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    Exploring BBA in 2023 – Is it the Right Choice for Commerce Students?

    by BML Munjal University January 30, 2023

    Bachelors in Business Administration, better known as BBA, is one of the best courses you can choose in the field of business. If a business is your dream career, then BBA would be a milestone towards your goals. If you already know this, you would have enrolled in the courses.


    There are plenty of promising options in the form of jobs and courses that you can pursue after completing a BBA. The course includes concepts covering accountancy principles, marketing, economics, financial management, and organizational management.

    The course offers such business subjects and much more and promises to be interesting for those who have a mind oriented towards business. Below is a discussion of various aspects and possibilities of choosing BBA in 2019.

    Eligibility criteria to enroll in the program

    The candidates who wish to enroll in the BBA program should have completed their Class XII exam from a recognized university or board. They should also be aged between 17 and 25. The eligibility percentage varies from college to college. The majority of them require above 50% in the 12th board exams.

    Besides, universities and institutes carry out entrance examinations to select apt candidates. This is also followed by a group discussion and an interview. There are several courses to enroll in after you complete your BBA. These courses offer a pathway to your dream career in the business industry. Read on to learn about the educational possibilities to explore after BBA.


    MBA (Master Of Business Administration)

    This is the most preferred course to pursue, after a BBA degree. It allows you to acquire more skills in different domains of the management ladder and qualifies you for higher posts than your BBA degree would have given you. The duration of the course is 2 years. One has to clear examinations like XAT, MAHCET, SNAP, and CAT to qualify for an MBA course.

    This course offers specializations like HR, Finance, Marketing, and International Trade. MBA graduates are required in every sector of business including profit organizations, government agencies, manufacturing, health care, technology, and FMCG. Performing impressively during your MBA will ensure that you have a promising career in business.

    PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma In Management)

    This is an alternative course to MBA that you can enroll in after your BBA. These are offered by autonomous institutes. This course also has a high level of structure and disciple that qualifies you for jobs in top-level companies. The duration of the course is 1 year.

    MMS (Masters In Management Studies)

    This is yet another alternative to an MBA program. It lasts for 2 years and can be pursued if candidates have at least a 50% aggregate score in their final year of graduation. This course focuses on improving your entrepreneurial skills and management skills. It also shapes you to be employed by a reputed employer. Besides, candidates also receive good salary packages after they complete this course.

    Job Opportunities

    There are several job opportunities that you can explore after completing your BBA which are discussed in detail below.

    • Managerial Roles

      Managerial roles in most firms prefer well-qualified graduates like BBA graduates. There are several posts you can acquire after the course including Business Administration Researcher, Information Systems Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Consultant, Human Resource Manager, Research and Development Manager, and Finance Manager. The majority of finance-related firms like Banks, Business Consultancies, Financial Organizations, Marketing organizations, Export Companies, and Multinational Companies offer jobs to BBA graduates.

    • Chartered Accountant (CA)

      Students interested in finance and accounts could look for chartered accountancy. This is a much sought-after course and a little high on the difficulty level. Having a CA degree will hand you jobs at prominent multinational companies. This will also fetch you dreamy salary packages. You can pursue this course if you are looking to do a course other than MBA after BBA.

    • Government Jobs

      Government sector jobs are yet another option available to you after you complete your BBA successfully. Posts like Bank Probationary Officer and Railway Officer offer promising prospects about a secured life. Besides, you also have a choice to try for the Central Government level jobs by attending the SSC examinations.

    • Start your own business

      A strong degree of BBA will give you sufficient knowledge and skills required to start and run a business successfully. Many young students turn into entrepreneurs right after they complete college. The best part of starting your own business is that you can make your own decisions and manage the business using the skills you acquired during your BBA.

    • Hotel Management

      You can enter the field of hotel management as this is one of the booming sectors today. There are ample opportunities in this sector and you may have to complete a specialized course like an MHM course (Masters in Hotel Management). The jobs in this industry mostly require a degree in BBA or MBA.

    • Teaching

      If you are interested in passing on your knowledge to others, then the teaching profession is ideal for you. There are options to start your institute or you can provide private lessons to students. BBA is a course that requires a high level of technical knowledge. Therefore, the demand for teachers who can impart their knowledge is pretty high. You can choose to specialize in subjects like economics, accounting, and finances.

    • Work at foreign embassies

      It is said that most people are unaware of the fact that most foreign embassies require people from a management background. If you have a taste for other cultures and have a desire to learn more about them, this job is for you. Remember that apart from a business degree like BBA,  you will need to know an additional language to go about the proceedings of the embassy. Besides, it is one of the most sought-after jobs about the security it offers.

    After reading the above description, you must have understood that BBA offers ample opportunities to study, work and grow up the ladder in your business career. Moreover, the freedom and flexibility it offers to choose a path of your liking is something to bear in mind before choosing the course.

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