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    Top Mechanical Engineering Companies in India – Explore Now!
    by bml-blog March 6, 2019

    Amongst all the other engineering streams, the one that has been garnering all the attention and popularity of students is mechanical engineering.


    With the advancement of technology, this particular stream has become one of the ardent streams that the students go for after they complete their high school education.

    Also, the job scope for this particular field of engineering is also pretty high and that is the reason why students from different colleges and institutions want to pursue a degree in the Mechanical Engineering.

    Before graduating, it is important for you to have knowledge and information about the different mechanical companies in India.

    That is because, after the completion of the degree, you be able to search and find the best jobs for yourself.

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  • India has some of the top mechanical companies that are always searching for fresh talent.

    The mechanical engineers who graduate with the degrees will be able to apply to these companies for jobs and make a professional career.

    There are many companies that make claims to be the best in their sector. This article will provide an insight into these companies, their history, and their specialties so that the students and professionals can make an informed decision about their careers.

    Best Companies For Mechanical Engineering Graduates

    Here is a list of the top mechanical companies in India that provide employment opportunities for the people:

    1. TATA Group

    • Overview

    Coming under the list of Fortune 500, TATA Group is one of the most famous and efficient business groups to have ever existed in the world.

    It is certainly one of the best company considering it has so many different branches in various job sectors all over the country.

    There is no doubt that the engineering students would be able to benefit a lot if they were to apply for a post in this group of companies.

    This is one of the main reasons why the professionals and graduates of mechanical engineering fields are all elated to join this company when they go out to seek jobs in the market.

    It is quite a fact that any individual that has an opportunity to work with the TATA Group would be an honored individual for sure.

    • Backdrop

    Known amongst one of the top 10 steel companies, the TATA Group was established in Jamshedpur right here in India.

    The revenue for the company in the year 2017 was said to be around 100.39 billion dollars in total.

    There is no doubt that this would be the perfect company for an individual who has just graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.

    The work environment at the TATA Group is extremely well maintained and that is why it is recommended that the students should apply to this company for an opportunity to have a bright career ahead.

    • Speciality

    The company originated in Jamshedpur but has spread the business over till Orissa, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh as well.

    Apart from that, there are some other companies that fall under the TATA Group which will be a great location for the engineers to start with their careers.

    The top companies that come under the TATA Group include companies of refrigerators, air conditioning, cars, solar power systems, telecommunication etc.

    2. Kirloskar

    • Overview

    Another one of the most famous names, Kirloskar is a renowned name in the Mechanical Engineering sector. The existence of the company can be traced right back to the year 1888.

    There are about 18000 employees that are included in the list of the company which makes it one of the largest and the most successful engineering conglomerates that India has till date.

    • Backdrop

    Since the day of its establishment, the company has not looked back and there is an entire history of integrity and innovation to prove the point.

    For the professionals from the mechanical sector, landing an employee position in such a reputable company would cherry on top.

    • Speciality

    They basically deal with all the different types of engines and engine parts such as the pumps in the agricultural sector etc.

    It would really be a great opportunity for a professional to land a job in this conglomerate for sure. Located in Pune, Maharashtra, the company is certainly one of the best sectors for the mechanical engineering graduates.

    3. Godrej Group

    • Overview

    The Godrej Group is another famous name in the country. The total employee count of the company stands to be at about 29000 people which makes it a very lucrative and amazing company to work at.

    With advanced technologies for mechanical engineers and coverage over most of the sectors in the employment range, Godrej certainly is one of the best mechanical engineering companies to work at.

    • Backdrop

    The Godrej Group of Companies is undoubtedly one of the biggest companies that deal with the air conditioner and refrigerator parts along with some other important sectors such as furniture as well.

    The company is always on the lookout for talented professionals who can come and help with their working mechanism and make it a better one.

    There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that having an employment opportunity in the Godrej Group of Companies would really be a great opportunity for the professionals. Not just that, Godrej also is considered to be the last producer of the typewriter that ever existed in the country.

    • Speciality

    Godrej Group of Companies came under the list of top 15 companies that India has. The company has received many accolades for its services to the people and the government and is known to be one of the oldest and the most reliable companies that the country has so far.

    Having an employment opportunity in such a company would certainly be a great thing for the students who have a degree in mechanical engineering.

    4. Larsen and Toubro

    • Overview

    Larsen and Toubro Limited is one of the contenders when it comes to the best mechanical companies in India. It is one of the best companies that are accredited for mechanical engineering students.

    The employee count of the company is 104027 approx which make it one of the largest conglomerates to ever exist in the country.

    Extending its services to about every single job sector that there is, this is one company that the students and graduates of mechanical engineering will be happy to join.

    • Backdrop

    Known to be one of the leading names in the industry of construction, L&T has got its headquarters in Maharashtra.

    Its reach in other sectors such as solar systems, telecommunications etc has provided the company with both fame and reputation.

    • Speciality

    The main branch of the Larsen and Toubro Limited is said to be in Kolkata, Gujarat, and Karnataka. With a great work interface and a very large employee base, L&T is certainly on the list of the top 5 companies to ever exist in the country.

    The company assists in several research-related projects in the field of engineering design and other related sectors.

    5. Thermax

    • Overview

    Another one of the companies that come on the list of the Fortune 500 Companies is Thermax.

    The official rank of the company is 222nd in the list which makes it a pretty great option for the engineering graduates who are looking to have a bright career in their future.

    • Backdrop

    The company has its reach in many different employment sectors in the market, it is primarily known for its services to the different industries that deal with heaters, boilers, cooling techniques, recycling, wastewater treatment and much more.

    The company also deals with power management and controlling air pollutionetc. Since the entire basis of mechanical engineering rests on the building and manufacturing of tools and techniques, Thermax is a great option for which the Mechanical students can apply.

    • Speciality

    The services and the products that are provided by the company are totally in dedication to the betterment of resources and productivity.

    They also deal with the holistic and better improvement of business, all the while, trying to maintain a proper and very clean environment for the clients and the customers. The company is always on the search for talented and experienced professionals with a fresh mindset and skills that will be a great addition to the job dynamic.

    Final Note

    These are some of the best mechanical companies that are present at the moment in India. Hopefully, you were able to gain good insights on the companies.

    Do share your views about this post in the commments section below.

    top mechanical companies in india

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