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    Benefits of choosing a B Com Degree

    by BML Munjal University March 31, 2022

    Choosing a (B Com) Bachelor of Commerce as a career option is a brilliant decision as B.Com is one of the trending programmes to pursue after completing higher secondary examinations. B.Com is the abbreviation of Bachelor of Commerce, and it is a three-year undergraduate course consisting of commerce and related subjects.

    The course curriculum is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills and an understanding of finance, accounting, taxation and management. Candidates can pursue the course in both distance and regular modes of education. In addition, B.Com Honors includes specialised subjects for the students.

    B.Com degree is one of the most sought after courses that students opt for after 12th grade. The programme covers a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, accounting and economics.


    About B.Com degree course

    • It empowers candidates to become the best accountants, financial analysts, and managers.
    • If you go for a B.Com (Hons.), you can specialise in a particular trade depending on what you select from the following:
      • Investment Management
      • Law
      • Corporate Secretary
      • Accounts and Finance
      • Economics
      • Banking & Insurance
      • Marketing
      • Tourism and Travel Management
      • Information Technology
      • Taxation
      • Human Resources

    With this degree, you will gain meticulous learning that will open the doors to incredible opportunities to embellish your professional life. But, of course, what you do after your Bachelor of Commerce entirely depends on you.

    Benefits of a B.Com degree

    A Bachelor of Commerce course is structured to teach business principles and organisational behaviour proficiency by focusing on core and elective subjects. In addition, B.Com imparts specific knowledge in the subjects that offer theoretical and practical knowledge to subjects like cost accounting, company law, banking, insurance, etc. The B.Com general syllabus is for those students with a strong interest in accounting and other related streams.

    Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence swiftly change the banking, financial, and insurance sectors. Nowadays, the candidates need to have their hands on the curriculum that empowers them to function effectively in an ecosystem that prospers on new technologies such as AI and blockchain.

    The new technological disruptors are adding enormously to the strategic business value of the concerned businesses. All central banks and financial institutions are using such technology to improve the efficiency of money transfers, financial clearing and settlement, accounting, etc.

    Now, let us look at the given step-by-step benefits.

    Career Options – Knowledge of accounting allows you to understand and analyse financial reports and their overall effect on a business. Therefore, good knowledge of accounting and costing techniques is essential for decision-making processes and evaluating the performance of a company’s business activities.

    Job Security – B.Com graduates find jobs in industries with a lot of job security. The banking industry is the best example.

    Entrepreneurship – Many B.Com graduates can also become entrepreneurs and start their businesses. They understand how to start and run a company and many other intricate details. This is something science and art students can’t do.

    Stress-Free Education – Compared to other streams, commerce students tend to be less stressed about their education and examinations. It’s not that B.Com is easy, but due to the many education options and high employability, B.Com students have a more positive outlook for a career.

    B.Com Admissions: Eligibility Criteria

    If you seek admission to B.Com, it is essential to get through the eligibility criteria for the same. The B.Com admissions eligibility criteria may vary from university to university. Let us look at the basic eligibility required to get admission into the university for a B.Com degree.

    • The students must have studied Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics/optional subject, and English as main subjects in 11 and 12 Classes.

    If you have decided on doing B.Com, you must have read above that many good universities and colleges provide this degree course. And the programme is excellent with a lot of scope for employment, making your career and future secure. Hopefully, you will now know how to secure admission and choose a career path.

    What are the Benefits of a B.Com degree after pursuing a BML Munjal University?

    BML Munjal University has specially designed a B. Com (Hons.) degree intending to provide the students with a multifaceted perspective on the technological integration of business, trade, commerce, and finance because of digitalisation. The candidates will learn finance incorporated with technology, as our Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree is embedded with Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation fundamentals.

    Before proceeding with the benefits of a B.Com degree, let us examine the different specialisations available for students. Students can pursue B.Com in different specialisations:

    • Insurance
    • Actuarial Science
    • Forensic Accounting
    • Financial Risk Management
    • Taxation and Auditing
    • Accounting
    • Banking

    The undergraduate course will also develop students’ English language skills that are sacrosanct in today’s business world. In addition, they will excel in business-specific techniques skills and grasp new ways of learning like experiential learning – a process of learning by experiences. At BMU, students will excel by learning in a new education system and be guided and facilitated by world-class faculty members and business experts. You are just one step away from embellishing your career. The first step has been defined here. It’s time for you to hit the ground running.

    Hence kindly visit our website https://admissions.bmu.edu.in/  to download the admission brochure and more information related to various degree programs.

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