialisations in:

    • Automobile Engineering
    • Cyber Security
    • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
    • Internet of Things
    • Robotics and Automation

    The School of Engineering and Technology offers all these courses. BMU seeks to transmute higher education in the country by developing an outstanding, creative, teaching, learning and research environment. BMU offers interdisciplinary learning and transformative education that encourages students to become creative innovators, risk managers and future leaders who can care for the unforeseeable.

    BMU also offers exceptional placement opportunities to students. Top recruiting companies such as Siemens, Microsoft, IBM, KPMG, etc., hire BMU students. In 2021, the highest package of BTech is Rs. 40 LPA.

    One of the unique features of BMU is its Practice School that offers internship opportunities– Students undergo an internship as a part of the https://hotcanadianpharmacy.com/ course syllabus. Apart from textbook learning, the course also teaches students:

    • Communication skills
    • Critical thinking
    • Personality development

    At BMU, students experience the best education and get trained to become the leader the world needs.

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