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    Choose from the Best Engineering Courses from Future

    by BML Munjal University June 30, 2022

    Engineering has always been a vast discipline. It exists across multiple sectors and has never failed to build an advanced society. On the contrary, it has fostered human civilisation in every possible way: by building houses, bridges, tunnels, pipelines, smart devices, gadgets and much more that we cannot put into words. The discipline is going to stay with us till we stop to exist.

    Let’s acknowledge one more important thing.

    We are living in the new-age of industrial and technological revolution. Everything around us is becoming better. For example, the televisions that we have at home are smart devices that can track our choice of channels. The watch we wear today can trace the number of steps we take daily. The earphones we use today are wireless and can be connected to any device without external support. We can also trace our information or someone’s information using intelligent applications.

    A critical question

    These changes have been the gift of science and humankind. Through years of development, scientific research and quick adoption, we have enjoyed all these significant alterations. The professional world will also seek progressive engineers, citing ongoing technological headway. Hence, it is pre-emptive for every budding engineer to upgrade and build certain abilities to revamp their knowledge and skills.

    This takes us to a critical question.

    Are we doing enough to strengthen engineering as a profession or course? Are we re-examining the engineering courses by introducing modern programmes pertinent to the contemporary demands? The bigger question is: are today’s young engineers in India investing in the best engineering courses for future?

    The answer is here

    According to a report by India Today, every engineering course should offer industry-relevant specialisations to young students so that they understand the holistic aspect of the subject and use it in their real life, professionally as well as personally. This could include technical and practical aspects of the subject.

    The report says, “Every programme should have specialisations and universities should start focusing on interdisciplinary modules, introduce complex and compound engineering, futuristic courses that can keep pace with the technological and industrial advancements.”

    Upgrade & upsurge your value

    BML Munjal University, a well-known name in the Indian education sector that believes in building future leaders, offers some of the best engineering courses in the country. These are as follows:


    BML Munjal University is one university in the country that offers interdisciplinary and transformative education to thousands of students. Its mission is to produce engineers of tomorrow who are innovative risk-takers and potential scientific prodigies. It has introduced students to new-age subjects that will help them understand the futuristic modern world. Under various engineering courses, BML Munjal University offers various specialisations to students. These interesting areas are:

    • Cyber Security
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Automobile Engineering
    • Robotics and Automation
    • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI)


    BML Munjal University also offers various interdisciplinary minors to engineering students in themes like:

    • Nanotechnology
    • Material Science
    • Computational Mathematics


    According to the World Economic Forum, nearly 40 per cent of recruiters globally find it challenging to hire young and experienced talent with the required skills. If the education system malfunctions to meet industry-oriented demands, we will have an acute scarcity of skilled employers. BML Munjal University has taken note of this challenge mindfully. The student-centric university has been associated with several leading international universities – Imperial College London, The London School of Economics & Political Science, etc – to offer global exposure to young engineers.

    The School of Engineering & Technology at BML Munjal University also allows budding engineers to attend the International Immersion Programme (IIP) at the University of Warwick. The integrated programme facilitates these young learners’ international and advanced learning milieu. It also emphasizes international exposure by offering world-class education promoted by the best teachers and academicians worldwide. It also helps students build contacts, interact with international students, and share ideas and methods for universal development.

    A quick glimpse of the International Immersion Programme at BML Munjal University for engineering students:

    • Students participate in workshops that allow them to build specific skillsets to thrive in their careers.
    • They will build contacts in the international industry and learn from it.
    • The University of Warwick offers multiple benefits – reputed teachers and diverse students.
    • Students will be certified by one of the leading universities in the world.
    • They will also get an international edge over their contemporaries.

    Say no to overdoing!

    The fast-paced life today forgets to tell us that pausing, relaxing and taking a day off is part of a student’s growth. But universities like BML Munjal University have taken full responsibility for this. The university has as many as 21 diverse clubs – culinary, science-maths, art & culture, celebrations of festivals, nationalistic ceremonies, fests and special sports activities. Students here work on their dreams but also experience an exhilarating atmosphere on a safe campus. Among the top popular events was the 67th Milestone at the BML Munjal University, the fourth edition of the university’s techno-cultural- management fest. For more exciting event details, visit the university’s official website.

    Don’t be ill-prepared for the future

    Higher education in India has dilated in two paradoxical ways over the years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic: rigid protocols and poor learning quality. This has affected lakhs of students across the country. They are perplexed about what course to study, where to study and most importantly, how to study. If this continues, we know we will lose out on India’s most skilled talent – enthusiastic engineers. So, India has to take a fresher path to meet the world and domestic industry demands, deliver quality education and take charge of a student’s dream.

    So, if you are muddled about what to study, here are the best engineering courses after 12th. BML Munjal University will prepare you for a successful future.

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