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    Career Options after Mechanical Engineering Course

    by BML Munjal University February 13, 2023

    Mechanical engineering course is one of the prominent branches of engineering that have contributed to several tech innovations in India. It’s one of the oldest or evergreen branches of engineering, and it deals with concepts of thermodynamics, fluids, mechanism, and structural analysis. Mechanical engineering also includes applying mechanics, material science, physics, and applied maths.

    The field has a vast scope. In collaboration with the automation process, the recent development has helped develop state-of-the-art motor vehicles, aircraft engines, motor parts, manufacturing units, and other industrial machinery. Apart from the machinery and vehicles, with the new learning from various mechanical engineering subjects, you can immensely contribute to the development of power and construction equipment, engines, and complex machinery systems.

    What is mechanical engineering?

    A mechanical engineering degree is a type of engineering that focuses on the design, production, operation and evaluation of machinery. In addition, mechanical engineers learn about the materials used to manufacture, design and maintain mechanical systems. These skills also help them design industrial equipment and machinery, transportation systems, heating and cooling systems, weaponry, air, medical devices, watercraft builds and manufacturing plants.

    During the Industrial Revolution, this area emerged in the 18th century and has continuously advanced and developed.

    It is present in climate change, energy, transportation, and healthcare— Mechanical Engineers course attempt to create sustainable solutions in these spheres by designing and developing components and machines.

    Mechanical Engineering Career Opportunities and Job Options

    Mechanical engineering course is a vast field that offers a range of jobs in different industries. The tasks covered in this field involve designing or re-designing mechanical and thermal subsystems or devices through computer-aided design and analysis tools. In addition, the entire manufacturing process for the system/device is viewed by them.


    Some of the critical roles and their brief job description is as follows:
    • Aerospace engineer:

      The primary duties of aerospace engineers cover the design of aircraft, missiles, weapon systems and spacecraft. They are responsible for developing new technologies used in aviation, defense systems and spacecraft. In addition, the design, assemble and test aerospace products and aircraft.

    • Automotive engineer:

      The primary duties of an automotive engineer are to develop, design, fabricate and test vehicles right from the concept to the production stage. Therefore, an automotive engineer’s three vital functional areas are production, development, and manufacturing.

    • CAD technician:

      A CAD (Computer-aided design) technician is also referred to as a draughts person. This is because they prepare technical plans and drawings using CAD software. This is also known as draughting for the part of the products. These are used in the manufacturing, construction and engineering industries.

    • Control and instrumentation engineer:

      A (C&I) control and instrumentation engineers are responsible includes the development, design, installation, management and maintenance of designing, developing, installing, maintaining and managing equipment used to control and monitor engineering systems, processes and machinery. In addition, their job responsibility includes ensuring that these systems and processes operate safely, effectively, and efficiently.

    • Maintenance engineer:

      Maintenance engineers are responsible for creating preventive and maintenance procedures in plants. They schedule the routine maintenance of the machinery and equipment. Maintenance engineers also examine breakdowns, analyse the faults, and supervise timely and critical equipment repairs. In addition, they procure materials and a workforce. Troubleshooting and essential maintenance of equipment are crucial aspects of their job role.

    • Mechanical engineer:

      A mechanical engineer focuses on designing, testing, and manufacturing automated systems. In addition, they are in charge of innovation and improvements for the better and more efficient performance of the equipment and its parts. As a result, mechanical engineers work in robotics, construction, automotive, energy, etc.

    • Nuclear engineer:

      The job of nuclear engineers is to create and research processes, systems and instruments that can utilise atomic energy and radiation for their benefit. In addition, some atomic engineers work on nuclear power sources for ships and spacecraft.
      They also develop and design nuclear equipment such as radiation shielding, reactor cones, etc.

    Making a good career choice is a crucial decision and once that is completed, choosing the best mechanical engineering colleges to complement that decision becomes a genuinely challenging task. Good research and planning will ensure that you do not go wrong there.

    • College infrastructure
    • Faculty
    • Curriculum
    • Placement track record

    can be a few such elements to be considered during your assessment.

    BML Munjal University (BMU) offers its’ students a potpourri of the above. BMU shapes engineering aspirants to become leaders of tomorrow.

    Let us help you to choose best for you

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    Graduates at BMU University are offered the best educational excellence through a unique blend of theoretical and practical training coupled with valuable industry interaction.

    BMU’s application-oriented course trains learners to get hands-on experience designing and operating different machines. In addition, an overall approach to honing their project management skills, problem-solving skills and leadership skills equips learners with the confidence and understanding to excel in any industry.

    Take charge and be the Mechanical Engineer of your career!

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