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    MBA in Marketing Management – What Subjects Are Covered in the Syllabus?

    by BML Munjal University November 10, 2022

    As per a recent report, through 2026, it is anticipated that overall employment for MBA graduates and statisticians will increase by 33%, which is substantially faster than the average for all occupations. Also, employment in the business sector is expected to grow to 5% by 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Consequently, the need for marketing managers in India has skyrocketed. Marketing management is concerned with aligning customer needs with an organisation’s marketing resources. A marketing management expert converts customer expectations into services or goods that a firm can sell, deliver, and promote in the marketplace.

    An MBA degree prepares you for a career as a business leader at the executive level. You’ll learn vital skills like strategic thinking and people management. However, as essential as an MBA is, you may further advance your professional career by obtaining a specialised MBA in a certain field of business, such as marketing. An MBA in Marketing Management is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees. 

    What Makes BML Munjal University A Popular Choice Among Management Aspirants?

    Obtaining an MBA in Marketing Management at BML Munjal university will make you a valuable professional in the Indian economy. Sales, marketing, market strategies, executive and leadership abilities, product management, market research, consumer trends, and other critical domain concerns are covered in the curriculum.

    The MBA in Marketing Management programme will help you determine the market decision by analysing demand, economics, competition, etc. You will also understand how to employ market research, pricing, advertising, distribution, and sales promotion tools to ensure the company’s long-term success.

    MBA in Marketing Management at the School of Management of BML Munjal University strongly emphasises a long-term strategy for business education, equipping students for a lifetime of professional success. In order to nurture inventors, influencers, and entrepreneurs who can imaginatively reimagine the future of business, the interdisciplinary, application-based curriculum, approved by Imperial College London, emphasises life skills and practical knowledge. The programme equips graduates to be business leaders from the moment they join the workforce through these programmes.

    Collaboration with well-known universities and corporations such as Kent State University, Singapore Management University, Berkeley, Aston University, University of California, North South University, Carleton University, and Saint Mary’s College of California enhances BML Munjal University’s student learning experience.

    Furthermore, on the BMU campus, Siemens, Shell, Intel, IBM, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Axis Bank, and KPMG have created Centers of Excellence and cutting-edge labs. BMU’s research collaborators include CSIR, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Hero MotoCorp, CEERI-India, and others.

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    What Does an MBA in Marketing Management Programme Teach You?

    MBA Marketing Management is a two-year postgraduate degree programme at BML Munjal University that focuses on strengthening students’ understanding of consumer behaviour, managerial communication, market behaviour, advertising, marketing research, customer relationship management, and other relevant fields.

    Other crucial subjects taught in MBA in Marketing syllabus, in addition to fundamental marketing concepts, include:

    • Competitive Marketing
    • Business Marketing
    • Sales Force Management
    • Service Marketing
    • Sales Promotion Management
    • Internet Marketing
    • Retailing Management
    • Analytical Marketing
    • Advanced Research Techniques in Marketing
    • Marketing Communications Management
    • Career Options After MBA In Marketing Management


    The scope of an MBA in Marketing Management is vast, resulting in multiple job prospects in both the public and private sectors. It provides graduates with various job opportunities, including corporate sectors, product development, digital marketing agencies, service-based organisations, etc. Furthermore, the master’s degree programme in marketing helps students comprehend the interrelationships between multifarious duties and multiple responsibilities in any marketing operation.

    MBA in Marketing Syllabus

    The MBA in Marketing Management programme at BMU strives to provide exceptional training through a sophisticated and creative management programme. The curriculum focuses on marketing electives and combines a hands-on learning method with academic sessions.

    MBA in Marketing syllabus at BMU seeks to provide a solid foundation in fundamental management areas such as economics, finance, human resources, banking, data science, international markets, and investments. Additionally, it aims to improve students’ analytical abilities and provide information on international marketing, marketing analytics, omnichannel marketing, and digital and social media marketing. This will assist students in analysing customer behaviour and identifying viable markets for marketing initiatives.

    The curriculum aims to create skills in brand development marketing by teaching about IMC tools, brand management, service marketing, relationship marketing, and so on. This will improve students’ comprehension of the broad and sophisticated marketing activities.

    Students gain real-world experience through Practice School and summer internships in leading industries in their field. This will allow students to keep current with marketing trends while gaining real-world work experience. As a result, students graduate as industry-ready professionals with a good mix of academic and practical expertise.

    They also get the opportunity to study worldwide business methods and trends through the Imperial College of Business Studies’ Global Leadership Programme, held in London.

    Subjects of Choice in MBA Marketing

    • Students should take the whole elective subjects to be eligible to be used by the BIG 4 businesses’ forensic practices (KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, E&Y).
    • Students who complete the set of electives will receive a certificate from KPMG.
    • BMU offers corporate fraud and forensic accounting courses (with KPMG).


    MBA in Marketing Syllabus Year-wise

    • MBA 1st Year Syllabus: All students require four modules of eight weeks each for the first year’s common courses. The first-year MBA curriculum includes 21 core, skill, and perspective courses covering all management aspects.
    • MBA 2nd Year Syllabus: Students enrol in a broad range of core, skill, and optional courses throughout their second year. They can expand their knowledge beyond the requirements of the core curriculum through elective courses. They will be able to pursue studies in operations, marketing, human resource management, finance, and information systems.

    Time to Emerge as a Global Business Leader

    Students with MBA in Marketing Management at BML Munjal University have a distinct advantage in leading big corporations worldwide. BMU provides a comprehensive business education curriculum that includes business skills, a pragmatic approach, and a conceptual approach. The University attempts to develop and improve students’ soft skills while encouraging them to work in groups. Furthermore, it provides its students with worldwide market exposure to assist them in gaining professional experience.

    MBA in Marketing MBA in Marketing syllabus mba in marketing management
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