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Hostel Facilities


Hostel Facilities

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    Hostel Facilities

    BMU has two types of hostel accommodation available.The hostel tower is the traditional hostel seen across most colleges and it features single, double, and triple rooms, with shared common rooms and bathrooms on each floor.The hostel apartment is a new concept introduced at BMU, with a small group of students sharing an apartment. Apartments have single rooms, double rooms, or triple rooms, depending on their layout, and have a living room equipped with a fridge, microwave, electric kettle, sofa, and lounge chairs. Each apartment can only be accessed by the students that live in that apartment. There is a separate apartment building only for girls, which has only single and double rooms.Please note the hostel accommodation will be assigned by the Admissions Office.Hostel charges are inclusive of accommodation, food and laundry.
    Hostel Charges 2020 (in INR)
    Apartment TypeOccupancy*Total annual hostel cost with food (Ac)*Total annual hostel cost with food (Non-Ac)Applicable To
    TowerDouble Occupancy184,000 179,000 UG
    TowerTriple Occupancy163,000 158,000 UG
    ApartmentSingle Occupancy222,000 212,000 PG + UG
    ApartmentDouble Occupancy200,000 195,000 PG + UG
    ApartmentTriple Occupancy179,000 174,000 UG
    Hostel Charges 2020 (in US$)
    Apartment TypeOccupancy*Total annual hostel cost with food (Ac)*Total annual hostel cost with food (Non-Ac)Applicable To
    TowerDouble Occupancy$2,800 $2,700 UG
    TowerTriple Occupancy$2,500 $2,400 UG
    ApartmentSingle Occupancy$3,300 $3,200 PG + UG
    ApartmentDouble Occupancy$3,000 $2,900 PG + UG
    ApartmentTriple Occupancy$2,700 $2,600 UG
    *Annual Electricity will be charged on actuals. Onetime registration fee and security deposit will be extra and will have to be deposited at the time of admission.

    Additional Charges

    • One-time security deposit (refundable): Rs. 25,000
    • One-time registration charges: Rs. 25,000
    The above fee and charges are related to the regular academic calendar. Fee and charges related to staying on the campus beyond the academic calendar are not included and will be charged extra.In case any taxes/ levies on fee are charged by the Central/State/Local Authorities/Overseas Authorities from time to time, the same shall also be borne by the students, as applicable.

    Please Note:

    • Hostel room allotment depends on the availability of rooms at the time of the request
    • Female students have some options of single occupancy and limited option of double occupancy in Apartment
    • The fees stated here are indicative and can be revised in the future at the sole discretion of BMU
    • The fees do not include any additional programmes undertaken at BMU
    • The fees do not cover expenses incurred for internships, projects or any international trip undertaken during the duration of the program
    • The fees do not include the cost of books and study material
    • All fees can be paid semester-wise
    • Hostel rooms will be reassigned for all incoming students in Year 2
    • Freshers will be assigned ONLY double and triple accommodation options in Year 1
    • Hostel rooms will be assigned on a first-come basis subject to availability of time of allotment
    Other fee /charges
    Time ApplicableApplicable toIndian Rupees (INR)
    Books (SOM Only)PG + UG4000
    Registration feeAt the time of admissionPG + UG25000
    Security depositAt the time of admissionPG + UG25000
    Time ApplicableApplicable toUS Dollars
    Books (SOM Only)PG + UG$100
    Registration feeAt the time of admissionPG + UG$1,000
    Security depositAt the time of admissionPG + UG$500

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