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    Top 10 Best Courses after BBA

    by BML Munjal University March 27, 2019

    The BBA Course is the most popular graduate course among students these days who are intending to embark on a managerial journey.


    Though, not all BBA students have to pursue an MBA course right after to enjoy various career opportunities.

    Although the course is designed to impart fundamental business and managerial skills to young minds, some students might not continue to pursue masters on the same.

    Most students till this day are unknown of the options of the courses after BBA and thus consider taking the decision of not doing BBA because, as they believe, the career choices after BBA are NIL which is obviously not true.

    But in reality, the 3-year course which is in a rage among school pass outs are capable of more, only if they studied it from the right university and the students have got the zeal to convert the knowledge gained into something exemplary.

    To answer the concerns of most students who in spite of having a keen interest to pursue the BBA cannot gather the will to do so, by hearing about the few career choices after the completion of the course, here are the top 10 career options for you.

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    Take a close look at these options, read their overviews in detail and then see which one catches your interest:

      1. Go for the college placement

    If you do not wish to study further at the present moment, then it is recommended to sit for the campus placements.

    For the ones who manage to study this course at a reputed college, job offers would be made to them on the basis of how they perform during the tenure of the course.

    Taking up a job right after completing BBA would give you practical knowledge of the professional world, and you will learn to make the most of your theoretical experience.

    The offers you would be getting after graduating from a good college would pay you around 3-5 lakhs per annum. This is only the starting salary, and with considerable job experience and industry exposure, you will be earning more within the next few years.

    • Go for MBAThere is no substitute for education, and the more you educate, the more stars you will garner in your CV.If your financial condition is supportive, then this is perhaps the most valuable thing you can do for your career. Not only would it add to your qualifications, but it will also help you to bag better-salaried jobs.Also, if you have found the course of BBA enriching and loved it and therefore want to get more of it, then the best option for you is to pursue the masters.You might have guessed till now, what is the best course for masters for BBA graduates for you. Yes, it is undoubtedly and undeniably MBA.Not only does it offer you knowledge about the business world, and improving your commmunication skills but it also owes you a lucrative salary.For this, you will have to clear the various management entrance tests like CAT, XAT, MAT and even GMAT. You can also choose to pursue a managerial degree abroad by clearing off GMAT.

      As you might know, MBA courses come with various specializations like Finance, Marketing, HR, etc which you can choose based upon your interests and career opportunities.

      This implies that after completing your MBA, you have the option of going to other industries of distinct domains.

      If you manage to complete your MBA from a prestigious college, then you have a high probability of securing a good salaried job owing to the presence of the subjects of BBA in your graduation.

    • Pursue something different – not MBAWho said you only have to go for MBA after finishing BBA? MBA is certainly the most-sought-after course for the BBA students, but definitely, there are more options.CA or chartered Accountant is not only a highly respectable, but also one of the highest salaried positions in today’s age.You must have heard that CA exam is very tough and it is worth remembering that is what which makes it cherished and precious. You would have to dedicate a considerable amount of time, sometimes even years to get your preparation right.If you are ready to study hard for how long it takes to be fully prepared to become a CA, there is nothing in this world which can stop you from touching the sky.If you don’t wish to prepare for a hefty long time to prepare and pass for the CA exams then another course you can opt for is perhaps the Law course.For this also you will have to sit and clear examination like CLAT with flying colors to get eligible for admission in various law colleges across India.
    • Become an entrepreneurSo all you thought till this while is that you need to complete your MBA before setting up a start-up?A startup has got nothing to do with degrees, and it is the fad right now! You might not believe, but a large number of students decide to complete their graduation by pursuing a BBA course so that they can acquire the skills required for opening up a startup.During the tenure of the 3-year course, you would learn business-related knowledge, and you would extract valuable information regarding ways of running a business successfully.For the ones who want to be their own boss and isn’t good at taking orders, this would be a superb option. You will imbibe leadership skills which would teach you to step out and take important decisions alone, which would bear you fruitful results in the near future.Your faculties would also keep a close check on your communication skills which will assist you throughout your life in cracking up deals with your clients.If you are wondering about the ways of gathering funds for your startup, then don’t be stressed! If your idea is great you will easily find some investors willing to invest in your company.

      If your investor search doesn’t go well, there are various government schemes these days, which will offer you the money you need to set up the startup.

    • Work in foreign embassies or study abroadThis is probably the unique option in this list, but also the most unheard of. Various foreign embassies hire young students to work for them.However, the only criteria they demand is that the candidate should know at least one foreign language. If you have learned a particular foreign language and own a certificate for that, then you are eligible to apply in the particular embassy.Similarly to move abroad to pursue higher studies you would have to sit for exams like TOEFL and IELTS and also clear them with flying colors.Based on your scores you would receive calls from various international universities. Who could have thought BBA provides you an option of working or studying in another country as well!
    • Prepare for Government JobsAnother popular option these days most students willingly opt for. If after studying the course your interest towards the business world fades and you want to try something else, then sit for the exams of the government sector.The perks of these jobs are endless and bagging one would ensure you a prosperous future. On every month of the year, the government of India releases a vacancy for different job roles.Go through the responsibilities of the jobs released and then decide which one would help you to pursue your interests thereby owing you a considerable pay package.To help you start; bank and railways are releasing notifications about vacancies in an en number of roles every now and then; so keep a close check on the websites.If you have considered sitting for the government exams, you should always keep in mind that the competition is really tough and thus your preparation should be up to the mark!
    • Event managementThe sector of event management looks really bright and alluring and thus is always in search of young and bright minds.Yes, you read it right; the scopes in the field of event management are endless, and it will flourish you with experience and wealth if you have the potential to prove yourself.Also in this sector, there is always a dire need of BBA graduates, owing to their excellent ability in convincing and communicating.If you don’t want to sit for campus placements, rather intent on trying your luck at a different sector altogether, then event management will keep you busy and happy!You will mostly be appointed as an Event Manager in the operations management department of a company, and your job would be to manage various social events.If event management rekindles a flame of interest in your mind, then you can even opt for a BBA specialization course in event management, is such a thing exists!
    • Move out from your current sectorFor the ones who don’t develop a keen liking towards the subject while they are studying can easily move out from core jobs.If you didn’t enjoy the management wing, then there is no way you can excel at a managerial role no matter how much you try.But in spite of this if you also want to utilize the education and skills you have gained during the course, then there are a few options for you to help you accomplish it.Industries like mass communication, travel and tourism would enable you to explore new and exciting opportunities while making the most of the education you have gained during your graduation.If no mass communication how about business communication? Yes,such a sector exists and is flourishing these days. And guess what? Your BBA degree will make you look like a good candidate for these jobs.You are staying in touch with the business world, but the only difference is the job is much different than the usual jobs which you will get after completing your BBA degree.
    • Go for jobs in higher trendEven if your campus placements fail to generate your excellent job offers, if you have a will, you will still have a way!Various Jobs associated with the corporate world are in trend right now and might prove to be successful for you. For instance, digital marketing jobs which follow the traditional concept of marketing for a brand but only in digitized ways.Thanks to the growth of digital marketing because it has lead to a rise in other jobs related to it.For example, if you think you have good writing skills, you can be hired as a content writer for a brand and your job would be to promote your brand with the aid of your write-ups.All the advertising agencies these days are on the lookout for fresh graduates with a young mind who have the potency to market their client’s products or services digitally.As you have knowledge about the business world, you would be at a gain in these types of jobs. Not only creative and content writing, if you have basic knowledge about business and good communication skills a ton of job prospects.
    • Learn a language or be a teacherIf the above options didn’t do any good to you, then the last option would surely be helpful to you. Not only in India but in other countries also, an individual who knows at least one foreign language is always at an advantage.If you have always wanted to study or travel abroad, then the preliminary step would be to know at least one foreign language apart from English.If your passion lies in imparting your skills and knowledge to others, then you can also turn out to be a teacher. You can either sit for the exams the government conducts for the recruitment of teachers, or you can apply in various private institutions.For the time being, you can also open up a tuition center at your place and give tuitions to students. As you pass the BBA entrance examination to get admitted to the college, you can conduct tuitions to help prepare other students for the course.You might not believe it now, but it is an excellent and honorable way to earn money without even having to step out of your place.


    These were the top 10 answers to the question ‘what to do after BBA.’

    Go through these, access the opportunities and then see in which one you would be more productive. Knowing your interests before starting your job life is important because if your passion doesn’t support a particular job responsibility, you wouldn’t be able to excel at it.

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    Chetnaman says:

    Thanks for this wonderful piece of article. Many people tend to get confuse and panic thinking about the career. So, this article is apt for the people who are looking out for career options after completing BBA. I too am planning to pursue BBA.

    Ana says:

    I have read many articles on ur website. Truly ur team is genius in research and writing . It is amazing the way u bring fresh perspective into so important matters of today’s generation.

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